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Traditional and cultural domains that hinder the development of the intellectual capacity of the society extensively affect the protagonist in the narrative ‘ Jacob’s Room’. Jacob is conflicted in some dimensions as he wades through the journey of masculinity and the affirmation of self-determination to succeed in life. Throughout the stages of his development, Jacob paints a picture of hope in a situation where people are faced with some issues that affect the manner in which they perceive life. In some instance, the women are miserable because of the deficiencies that they face in the society.
Traditions are one of the issues that bind the protagonist, yet in some instance; there is an appreciation that the cultural tenets that existed in the past were better that the experience in the current dispensation. Constraints and entrapments are some of the things that confront the people in the social setting where the narrative is set. Essentially, Jacob and Stephen feel trapped in a society where certain tendencies dominate the well-being of the state. The political and religious dimensions of the text are indicative of the disparities that confine the populace to a particular form of ideology. While Stephen found politics in Ireland a mirage and polluted with inconstancies, Jacob sees the need to engage on certain issues as a consequence of changing the world. Education and the enhancement of moral standings in the society are key principles that are voiced in the novel to the extent that they become the key incentives that propel the protagonists to seek a better life.

Using ‘ A Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist’ to discuss ‘ Dorian Grey.’

Dorian Grey is an individual who is well endowed with the means and resources, yet he continues to seek other materials for the wealthy experience. Grey is a representation of Stephen because the two are driven by certain propensities that compel them to carry out extraordinary things to succeed in their endeavors. For instance, Stephen relies on the teachings and counsel of Aristotle and other Greek philosophers to become better in life. Just like Stephen, Grey feels entrapped and confined to a setting that hinders people’s growth and advance in the society. The two see painting as an incredible way through which life experiences can be enriched and redefined despite the challenges that are manifest within the social construct.
Stephen seeks to be a different person driven by powerful incentives through the arts. Grey is motivated by the paintings that transform him to an immortal. Ideally, the protagonist is confronted and conflicted within themselves because of the urge to venture into other ways of life. Stephen sees travelling as an answer to being the person he wants to be, and Grey furthers the same perception. The recklessness and the narrow thinking by Stephen and Grey push them to venture into territories that do not necessarily change their destinies.

Comparative Analysis of Two-Course Readings

A comparative analysis of ‘ Jacob’s room’ and ‘ A Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist’ is a testimony of the disparities that exist in the society. The two narratives point to the effect of traditions in changing the attitudes and behaviors of individuals within a particular system. The two tales have immense distinctions in the sense that both have certain factors that distinguish the social settings and the issues people deal with on a daily basis. For example, Jacob and Stephen face the challenges of being tied to the traditions and cultural issues. Both of the young men reflect on life on the traditional days and intimate that modernity has been defiled by deficiencies and inefficiencies. There is a failure of imagination as the two individuals fail to connect the past and the present as a measure of chatting a path that is positive. In the area of politics, there is a conflicting attitude exhibited by Jacob and Stephen.
Jacob takes a crucial step in trying to understand the dynamics and politics and follow proceedings that affect the people in the society. However, Stephen intimates that political engagements such as protests diminish the freedom of people within a social construct. Consequently, Stephen seeks his independence because he sees it as a way through which an individual can achieve certain things without being confined to cultural realms. Jacob is more patriotic and involved in state issues than Stephen. Additionally, the moral establishment of the two protagonists in both narratives has immense diversities. For example, Stephen believes that being in the society and around people is a hindrance and a barrier towards what people can achieve in life. Ideally, Stephen is not concerned with some of the critical issues that affect the people in the society. The involvement of Jacob in the affairs of the state is an evidence of an individual who has a broader concern for the betterment of the society. The limitations that are manifest in the state compel Jacob to engage in civil issues.

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