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Running Head: Depression Depression s Depression suffering from depression experience immense social and occupational dysfunctions. It is not only distressing for the sufferer but for others around him or her, dealing with the client can be a cumbersome task. Researchers have produced copious amount of literature in order to highlight the various issues faced by clients suffering from depression and based on the findings covered in the literature, substance abuse is by far the biggest problem that individual suffering from depression experience. Low mood is the primary symptom of depression and often clients in pursuit of getting rid of these negative emotions resort to abusing narcotics that do more harm than good. As it is also observed in patient care units, individuals suffering from depression become so heavily dependent on the narcotic that discontinuation is followed by severe withdrawal symptoms. The individual also resort to increasing the amount of drugs taken, which can lead to the individual dying as a result of an overdose. Drug abuse can also result in the individual partaking in activities that may regretted later that can exacerbate the depression experienced by the individual. (Jaekel et. al. 2009) Drug abuse is equally detrimental as depression and can seriously hamper one’s social and occupational functioning. Therefore, in order to help the individual avoid addictive behavior, the clinician must try to effectively treat the depression and if not, client psycho-education is really helpful in getting them to avoid undesirable behavior. Clinicians must explain to them the detrimental repercussions of drug abuse and their vulnerability to it, so that clients do not indulge in such behavior. Clinicians must keep a check on their client and if by any chance, they do start abusing drugs the problem must be tackled when it is at its initial stage, in order to prevent the problem from developing further and causing even more problems. (Maisto, 2010, p. 343) References Jaekel, C et. al (2009). Care of the trauma patient beyond the emergency department: A patient care standard to guide bedside nurses. Journal of Trauma Nursing, 16(1), 27–32.  Maisto, S. A. et. al. (2010). Drug Use and Abuse. Cengage Learning, P. 343

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