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Critique of a report

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Critique of a Research Report The essay aims to address a two-fold objective, to wit Select eithera quantitative or qualitative research study that is of interest to you; and (2) to critique the research report utilizing the five dimensions of a research critique. Revisions for the Critique of a Research Report Introduction Aspiring for admission in a nurse anesthesia program in the United States requires academic progression, which is determined through program selection and admission criteria. Among of these criteria include the grade point average (GPA), science grade point average (SGPA), graduate record examination (GRE) scores, critical care nursing experience, and in some instances, letters of recommendation and interviews with prospective applicants are required(Burns, 2011, p. 193). Due to a variety of factors such as failure to meet academic guidelines, escalating cost of education, and economic crisis, attrition to nurse anesthesia programs requires attention. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2004) recommended advance practitioners such as nurse anesthetist to have Doctor of Nursing Practice as a terminal degree(Burns, 2011, p. 193). In line with this, reinforcing the need for studying different variables in nurse anesthesia programs and academic progression increased. Despite a 20-year review of the literature, only descriptive or outcome studies were found to demonstrate the relationship between preadmission variables and academic progression. The research paper lacks empirical studies and evidences linking preadmission variables, academic progression, and attrition. Thus, limited number of available information and literature reviews requires the need for future researches. The research paper aims to study the relationship between admission criteria, critical care, and academic progression to nurse anesthesia programs. Furthermore, this paper examines the research paper “ Predicting Academic Progression for Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist.” After examination of the paper, a critique will be given regarding the paper using The Guidelines for Critiquing Research Reports by Loiselle, McGrath, Polit, & Beck (2010). A. Substantive and Theoretical Dimensions Relevance and Significance of the Study The main purpose of the research “ Predicting Academic Progression for Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists” is to determine the relationship between preadmission criteria (GPA, SGPA, GRE scores, and Critical Care Experience) and academic progression (current academic status and GPA). The problem is relevant and significant to nursing and other clinical services as it address the shortage in nurse anesthesia programs, minimize attrition and improve retention, foster academic progression and success, and offers opportunity for guidance related admissions. Because of the identification of the variables that affect academic progression, these variables may be used to resolve nurse anesthetist shortage and improve the rate of academic progression among students. Literature Review The study is new to the field of nursing that is why a 20-year review of literature offered no studies with empirical evidence. The traditional role of nurses often focuses on patient care but with the advancement of technology and contemporary approaches to nursing, specialized nursing education such as nurse anesthesia program emerged. It might be useful to nurse anesthesia program leaders or faculty leaders if there were literatures or studies that would offer quantitative examination of preadmission variables and academic progression of student registered nurses anesthetists. However, there are qualitative literatures such as descriptive or outcome studies linking the preadmission variables to the national certifying examination or graduation from a nurse anesthesia program. The lack of appropriate quantitative literatures has made the study unfeasible and the author was good for providing a foundation in dealing this research problem a quantitative one and for documenting evidences and expanding knowledge between preadmission variables and academic progression. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework There was also paucity in terms of theoretical and conceptual framework, probably attributed to the fact that the quantitative dimension of the study is still new in the field ofnursing. It would be much better if the author at least included the theoretical and conceptual framework found in the descriptive or outcome studies to make a clear picture of the theoretical foundations of the research topic. Congruency of Research Question and Methods The used of the quantitative correlational study methodology is congruent to the research question ‘ What is the relationship between GPA, SGPA, GRE scores, and critical care nursing experience and academic progression for students admitted to nurse anesthesia programs?” Since the study is quantitative correlational, the research title is vague and must be changed into a correlational statement such as “ The Relationship of Preadmission Variables in Predicting Academic Progression of Student Registered Nurses Anesthetists.” It is because GPA, SGPA, GRE scores, and critical care nursing experience are the preadmission variables that were being referred to in entering a nurse anesthesia program. B. Methodological Dimensions Research Design The research design used in the study is quantitative correlational. This type of research design examined the relationship between each independent variable (preadmission variables) and dependent variable (academic progression). Data analysis utilized the Statistical Package for Social Sciences software and hypotheses were investigated using descriptive statistics and tested using correlational statistics and

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