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Detrimental factors involved in beauty pageants english language essay

Beautiful misss with gorgeous gowns and perfect smilings are the first things that come to mind when believing about beauty pageants. While all the glam and scintillating Crowns may look rather appealing at first glimpse, the unsafe world of pageants creates a defect in the one time perfect image. By taking a closer expression, one can happen sexual marauders watching immature misss parade across the phase, or the force per unit area to be perfect by a kid ‘s ain parents. Beauty pageants are non what they used to be. When asked about beauty pageants, older coevalss think of natural beauty and a “ merely for merriment ” atmosphere. Now, beauty pageants have been taken to the following degree, called “ Glitz ” beauty pageants, making a bad image for beauty pageants and what they represent. Children are progressively going involved in this universe of hair extensions, bogus dentition, and spray on sunburns, while their parents sit back and watch an mean childhood of games and playthings go down the drain.

The slaying of Jon-Benet Ramsey, a pageant miss with everything traveling for her, unveiled a dismaying truth of pageants and the kids who take portion in them. While some believe pageants can non perchance ensue in slaying, they are incorrect. When parents put their kids up on phase with an huge sum of make-up and uncovering costumes, they are puting them up for sexual predation. The development of kids in beauty pageants should be brought to attending by parents before another kid like Jon-Benet Ramsey loses her life. Pageants are evidently non what they used to be. The 1950 ‘s pageants that the coevalss before us participated in concentrated on natural beauty, unlike pageants now. While natural beauty was healthy and helpful to the self-esteem, unreal beauty, the chief factor in pageants today, is non healthy and is damaging to the self-pride of participants. Child beauty pageants are directing out the incorrect message, with the development of kids, negative effects on the self-esteem, and hideous disbursals in order to take part.

Parents believe pageants are a smart manner to derive scholarships and other money awards for their kids. For illustration, the “ Universal Royalty ” pageant, one of the largest beauty pageants in the concern, provides a one 1000 dollar scholarship to the victor ( Nussbaum, 2000 ) . While this may look like a great award to win, parents do non take in to consideration the fees required to be successful in this beauty pageant. The enrollment fee for the “ Universal Royalty ” pageant is five 100 and 45 dollars, with formal gowns bing up to twelve thousand dollars and other fees required to be successful in the pageant ( Nussbaum, 2000 ) . Though the award is one 1000 dollars, necessities for the pageant add up to much more than the hard currency money award. Most pageants provide a five 100 dollar scholarship to the victor, but costs for the pageant add up to much more than the hard currency money award every bit good ( Dittrich, 2001 ) . Nevertheless, parents are still proud of the multiple tiaras and coronate their kid has won throughout her old ages of pageant experience. Figure 1, shown below, is an illustration of a “ show window of tiaras. ”

Figure1: Showcase of Tiaras:

Note: Emily Crown Hall of Fame. Photograph. Florida. TVGasm. Web. 1 Apr. 2010. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. tvgasm. com/shows/little-miss-perfect/little-miss-per-4-9371. php? page= 2 & gt ; .

Without cognizing everything involved in the readying of a beauty pageant, an looker-on would be shocked. To be successful in a professional “ Glitz ” beauty pageant, the money is a necessity. The enrollment fee for a pageant starts at $ 85 ( Dittrich, 2001 ) . With the entry to the pageant comes a glamour shooting of the contestant. This normally runs about “ $ 700 for a individual axial rotation of movie ” ( Dittrich, 2001 ) . Trainers cost $ 40 dollars an hr, and a “ Glitz ” frock is normally $ 1, 000 and up ( Dittrich, 2001 ) . A “ fin, ” or a device used for replacing losing dentitions, cost about $ 500, and are used invariably in beauty pageants at the professional degree ( Dental, 1999 ) . Overall, a household spends $ 30, 000 to $ 40, 000 a twelvemonth to provide their kid with the necessary accoutrements to win a “ Glitz ” professional pageant. While money seems to be a ascendant issue in beauty pageants, this is non the lone negative facet of being involved in the pageant universe.

