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Deutsche telekom

Deutsche Telekom What are the major challenges of Deutsche Telecom? What is critical for its survival and future success?
The corporation has many employees earning extremely high income compared to its competitors. This is contrary to its continued diminishing state of profits over a prolonged period. The company has also poor managerial and staff relationship, which is a threat to its survival. For the company’s survival, the managerial team should engage the staff more in running the company and make them feel motivated. In addition, the company should adopt customer satisfaction perspective rather than profit oriented, which will guarantee increased sales in the future.
2. When the letter from the technician becomes known to the public, what, do you think, various stakeholders might say about Deutsche Telecom? What would customers say? What would analysts say? What would the general public, say? What would employees of the organization say?
The various stakeholders will end up disappointed by the CEO of Deutsche Telecom and his entire managerial team and immediately call for his removal from office. Many customers would feel pity for the employees of the company and would remain loyal to the company, whereas analysts will put it clear to the media that, the main reason for the company’s failure is due to the CEO’s incompetence. This will tarnish the corporation’s reputation besides prompting mixed reactions amongst the employees of the company. Some due to the fear of losing their jobs will start criticizing the move adopted by the company’s technician. However, others will be in full support of the move and encourage the technician.
3. Put yourself in the shoes of CEO of DT. What emotions would you feel if you received such a letter? Would you react? If yes, how?
The employee’s actions of making the letter public will be below par. Therefore, I would insist on meeting with the CEO first to discuss on the way forward. Then I would also hold a meeting with all the company’s employees to discuss on their grievances and the steps to take.
4. Put yourself in the shoes of middle manager of DT. Imagine that your employees are actively discussing the letter after it became public. Would you be engaged in those discussions? If yes, would you do that informally or in a formal setting? What would you say or ask?
Yes, I would engage myself in the discussions but in an informal setting to make them feel at ease, hence share their thoughts. I would ask them of their opinions concerning the letter, whether it was right or wrong. I would also try making them feel appreciated by asking what they think is the way forward for the survival of the company.
Technician to the CEO of Deutsche Telecom Mr. Obermann: letter, “Do you think we are so stupid?” 9th Mar. 2007. Print.

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