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Db5 part 1

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551407Jackson Pollock’s Convergence Jackson Pollock’s paintings in the Convergence series are important to the world of art as an innovative new form of expression, and as a social statement about the convergence of the old with the new. From the art perspective, Pollock ushered in a new era in the painter’s self-expression with his colorful Convergence series. He achieved his work in this series by dripping, splashing, and what might even be described as throwing or tossing paint at a canvas placed flat on the floor. His expression came through the velocity with which he delivered his oil to the canvas; it was representative of his emotional intensity – or, lack thereof. He connected with the canvas in a form of expression that had not previously been seen before. His work was emotional, the paint on the canvas an infliction of his emotional self, much the same as is achieved by the solo artist, opera soprano singer, a classical pianist, and all the other artists whose art bears the infliction of their emotional commitment and intensity. For the art world, Pollock’s work was the introduction of new and innovative ideas into an environment where abstract had become the norm, and expressionism still in many ways resembled abstract. There was not a distinct enough approach between impressionism and abstract to differentiate it until Pollock’s Convergence. Pollock ushered in what social scientists refer to as “ cultural convergence (Jenkins 2006 viii).” That is when the new and old converge, transitioning to the new cultural direction (Jenkins 2006). Convergence is about bridging the gap between the old and the new, transitioning to the new cultural direction, and building upon the old through new creative styles and expressions across the range of media and mediums (Jenkins 2006). As an artist, Pollock was the leading innovator of bridging the gap between the old and the new, and expressing his self in a way that the art world had never before experienced self-expression. Pollock became the originator of adding and combining mediums, such as sand and glass, creating a new dimension to the texture of the drips, splashes, and tosses. The texture helps give each work a unique dimension of originality, deviating from traditional abstract, and creating the new impressionism with depth, brightness, and havoc with a sense of control. Jackson’s convergence ushered in the era of convergence. Works Cited Jenkins, Henry. Where Old and New Media Collide. New York, New York, New York University Press (2008). Art Experts Inc. Jackson Pollock, found online at http://www. artexpertswebsite. com/pages/artists/pollock. php (2011), retrieved July 5, 2011.

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