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Copier rehabilitation facility

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It is found that there are problems with regard to the copier rehabilitation facility near Charleston, SC. This leads to an ineffective workplace and requires several recommendations to attain expected results. However, before the recommendations are given, it is required for the problems to be clearly identified first. The Problems and Recommendations The problems include accumulation of copiers at the distributor’s location, lack of trust between the purchasing department and the inventory department, purchasing department’s use of five year old Economic Order Quantities (EOQs), training and development for the employees.

First, a strategy of “ hoarding” is employed by the distributors, who are in this case not a part of the Canbide employees, in obtaining copiers. The approach towards this particular aspect is that the distributors tend to acquire the maximum possible number of copiers that their warehouse could hold before they ship it to the copier rehabilitation facility. While it may not affect the distributors, it certainly has its corresponding impact to the Charleston copier rehabilitation facility because of the unexpected and sudden surge of the quantity of the copiers that come to the facility.

This uncertainty and unexpected volume that comes to the facility leads to the inability to forecast and plan for the operations of the rehabilitation firm. To address this, it is necessary to communicate with the distributors with regard to the regularization of the arrival of copiers with incentives for those who choose to make prior schedules with regard to the number of units and date to when this is going to be sent.

Second, there is a sense of mistrust that can be discerned from the relationship of the purchasing department and the inventory department such that the former has to double check the request purchases of the latter. There is the need for collaboration to exist between the two departments and for trust to occur through team building efforts or anything of the same kind. it would help if the two departments would have the chance to interact beyond work and be given the chance to learn more about the other department.

Third, it is seen that the purchasing department uses five year old Economic Order Quantities. There is the need for the purchasing department to make new calculations with regard to this in light of the new demands and the new situation the company is responding to. It could be considered that the quantities before is different from that of today, especially in light of the changing situations from the distributor. Thus, a review of the EOQ used by the purchasing department should be used in order to update the calculations with that of the demand of the clients.

Fourth, there is the lack of initiative towards training that leads to providing a permanent employment status to those who are in existence in the company. To address the need for training and retraining, the company could always outsource this particular human resource responsibility to a third party which specializes in this particular aspect. Conceptualized Results With these recommendations, there are certain results that are intended to be achieved that also serve as its purpose.

It is seen that there should be trust built between the purchasing department and the inventory department that leads to efficient working flows. Likewise, the updated EOQ leads to the ability of the facility to meet the new demands for them in light of the incentives given for a planned and organized cooperation with the distributors. Lastly, the training intends to help the employees acquire relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities that also redounds to the efficiency in production.

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