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Demonstrating effective leadership

Demonstrating Effective Leadership
Leadership is an important part of human evolution because, people with the help of this skill achieved great many things in history. However, I consider everyone as a leader, but very few of us will ever realize the potential of leadership within them.
Nevertheless, I did recognize this important skill within me during my early adolescence, when I used to ask ambiguous questions about various concepts from my teachers, therefore helped the entire class in understanding difficult subjects.
At the same time, I wrote various articles in my school journal concerning various socioeconomic problems, which assisted me in developing strong intellectual personality at a later stage.
I therefore, consider myself an effective leader because; I through my forceful personality encouraged my classmates towards taking their education seriously and as a result motivated them in asking questions by themselves, which increased the overall learning of my class. Thus, each student optimized his or her learning.
In parallel, my articles in school journal triggered school management into changing some of the managerial practices making them increasingly student centric through introducing counselor services in order to relief student educational stress thus, almost eliminating the possibility of drug intake and other criminal activities in students.
In the light of above discussion, I consider myself as a transformational leader because; I caused cultural change in my school that also offered variety of subjects to the students. One of my recommendations was to introduce music as a subject because, I believed in its ability to relieve humans from stress. School management, therefore initiated a musical program for the students in the summers, so that fresh talent can be pumped in the industry.
On the other hand, fellow students considered me as a source of highlighting their problems in the school journal; therefore, I managed to have a significant influence on them. However, as I grew older my intellectual endeavors subsided due to increased educational stress. But, I nevertheless kept on motivating my juniors towards writing, thus, emplaced a culture of sharing knowledge.
My leadership ended when I graduated from school. However, during composing this document, my old spirit of leadership came back to life and I am now planning to revitalize it through joining politics in future.
This essay viewed my past leadership activities and designated me as transformational leader in my early adolescence. When I was a public figure in my school because, I was writing in school journal therefore, students needed my help in order to highlight their problems in front of school management. So in this way, I managed to have a significant influence on my classmates.
School management also respected my opinion about various managerial practices due to this reason; I was able to change norms at my school, by introducing music, counseling and other student centric practices, in order to alleviate educational stress. At the end, I consider myself capable of achieving great many things in politics because of my effective leadership skill

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