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Compensation and benefits

Compensation and Benefits Compensation and Benefits Choosing a right insurance plan begins by understanding how the insurance works. Unfortunately, it is not easy; a decent health insurance cover protects us from the medical expenses that we cannot afford. Inadequate insurance is everything else; including some products we buy that may seem like health insurance but are not (Beadle, 2008). Insurance should cover all medical care, which includes doctor visit, outpatient, hospitalization and emergency services. A valid insurance cover caters for all the medical expenses. Pros supporting the insurance covers are no doctor bills; the bill should be catered for by the insurance company.
Excellent public health, preventive services, which are free from mammograms, diabetic nurses and nurses who visit homes due to new mothers and the elderly, the insurance should provide emergency services at a minimal charge. Cons include unusually long waiting list with elective procedures (Beadle, 2008). The doctors refer the patient to the assigned family doctor; there also is the problem of shortage of doctors caused by brain drain by the United States and mistakes made by collage surgeons and physicians.
Employers benefit practices can fulfill employees, transactional and relational expectations of the employer and the employment exchange rate. When an employee is satisfied and happy with the employer treatment, they are usually committed to their job. This allows employers to design and communicate a benefit program which will attract and retain the productivity of the employees. Spouses working in the same place would encourage laziness in any organization; this is because the couple will tend to be together during the working works and, therefore, slowing down their work output. Therefore, this theory has to be disputed to ensure that the employees are productive.
Beadle, C. (2008). Flexible compensation and benefits: Innovations and issues for the 80s. New York, N.Y: William M. Mercer, Inc.

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