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Compare and contrast assignment

After being in school for three years, I believe that college is all about time management and discipline, and both play a huge role in deciding how you plan out your class schedule. The best part about taking classes is being able to decide whether or not you want to take morning classes or afternoon classes.

Being in college also means being involved in different groups and organizations, hanging out with friends, or just finding time to sneak a nap in the middle of the day. In order to do that, it’s best you give yourself an equal amount of time for class and a social life. Both schedules come with their share of pros and cons, but it’s up to you to figure out what suits you and when you will be the most productive.

I have decided that morning classes are a better fit for my life style, because although I am not a morning person I like the fact that I can knock out all my classes early in the day and still have the time to fit a nap in before I continue with the rest of my day. Having a class in the afternoon it’s hard to plan out your time before classes because most likely you are sleeping in or being lazy enjoying all the free time you have before class.

Morning classes take more discipline than afternoon classes because most classes start at 8 AM and for a college student, especially on those 3 AM nights, waking up and dragging your brain to an 8 AM class isn’t always the best idea. I feel like professors respect the students who have the strength to take morning classes much more than those students who start their day at 12 o’clock because they feel like you actually have the drive to be in class and get your work done. Afternoon classes do not seem to take as much discipline because there is no reason why you cannot get but by 11a. m. and go to class.

What I do hate about morning classes is that in the rare case that you forget to finish a paper or homework assignment you really don’t have time to do it before your class starts unless you wake up in the wee hours of the morning to get it done, and nine times out of ten that paper or assignment just won’t get done. What you can do is set a time after your classes later in the day to knock out any work that needs to be done for the next day, that way you don’t have to scrabble in the morning barely awake to finish up. For those of you who are not morning people and don’t mind being in class until 6 p. . then afternoon classes are just up your alley. I feel like waiting half the day just to go to class seems like torture because you can’t really do much earlier in the day, other than school work or a job, and then still have find the energy to sit and hear a professor lecture for hours. The one plus about having afternoon classes is that you get to “ SLEEP IN! ” I know I can speak for myself and many other students when I say after a long night of cramming for an exam (or maybe even partying) those extra hours of sleep before class seem like the best thing to ever happen for a college student.

I myself have had my share of hangovers waking up for an 8 o’clock class and barely made it to class on time or even out my bed. Another thing about taking afternoon classes is that if you don’t sign up early most likely you won’t get in, seeing how those classes are a more popular choice for students now a days. The first classes to go are always the ones that start at 12, and the 8-1l a. m. classes are left for the rest of us who don’t get on it soon enough, but for me that’s perfectly fine.

Once you get out of class your normally up doing work later than a student who had a morning class just because some evening classes don’t end until 8 – 9 p. m. I myself would hate to be up late every night doing homework, although you can finish it in the morning, but that defeats the whole purpose of sleeping in right? Figuring out what class times fit your schedule best is very important because there is nothing worse than enrolling in classes you can’t get out the bed to go to or have enough energy later in the day to focus on.

In my first semester of college I changed my classes over five times just because I could not find the right flow for my lifestyle. Overall, when it comes down it classes are a pain in the ass no matter what time of day, but if I was to compare taking them in the morning or afternoon, I would persuade anyone to make the smart decision and take them earlier in the day. I feel like my job writing this paper is to share the little knowledge I do know about surviving in college with the rest of my colleagues, because the only thing that makes this experience fun is if we are all enjoying it here together.

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