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Critique Table of Contents Critique of Establishing a Sense of Urgency 3 Critique Of Planning For and Creating Short Term Wins 4 Bibliography 5 Critique of Establishing a Sense of Urgency
In this report, two companies have been taken into consideration. They are Netflix and Blockbusters. After going through the report it can be analyzed that the report is not comprehensive. It fails to present adequate data and information for each of the company. Also, the report is quite complex to understand. However, the best part of the report is that it presents a comparative study for Netflix and Blockbusters. The report presents how the competition in the industry forces the companies to prepare their strategies and therefore implement them. It fosters Blockbuster to identify that in turbulent business environment, the most difficult task is to satisfy the customers. The competitors will always try to take steps to improve their position in the market. It is the accountability of the leaders at an organization that is crucial in order to surpass the expectations of the customers by providing them with the goods and the services that meet their demand.
Critique Of Planning For and Creating Short Term Wins
This report tries to exhibit how the companies face problems when the changes need to be implemented in the business model. It tries to demonstrate that in order to bring transformation in Blockbusters; it is significant to bring short term wins. The report has followed SMART objectives where it has precisely predicted what it wants to achieve in the stipulated period of time. For instance, the report states that it wants to achieve profitability at 18 months’ mark. However, it fails to demonstrate the steps that the company would take if it is unable to achieve the desired profitability within the period of 18 months. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the report lacks clarity.
Schnitzler, P., (2011). Management of Technological Change. University of South Florida.

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