The unreal beauty push seems to be a well-discussed contention involved in the beauty pageant universe today because a kid ca n’t perchance be successful in a professional “ Glitz ” beauty pageant without the right preparation and cognition. Winners of professional beauty pageants have the right sum of make-up, a pageant manager, a interior decorator frock, bogus dentitions, normally known as a “ fin, ” spray on sunburns, and the right hair pieces to make a “ Fuller ” expression. A fledgling into this sort of pageant would be overwhelmed at how much attempt has to be put into one beauty pageant. Nicki Burton, a well-known pageant manager says, “ You ca n’t be normal and win beauty pageants ” ( Dittrich, 2001 ) . Since so much accent is placed on the unreal visual aspect of a kid, natural beauty does n’t look as of import. Many people think beauty pageants are healthy for a kid ‘s self image. However, the belief that “ visual aspect defines the value of a individual is so destructive that many organisations concerned with happening healthier ways of raising misss have developed standards to give misss a sounder footing for mensurating their worth than pasted-on cuteness ” ( Mann, 1997 ) . Studies show that 77 % of misss view themselves as “ ugly, ” because of media portraying the perfect miss as skinny and beautiful ( Offbeat, 2007 ) . Since beauty pageants have victors merely with the perfect image, beauty pageants are lending to the per centum of misss who do non hold a good self-image of themselves. Artificial beauty is non healthy, which creates a negative side of beauty pageants that many do non recognize.

Some parents believe that beauty pageants have a positive consequence on kids. This is non uncommon, which is why so many kids are entered into beauty pageants on a day-to-day footing. Whether these parents are n’t informed of the harmful effects of beauty pageants, or if parents choose to disregard these harmful effects, beauty pageants are still insecure. Many parents say that pageants are a fun manner for kids to vie with other kids their age, and have the potency to assist pay for a college instruction with scholarships offered to the victor ( Catwalk, 1997 ) . But experts extremely disagree. Though parents may believe pageants make a healthy competitory side of a kid and increase their societal interactions with other contestants, pageants really hinder the growing of societal qualities in contestants ( Eder, 1997 ) . Children do n’t socialise with other contestants in pageants, due to the intense competition involved in beauty pageants. Marie Sprague, a former theoretical account and patterning teacher, believes that pageants “ develop poise, personality, and assurance ” ( Harris, 1997 ) . But what Sprague and many other people fail to see is how all of these qualities are developed. Developing a personality from pageants may non be the healthiest manner for kids to turn, harmonizing to some psychologists. Psychologists do non like the thought of kids concentrating on their outer beauty so much ( Catwalk, 1997 ) . This creates an unhealthy environment for kids to be about, hence doing beauty pageants insecure for beauty pageant contestants. Experts seem to hold, including Dr. Miles Frank.

In an interview with Dr. Miles Frank on January 26, 2010, a accredited doctor for kids, the negative facets of pageants were highlighted. Dr. Frank believes that names such has “ Small Miss Perfect ” have a negative impact on kids take parting in these kind of pageants. He believes that “ If excessively much accent is placed on winning the pageant, the result will hold more consequence. And since most misss who are in pageants will lose, I think you are more likely to put your kid up to hold a hapless ego image ” ( Dr. Miles Frank, personal communicating ) . This makes sense. While many parents believe pageants are a good stepping-stone to a better self-pride, they are incorrect. If 10 misss participated in a peculiar beauty pageant, one out of the 10 misss may derive a positive self-pride. What happens to the remainder of the nine contestants? They are left to haunt over why they did non win the pageant, doing a hapless self-image ( Dr. Miles Frank, personal communicating ) .

In an interview with Stephanie Throckmorton, the negative effects of beauty pageants about doubled the positive effects of beauty pageants. After affecting her girl in a few local beauty pageants, she decided to seek a “ Glitz ” pageant for merriment. She refuses to be involved with professional pageants now, due to the laterality of unreal beauty and unrealistic fees. Stephanie said, “ traveling to a beauty pageant at that degree made me experience uncomfortable, and forced me to recognize my girl could non vie with these misss at the degree of income we are at ” ( Stephanie Throckmorton, personal communicating ) . This is seen non merely in professional beauty pageants, but besides at the local degree.

Traveling to any beauty pageant for amusement intents gives the person the chance to see the negative effects beauty pageants have on their immature contestants. After detecting a local pageant, immature contestants who did non win were seen stating their parents “ they were n’t good plenty, ” or “ non reasonably any longer ” ( Beauty contestants, personal communicating ) . The parents who believe beauty pageants build self-esteem in a positive manner are the parents of the victor in the pageant, non the contestants who did n’t have acknowledgment of their public presentation on phase. Girls are invariably being put down mentally by being involved in pageants. After speaking to the misss who did non topographic point, it was clear that they did non hold merriment with the pageant ( Beauty contestants, personal communicating ) . They wanted to cognize why they were n’t the victor. Stating a kid they did n’t win because person was better than them is the message beauty pageants send to people without cognizing it, doing the drastic displacement from a positive self-image to a negative self-image in many immature misss ‘ lives.

