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De frie dansk

On the year of 1943 the German have taken over Denmark and other countries as well.

They have joined forces with Italy, so this will be a bigger war than I’ve imagined. They’ve been there for three years, and now they decide to put away the Jewish. Oh not just that but on our holiday. On the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah. The German have already taken away the Jewish in Europe, but I thought it would never happen to us. We have been peace full to them for three years.

Nothing has happened to trigger their anger. Right now just in case it gets a little messy some friends have guns for our protection. To think, we should have noticed this would happen when the Germans decided to put marshal laws down, to put us down. The German will try and take us, the Jewish, away from our homes. Unfortunately for them, Dr.

Calsla has thought of an idea for us not to be taken away. I quote “ we shall hide them in our homes” Dr. Calsla said. “ We will hide in our Christian homes of friends” henrik says. The German will probably search for us in the houses, so be cautious and quiet.

Some people have decided to go to Sweden on the fisherman boat. I’m sure the Calsa family is already on that case. If we did go on that boat we would go to Sweden. WE will be safe there. I’m sure the Calsa family is trying really hard to get us on that boat, concluding giving their lives away, as the German are controlling ours.

Be safe friends.

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