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Computer interaction and design: user interface assignment

User Interfaces Describe three (3) interfaces you interact with everyday In most people’s lives, this could be a long list of things. Since the question is directed towards me, I really must say that there are three interfaces that I use on the regular and that is really it, Just three things. It is not to say that I do not interact, fiddle or tinker with other things or devices but I do have a main three. First, let me start with my wireless phone. This device, technology wise, is state of the art and I know the critics will chuckle because I said that but it is alright they are entitled to heir opinion.

The phone is very user-friendly and the interaction that it is endowed with is somewhat stimulating for the mind. In Figure 1 below is a screenings of my phone and as you can see, there are many helpful tools that it provides. Text message icon provides a means of communication when speech is not possible or not wanted. The email support at the bottom enables me to interact with people by sending and receiving emails while away from my main PC. Figure 2 is only to show how thin the phone is; the sleek design is very appealing.

The calendar provides a ere good avenue for scheduling appointments and important events with the flexibility of having a collapsible view of the whole year, month and week. This feature comes in handy when in the need for a pencil and paper. The event can be scheduled to remind you of the date, time, and location of the appointment or event. Apple has really hit its mark as to having a wireless phone that can act as a real desktop computer. Of course we all know that the fact that the phone is wireless it creates other issues like the security of it, but that is another topic.

Just the interaction with Sir is enough to make it actually a Smartened. When on the go, Sir can help you out of tight spots, as far as providing direction and accessing information goes. Sir has access to your contacts and will quickly pull up information about the contact upon request. FIG. 1 FIG 2 The phone is very straight forward in design, usability and color scheme; color scheme especially because it is sold either black or white. Standing straight up, it is slender in size and prides itself on being 4. 5 inches tall, 2. 31 inches in width and 0. 7 inch in depth. After that is all said and done, the weight of the phone comes in at a beautiful 4. Ounces. The very concept of having so much technology compacted in so little space is mind boggling to say the least. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4. 0 wireless technology. The forward and backwards facing camera is a true treat so I can see how bad I look before I take the picture; I do not need to turn the actual phone around to take a snapshot of myself. It also supports music and/or audio playback, which no communication device would be complete without that.

It also supports many different video formats. The phone works in conjunction with a computer software application called tunes. This application will synchronize your devices (phone, pad or pod) in harmony between the application and device of your choice. Apple also has an app store where many different applications can be directly downloaded onto your device and you can start using it immediately. Some are games and I tend to enjoy playing “ Words with Friends” with my wife and it is wonderful that we can play each other in real-time and not even be in the same location.

Secondly, my desktop personal computer (PC) is one that I use daily. My PC means the world to me; how else would I be able to do this assignment right? There re other ways to complete assignments but I was being a little facetious. The fact that I fix computers and have been for about eight years, I have run across so many bits and pieces of computers until I Just pieced me together one. My system is fairly simple in concept. I have a Dell Optimize 760 that sports an Intel Core 2 Duo Central Processing Unit (CPA]); both sides are running at 3. 7 Gigahertz (GHz). Below in Figure 3, I have a screenings of my desktop, with Starter’s ‘ Campus showing undoubtedly. They have an interactive page that allows for lecturing, taking exams and participating in discussion questions. FIG. 3 It has Windows 7 Ultimate for an Operating System (SO), 64-bit and Service Pack 1 is installed as well. My computer is pretty fast, well at least fast enough for me because it has 3. 87 Gigabytes (B) of useable Random Access Memory (RAM). In my opinion that is pretty fast and I have no issues with the speed of my system.

I have a Logistic wireless keyboard/mouse combo that I use and they are both communicating with the same receiver which is connected to the computer via Universal Serial Bus (USB). Here recently my mouse has been acting strange but I have had the combo for many ears now. It is probably time for an upgrade however. Not to worry though, I am making a trip to Wall-Mart after submitting this document. My monitor is a Samsung with a wide screen that I am very comfortable with. All of these devices connected together makes up what I call as my nerve center. Lastly, but certainly not least is my laptop.

For some odd reason or another, I really do not like laptops but if I had a choice between an pad and laptop, I would pick the laptop. I also have an pad and I purchased it because I thought it would be better to use when I started this Masters aerogram but I was most certainly wrong, at least to my taste. My laptop is a Sony Aviva and comes in very handy for me because I am a Karaoke Disc Jockey (D]). I really Just use it for that purpose though and also to take to class for doing research while present. It is equipped with Windows 7 Ultimate as well. I have many applications installed but there are some main ones I use for a DC Job.

The applications are not completed; they are very, very user-friendly. Actually, using the software applications that I use allows performing my duties as a DC with virtually ninety-seven recent (97%) of it Just having fun. I use the other 3% of for the three applications I use; being that it is 1% dedication for each of them. For the karaoke aspect of it, I use “ Show Presenter” and all I do is use keywords for quick lookups. In Figure 4 below, lies a screenings of the three programs, from left to right, Show Presenter, Media Monkey and Mix Mister. They all perform different duties.

The unique one is Mix Mister; it is nothing more than importing songs and creating playbills. Once that is done, press play and this application will mix the songs like a professional DC without NY intervention from the user. How unique is that? I know, great because that can shift your attention towards another part of your duty like talking to the crowd or making announcements. FIG. 4 Analyze each interface I identified and assess how adheres to Mandela’s golden rules The phone is a good example of first (1st) golden rule because it puts me in the driver’s seat, in control.

The device, Operating System and the applications do exactly what you want it to do because you will be the one giving it commands. Even assistant features can be disabled if need be. Keep in mind that all of the devices hat I have mentioned before have the same adherence to Mandela’s five (5) golden rules. The only exception to anything is that my desktop obviously cannot be mobile. The applications on my laptop and desktop are equally user-friendly as it pertains to SO or applications.

I give them commands and they execute without hesitation the majority of the time. As you may very well know, nothing is perfect. The 2nd golden rule, reduce users memory load, applies to these devices in the manner that they are all sophisticated enough to remember things for you even if you do not have a small attention span. While we are working on a system, there is so much going on inside the applications that we are not able to remember everything about it so the software and hardware designers make it possible for these things to remember it for you.

We as humans have a lot going on in our personal lives that we take comfort in the fact that applications, software and hardware will act in our behalf. Golden rule #3, make the interface consistent, is present in all of my devices because I can do the same things today that I was able to do when I first bought them. They all have updates and upgrades every now and again and the functionality may be much improved but the concept of all the many different applications are still basically the same.

From what I can tell, software designers create their applications with that in mind. Suggest two (2) changes for each interface to achieve a more user-friendly design…. Basically, changes made to many things could be good or bad depending on you as a person and how you interact with the system. Some upgrades that I have installed on my devices I do not like and some I do like. As far as the phone and/or pad go, I would improve the voice recognition so that it is tailored to the way I actually talk.

Thanks for your opinion!
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