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Death of a salesman by arthur miller

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The composition of Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller’s enlightened the tale of a man’s confronting disappointment in the success-driven civilization of America and illustrates the tragic course which ultimately leads to his bereavement. Willy Loman appears to be a figurative image of the failing America; he signifies those that have struggled for success, ” I’m the New England man. I’m vital in New England.” but, in giving effort to do so, have as an alternative attained failure in its most harsh form. Miller’s tragic drama is a questioning portrait of the emblematic American consciousness portraying an intense craving for victory and higher status inside a world otherwise unproductive.
Slightly, therefore, Death of Salesman is troubled with the uneven edges of a devastated dream but on another more disastrous and bitter phase, it also suggests the regrets of a man into madness and the outcome this has on those surrounding him, specifically his family. Willy’s weakening of a man into madness is illustrated through his remembrance of his deceased brother as well as his accomplishments. Willy’s older brother Ben appears to be a subordinate personality and his performances are only observed through Willy’s fantasies. Ben serves to represent all that Willy once anticipated for but never accomplished, ” The man knew what he wanted and went out and got it! Walked into a jungle, and comes out, the age of twenty-one, and he’s rich!” the American Dream and as an inspiring influence for Willy in his younger days as a salesman.
Willy Loman’s eldest son, Biff Loman, is moved in two differing directions by the responsibilities and pressures of his own father, ” I realized what a ridiculous lie my whole life has been.” Biff feels bitterness towards his father as a consequence of unacceptable affair which happened in the past. Willy continuously badgers Biff with regards to his salesman principles and attitude then, Biff starts to get unconfident and feels like he gains a figure of a loser. Biff acts in a disobedient manner to cover up his image. Biff finally identifies that he is a distinctive person that makes mix ups, and that his father is merely the same as he says, ” Pop, I’m a dime a dozen and so are you.”
Howard Wagneris Willy’s boss. He appears to be a baseline businessman who perceives Willy as a worn-out old salesman depending on his capability to talk rather than with his talent to sell. Howard took over the company from his dad, whom Willy considered as ” a masterful man” also ” a prince.” Although much younger than Willy, Howard acted towards Willy with arrogance and in the end fires him.
Willy ponders on Biff being admired all through his childhood. But life is not essentially a pleasurable thing. Willy recognizes that he has failed in life when he sense that he has not established Biff’s love. The decision that his suicide presents him represents merely a partial sighting of the reality. While he accomplishes a professional consideration of himself and the essential nature of the sales occupation, Willy falls short to appreciate his personal disappointment and treachery of his soul along with his family in the course of the particularly constructed pretense of his existence.
I think that Miller would like to tell the readers that when people acknowledge a principle to live by, it might be a wonderful and noble thing except if they turned out to be so infatuated with the ideal that it develops into a yolk and they are incapable to comprehend their dream. Customarily the American Dream signifies chance and sovereignty for all, and Willie held on that. Nevertheless, uphill struggle could not produce him everything that he sought after or thought he deserved. The setback with Willy’s ideals which eventually kills him is that he has lost picture of achieving the proper purpose of the American Dream, contentment and freedom, also the dream took charge over him. Those people whom he was sacrificing most are wounded most in the end.


Weales, G. C. and Miller, A., Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman: Text and Criticism, Compiled by Gerald Clifford Weales, Published by Viking Press, 1967.

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