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Critical appraisal article

Selection of studies In most cases, there is a need of a group to make a selection of the study during the research. The selection should be based on the level of corporation and learning experiences among the group members. The selection of studies was majorly based on the immigrant’s nurses and the Asian nurses. The selection of the study was also related to the Asian nurses working in Western countries in order to share the understanding about the nursing science, procedures and metasynthesis to meet the desired objectives (Xu, 2007). The studies could easily help in understanding the different nursing practices with diverse experiences during the study. However, studies were selected with relevance to the various difference in culture, policy making, marginalization and difference in nursing practices among the groups. Demographic and methodological characteristics of study were used. Moreover, the use of methodical searches through the cumulative index to medicine and sociological abstract as a selection of study was used.
How was the original list narrowed down?
During the study, the researchers should ensure that the outlined procedures can successfully help in achieving the objectives of the study. In order to achieve this, the list should be narrowed down to point only on specific facts and admirations (Xu, 2007). Further, during the study, the list was narrowed down into four main parts including the difference in nursing performances, discrimination, marginalization and exploitation, challenges in communication and the cultural differences. Documenting and examining of the experiences in pre-dominant subgroups contributed to reduction on the number of group members. Further, the list was narrowed down in relation to gender, race and culture that affect the work and life understandings.
Which process of selection was used?
While carrying out research, appropriate selection of findings and facts is necessary. Appropriate section will always determine the type of the results possible to be achieved. Due to the fact that the study involved study in a strange land, the selection was based on the nurses from Asia and western countries. In order for the visitors to coop with cultural difference challenges, it was necessary for the selection to be made up of real members and the visitors. This could help in learning some cultural practices (Xu, 2007). Moreover, since there was limited level of experience among the immigrants nurses, the selection could be based on the immigrant’s nurses and the Asian nurses in order to share knowledge and understanding between them. Selection based on language understanding also played a significance role in understanding and corporation (Xu, 2007). Security factor could also be the major concern during the selection in order for each researcher to be secured. The research was carried out in a group of five people including three immigrants and Asian nurses.
How were the conflicts managed?
Many people are faced with various problems during the study but there is a need to come up with possible solution to them. Lack of communication ability affected most of the Asian nurses to patients. We managed to create ease understanding to some of the languages and make appropriate translation to the listeners (Xu, 2007). The level of technology to Asian nurses was limited making them to have difficult task in understanding policies, procedures and protocols in research environment. In relation to this, it was our duty to come in to provide them with explanations in order to crate understanding to them.
What variables were used?
Qualitative metasynthesis variable was used in a complex exercise of interpretation. Qualitative variable study could help in meeting the desires by carefully peeling off the hard tasks to easy (Xu, 2007). Methodological and demographic studies were included. These appropriate methodological and demographic features that were used could enable to give an appropriate outline of the entire process of the study to achieve the right objectives.
Xu, Y. (2007, July). Strangers in the Strange Land: A Metasynthesis of Lived Experiences of Immigrants Asian Nurses Working Western Countries. Vol 30 pp246-265

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