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Designing an hr system for a fictious organization

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Human Resource Management system had taken pivotal position in organizations and has been categorized as the determining factor for an organization’s success and standing. Human resource management has hence become a prime support department and works to look after the employees of the organization so that they are retained well and are satisfied with their work.  The paper is about Human resource system that governs any organization and how it helps the organizations to achieve their strategic goals and objectives (Mathis & Jackson, 2004).

Introduction of Organization:

The organization that would be discussed in the paper is a company that produces beauty based products. The company is called “ Color Line”. The organization had been established for last past fifty years and is a USA based organization. The specialty of the organization is that it provides customized beauty care products to its customers and also excels in cosmetics products. The organization is in competition with many other names such as Maybelline New York, Estee Lauder, Oriflame, Avon, Cover Girl, Mary Kay, L’Oreal etc.  However, the company has established it self well and is performing very well. The organization is present in nearly sixty two countries of the world and is competing amongst the top ten beauty care products. The company has nearly seven factories through out the world. Three of them are located in USA in Texas, California and Los Angeles and the rest of the five are in India, China, France and Sweden. They have located their franchises in Asia, Europe, and Latin America and in some parts of Africa.

The company is highly admired for their charity work and their contribution towards CSR activities. The organization employs nearly 7000 people world wide. It produces nearly 900 products for the people who want to look after their skin and want to look beautiful by using simple things. Color Line is just the correct solution for them. All of the products are based on natural ingredients and they are specially customized for the customers through the advices of their consultants. That can be labeled as their Unique Selling Proposition. Approximately hundred scientists are working for the organization to come up with the innovative products and nearly all of the products are allergy tested to make sure that their customers do not have to be cautious about using their products.


There are wide ranges of products being sold by the company. They include the Skin Care products, Color Cosmetics, Fragrances, Personal Care and Accessories. These products are produced with high care and tested for their effects to ensure that customers are using natural ingredients and they are making themselves beautiful the right way.

The Organization and its System:

The organization and its Human Resource System are basically comprised of five important factors. These are the components that help the organization devise a plan which integrates the organization into a complete system and aids in recognizing what priorities are to be set. The five factors which determine an HR System are Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Reward Management and Career Management. These factors are very important in determining how well the system is designed and how it should correspond with the rest of organization.

If an organization is making a system, it must consider that how the factors stated above would affect the whole organization. There can be many pros and cons, and all of them could be active at once. If recruitment is not done in the correct way, like the advertisement made is not communicating the real purpose of the hire, then the organization would not be able to get the desired kind of people to choose from. That would incur costs and it if a wrong candidate is selected, then the rest of the factors will have to be revised again. Training and development will become inevitable and those things will have to be taught which the employee should have already known. That would waste the resources as well as the time of the organization. The compensation packages will have to be revised. Performance checks and constants appraisals will have to be conducted to ensure that the employee has been performing up to the mark. These are few of the many issues that an organization will have to face.

The organization being discussed here is very committed to the HR policies it has defined. The organization has given three core values to its employees and had made it mandatory to be followed.

1. Passion for the work has to be there and employees must believe that they are here to change the lives of people for the better good. They must love their job and should be highly committed to it.

2. They must work with team spirit and they must come together as one team to do their jobs. They must understand each other and should be by each other’s side in any time of need.

3. The last and foremost is to understand the diversity at work place and use the competitive advantage of diverse work force to be the best cosmetics company in he world providing highly affordable solutions to the people.

This theme is behind the HR system of the Color Line too. HR system is made in ways that would complement every department and would help the employees collaborate with all the partners.

The HR System:

HR systems are devised to perform as a bridge between the functions of Human Resource Management and the Information technology. The Human Resource functions differ organization to organization. They vary in forms of the rules and regulations, the conditions of employment, the specialty of the organization, the recruitment and selection procedures, the performance management systems and the training and development techniques (Mathis & Jackson, 2004).

All of these factors are high when designing an HR System. HR systems have been devised to reduce the complex paper work. The lack of time and the rapidly changing technology does not allow organizations to completely rely on paper work and to collect the minor details on paper. In order to complete the jobs in lesser time and get precisely accurate results, automation in HR had taken over the manual work.  These are few essentials of a good HR system present in any organization. It includes payroll, benefits administration, recruitment, work time, performance records. These essentials are also included in the HR system of ‘ Color line’.

The Payroll module in any HRIS as the name suggests, does the job of calculating the payroll. It records the attendance of employees, calculates the various deductions that are entitled to a payroll, deducts the axes and come up with the final pay record of employees. Previously, this job was done manually, and was very much time consuming, but with HRIS, it has become much easier and faster (Mathis & Jackson, 2004).

The benefits administration gives the advantage of keep a track of employees to know whether they are participating in the profit sharing, insurance etc. This helps maintain a timely and precise record of the activities that happen in an organization.

The recruitment module has been designed to provide the benefit of online job search and it has become the contemporary style of gathering the desired pool of applicants in an organization for the need of job. They usually include:

1. The personnel use in an organization
2. The process of identifying the potential pool of employees
3. Recruiting through headhunters

This system has solved many problems for organization. The companies are now saving their costs on the advertising in newspapers and magazines. The one time appearance of advertisement is now replaced by online recruitment techniques. Today, a more reliant system has evolved called Applicant tracking System, which helps the organization maintain their data bases for potential employees. Fresh graduates are also employed this way as online recruitment has made job access easier (Mathis & Jackson, 2004).

These very aspects are also present in the HR system of Color Line. The benefits provided in the system are of the multi-lingual ease given to the employees. The employees who belong to different countries can access their own databases with much more ease.

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