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Deviance Task: Deviance Sociologists define deviance as thoughts, attributes, behaviour, and beliefs or condition that challenge the set conventions of the society in a manner likely to cause discomfort amongst people. Examples of deviance behaviours include an adult person stripping naked in public, a teenager openly drinking alcohol in front of adults or somebody bursting into laughter at a funeral. In addition, there are certain people who go against the society’s norms because of their beliefs and rebellious viewpoints hence making their undesired behaviours open. Some of these people either belong to cults, which have radical views against the set code of the society. In other words, society deems persons that do not think the way the public think as deviant individuals (Franzese, 2009).
Several deviant behaviours have influenced the society in a positive way (Clinard & Meier, 2010). For instance, during the Civil Rights Movement, personalities such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson among others went against the rigid conventions of the society that supported racism towards blacks. This resulted to consciousness in the government which begun treating African Americans as equal citizens of America. In other words, the segregation of citizens in the bus, restrooms, and schools based on colour reduced in the US due the deviant behaviours and beliefs of these icons.
This method of speaking up against the government also culminated to the independence of most African nations (Franzese, 2009). For instance, the long incarceration of Nelson Mandela for 27 years on Apartheid South Africa led to their eventual independence in 1994. Additionally, the deviant beliefs of smaller nations in the former USSR such as Ukraine, Poland and Georgia led to their breaking free from the USSR to being independent republics at the fall of the Cold War in 1989.
In addition, the bombing of the US in September 11 attacks of 2001 led to the coming together of Americans and the world as a whole. Even, with the devastating effects it caused the Americans due to the loss of close to 3, 000 lives, it achieved the purpose of rejuvenating the world in a concerted war against terrorism. This led to the War on Terror especially by the Americans, which has managed to wipe out many terror militants in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia. For example, in the early month of May, this year, the Navy Seals of America achieved the feat of killing the head of Al Qaeda network and the most wanted terrorist linked with the September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden (Clinard & Meier, 2010). Furthermore, the following month, the TFG Forces of Somalia were able to kill Faizul Mohammed who is credited for bombing the US Embassy in Kenya that claimed more than 250 lives. Therefore, we can say with the deviant behaviour of the militants in destabilizing the world, nations have risen up in both ideology and arms to combat radical terrorism.
Finally, the mass demonstrations by the people in the Arabian countries this year, which was begun by a street vendor in Tunisia who set himself ablaze led to people revolution that ousted their despotic leader. This deviant behaviour spread to other Arabian countries such as Egypt deposing their president who is currently facing murder charges. Apart from Tunisia and Egypt, which have felt the deviant beliefs of a majority of its masses, other countries in a similar situation include Syria, Yemen and Libya. We, therefore, can say such deviant events by the people have resulted in other Arabian leaders changing their styles of repressive leadership to avoid revolutions by the people (Kendall, 2011).
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