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Demerits of technology essay

Characteristics that describe who a Public Officer is. Public administration is the study of government policies. Public administration seeks the public good. It does that by ensuring a well-run, fair, and effective public service Public administration is carried out by public servants who work in public departments and agencies, at all levels of government, and perform a wide range of tasks Public administrators serve in many roles: ranging from “front-line” positions serving the public e.

g. peace officers, border guards and administrators such as the District Chief Executives at the local levels as we have in Ghana. A public Officer is a person who has been legally, duly elected or appointed to public office and who exercises governmental functions. Public officers are expected to sacrifice themselves to the ethics of their craft.

They must be obedient to their calling and they are also part of government of the day. Public Officers offer social services to everyone in need. These services that they provide in most cases are not offered by the private organizations.For instance, when disaster strikes whether caused by nature or man, and the affected people need to be evacuated, the first contact we make is the police or disaster management organizations that are also public organizations. Anytime they are called, they quickly move in to risk their lives to save the situation. The lasting help that disaster victims need is generally available only from government Public works department engineers who provide safe drinking water, public health officials who keep diseases from becoming epidemic are all public officers.

Even though the service they to the society is not visible, but they are the backbone to the quality of life we have. There are other public employees who do not deal with life and death issue, instead they ensure the quality of life of individuals so that they can fit into the society. Teachers for example encourage students to achieve their targets; and there are others who selfly set up orphanage homes to cater for street children who otherwise would have become armed robbers.

It is worth noting that Public Servants are paid by the people they serve by way of taxes. Public Servants are the least paid in Ghana despite their important role.

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