Pageant misss are beautiful, field and simple. But what goes on behind the phase to transform these misss into flawlessness? Children in beauty pageants literally turn into person they usually are n’t, coming across as sham. Harmonizing to Judy Mann, a author for the Washington Post, kids are invariably being pushed to flawlessness with unrealistic expressions adult females could really achieve ( Mann, 1997 ) . Pageant kids are ever seeking to make a end that is impossible to accomplish. The thought of flawlessness eats off at a kid ‘s head, doing them to make anything to make this impractical end. This explains why so many pageant misss are unnaturally thin and have a face painted with excessively much make-up. Over seven million adult females have suffered from an eating upset ( Eating Disorder, 2006 ) . The projection of the perfect organic structure image from beauty pageants is non assisting this figure travel down. Nicki Burton, a well-known pageant manager for all ages, thinks a “ pageant miss has to look a certain manner, move a certain manner, and eat a certain manner ” ( Dittrich, 2001 ) . Normally, a pageant miss is non the individual she appears to be. When she is on phase, she pretends to be person she is n’t, simply to affect a line of Judgess. Though it may look like the kid is the one nisus so difficult to be perfect, this is non the instance. Parents push their kids to the bound, and at any costs. Reporters for the St. Louis Post Dispatch say, “ parents who let their child compete in beauty pageants may be so focused on their ain demands that they fail to see the negative effectsaˆ¦ on their kid ” ( Eder, 1997 ) . Because parents can non be satisfied with kids who are non perfect, parents are doing the pageant universe have a harmful consequence on the kids who participate. The combination of parents, and the desire to be perfect all have a batch to lend to the damaging facets of pageantry.

Some parents put their kids in beauty pageants because they want to “ advance ” their kid in a positive manner. Contestants like to take part in pageants to showcase their “ endowments, ” such as vocalizing, dancing, or their “ wow-wear ” part of the competition ( Trujillo, 2007 ) . Parents like to see their kids on phase, no affair what they are making, because they think pageants are merriment for the kid ( Dittrich, 2001 ) . By advancing their kid in beauty pageants, parents are n’t recognizing that they are working their kid on phase.

The development of kids happens all the clip in beauty pageants. Childs are being exposed in a sexual mode, doing sexual marauders to detect. Many seem to detect that when a kid takes her top bed off, exposing a smaller outfit underneath, she receives a louder hand clapping ( Dittrich, 2001 ) . Not merely is the kid sexually exposed, but she is besides trained to take her apparels off to win. Pageant managers train their pageant misss to “ project gender, ” because that is what wins ( Eder, 1997 ) . Parents invariably overlook the dangers of bantam outfits and a face covered in make-up when seeking to win at any costs.

Jon-Benet Ramsey was found in the cellar of her parent ‘s house, strangled and sexually assaulted. She was an active participant in professional beauty pageants, with a bright hereafter in front of her. Her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, supplied her with all the necessities to win a pageant, including the make-up, spray on sunburn, hair extensions, and other points. Many wonder what this has to make with her slaying. If she had non participated in pageants, and experienced the development caused by her parents, many seem to believe this slaying would hold ne’er taken topographic point, and Jon-Benet Ramsey would hold lived a normal life ( Reed, 2010 ) . At first glimpse, Jon-Benet Ramsey looks as if she ‘s 20 old ages old, shown below in Figure 2.

Figure2: Glamour Shot of Jon-Benet Ramsey

Note: Jonbenet1. 2009. Photograph. Brandy Lewis Forensics. Web. 1 Apr. 2010. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //brandylewisforensics. wordpress. com/2009/01/04/jonbenet-ramsey-a-case-coming-closer-to-the-end/ & gt ; .

However, she was merely six when she was choked to decease ( Verrengia, 1997 ) . While the decease of an guiltless kid is a calamity, it should hold been expected, due to the development of Jon-Benet in the beauty pageant universe.

Many believe that parents push their kids to take part in beauty pageants because it was something the parents, peculiarly the female parent, have been interested in. Patsy Ramsey, Jon-Benet Ramsey ‘s female parent, was a former beauty queen, and it is said that she put Jon-Benet in beauty pageants in order to “ live over her unrealized phantasies through her girl ” ( Reed, 2010 ) . This explains why Patsy Ramsey has so frequently been accused of working her kid in the pageant universe and finally doing the decease of her girl.

The odor of hairspray, the glister of white smilings, and the desire to win make full the ambiance of a regular pageant. But what people do n’t recognize is that the feeling of licking, the suppression of a kid ‘s ego assurance, and the intolerable impulse to be flawless besides exist at a pageant. While a kid struts across the phase with her white smiling and bubbling gown, she is susceptible to sexual assault, hindered societal interactions, and a belief that what she has to offer non associating to beauty agencies nil. The decease of Jon-Benet Ramsey was a calamity. Jon-Benet was a miss merely like every other pageant miss. But who knew her involvement in beauty pageants would finally take to her decease? Parents need to recognize the dangers of beauty pageants, and what could go on to their cherished kid if being beautiful all of a sudden crosses the line.

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