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Denver art museum

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(Assignment) Denver Art Museum Denver art museum, situated in the civic of Denver is one of the most valuable attractions of thisfine-looking city. Denver art museum established as Denver artists club in 1893 went through several alterations in its name and eventually got its present name in 1918. It is originally an art museum with finest Indian and American collections which attract people from all over the world. In addition, the wide varieties of statues and other elements present in the museum are found to be beneficial to people. As Aslam (2010) describes, Asian art, contemporary and architectural designs comprise some of the magnificent collections of the Denver art museum. One of the paintings which attracted me most during my visit to Denver art museum was the images that depicted both the innocence of childhood and glorious beauty of nature simultaneously. It portrayed two cute girls taking the pleasure of a lovely evening in which one girl’s curious activity entertained the other. This was the representation of the innocence of childhood at its best. Another painting which drew my attention represented the act of reading by a lady whose emotional expression was difficult for anyone to figure out. The lady merely read the book without the emotional reflections in her eyes and it showed the act being taken merely to pass time. At the same time, another painting; a lady reading a book with extreme curiosity and enthusiasm was indeed a contradiction to the other one. The comparison between the two paintings very well represented the various perspectives through which the same action is being performed. Works Cited Denver Art Museum. Aslam, M. April, 9, 2010. Web 11 Feb 2011 http://www. buzzle. com/articles/denver-art-museum. html

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