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Disabled students

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It is undoubtedly true that life brings challenges for different people in different ways. People need to lessen the burden of these miseries brought about in their lives by fate. Not all people know how to cope up with these problems and hence, they require proper guidance and help to go through different stages of life with the existing incapability and hurdles of life. Disabled people are facing these challenges regularly and in every stage of their life. They have to struggle harder than other people to overcome the fear of any loss.
One of the most important stages of people’s lives is their education phase. Like other people, disabled people need more attention and require individual consideration to go through this stage and move towards a brighter future. Hence, disabled students must first be handled with greater care and must be appreciated and motivated more than others. Their disability causes low self-esteem which stops them from taking any risks or steps to achieve success. They feel isolated and de-motivated hence more care and attention would help them in achieving their goals. An additional step that may be taken is to assess their performance according to their level of understanding and keeping their disabilities in mind. Their performance may seem lower than an able-bodied or able-minded person. Hence, their performance and results may be assessed differently and they may be assessed according to what is expected from a person of their capacity.
Any activity may be adapted for the class including those with disabilities by keeping their disability in mind while dividing tasks. For instance, a racing competition may require a division of teams in a way that physically handicapped people may be given some tasks like managing the teams, directing them, coordinating role or motivating the group. Similarly, mentally weak people may not be asked to appear in a quiz competition however, they may be invited to participate in the race. Proper knowledge of students’ inability is required to manage the classroom well.

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