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Devil in the grove

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Devil in the Grove Devil in the Grove Question One Jim Crow philosophy was segregation and discrimination. The philosophy was based on the use of segregation and discrimination tools in labour in order to maximize profit (King, 2013).
Jim Crow was working with a purpose of attaining maximum profit from cheap labour. Jim Crowed also had the intention of gaining more power and became a prominent politician. The poor were oppressed and by provision of low wages in order to gain more profit (King, 2013).
In order for the Jim Crow philosophy to work effectively, the black were recruited in construction whereby the railway segregation laws and Black Codes of Reconstruction era were enacted to enforce Jim Crow philosophy of segregation and discrimination. The enforced of Jim Crow philosophy was marked by mistreatment and displacement of the blacks to swamps (King, 2013).
Question Two
The Groveland Boys were the innocent black men who were mistreated and accused by the white while innocent. The Groveland Boys were accused of crimes they did not commit, and Marshall was out to defend them (King, 2013).
Question Three
The case had a great meaning to the NAACP, racial justice and Central Florida and also to the whole nation. The case was aimed to end inequality, racial discrimination and ensure that all people are respected. The NAACP had presented other cases involving civil right, and this case was more important because there were measures taken to protect people and even the FBI. The case was held in Florida and was more significant to the people of Florida because the enforcement of the court order begun in the region. The success of Marshall in the case brought relief to the whole nation because it marked the end of racial discrimination and mistreatment (King, 2013).
Question Four
In the case, the defence team managed to change the rape case to a broader consideration of prejudice, discrimination and race in America because the accused were innocent, and they were accused in respect to race. The victim accused by force three black innocent men and condemned them to death. The facts that the victim of rape identified the victim based on race made the case to take another hand and represent prejudice, race and discrimination (King, 2013).
Question Five
In American history, Marshall is considered the greatest lawyer because he was the first to fight for civil rights and equality. He managed to change the American justice system by ensuring that the civil rights were enacted and respects. In American history, he managed to end the issues of racism, discrimination and mistreatment (King, 2013).
Question Six
The press played or took an important role in the case because it created the awareness of civil rights to the public through broadcasting. The people who heard about the case and the ruling could not continue practising racism and discrimination (King, 2013).
Question Seven
The forensic science played an important role because the black men who were accused were found innocent. If it were not for forensic science innocent men could serve a sentence of a crime they did not commit because of their race (King, 2013).
Question Eight
Civil rights movement in the 20th century were more focused on dealing with the issue of racism, prejudice and discrimination. The movement involved law because Marshall was determined to ensure that the issues of discrimination and racism ended by filling court cases and defending the innocent. Central Florida and United States was more involved in discrimination of the black, and that is why the movement begun (King, 2013).
King G. (2013). Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America. Florida: HarperCollins.

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