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The concept of product quality is mainly concerned with its ability to consistently meet or exceed expectations. s are mainly concerned with the value they will derive from a product or service. It is imperative for organizations that are concerned about their success to implement measures that are meant to ensure that product quality is maintained. This helps the company to gain an increased market share, create customer loyalty, lower costs of production as well as to help generate high profits among other factors. It can be seen that this is a very important business concept that can determine the success or failure of an organization. As such, this paper seeks to analyse an article entitled ‘Breeding for improved product quality’ , 22 March, 2013 in a bid to establish its relationship with the above mentioned concept of product quality in real live business terms.
A close analysis of the above mentioned article shows that a new multidisciplinary research project involving Teagasc, UCC, UCD and ICBF has underscored to breed for improved product quality in dairy, beef and sheep in Ireland. This comes in the wake of the fact that beef and dairy product are consumed by millions of people in this country hence the aspect of consumer safety and quality should be given the priority it deserves. As such BreedQuality has been awarded a project to ensure that they use state-of-the-art technology to carry out research that is meant to ensure that quality beef and dairy products are offered in the market. The aim of this project is to ensure that the consumers get quality products that do not compromise their health and safety. Research ought to be conducted in order to establish the needs and interests of the customers so as to be in a position to offer quality goods.
From the above information, it can be seen that in any business environment, the concept of quality should be given the priority it deserves. This is meant to ensure that the customers get the values from their money. This concept of product quality has been aptly illustrated by the above mentioned news article which shows that the aspect of quality is very important in the beef industry. As shown in the article, research is carried out to enhance improved quality of the products offered by the companies involved in the beef and dairy industries. An organization that is interested in achieving its profit oriented goals should make sure that it maintains product quality so that the goods or services offered are in a position to consistently meet the expectations of the customer. Loyalty among the customers is likely to be enhanced if the organization offers quality products. Once loyalty has been created, there are likely chances for the company to gain a large market share since it will be in a position to create trust among the targeted customers. Over and above, it can be seen that the concept of product quality is very important in as far as the viability of the organization is concerned.

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