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Discussion Board Forum Introduction In this huge competitive world, organizations need to develop innovative recruitment strategy to sustain in the global competition. Strategies implemented by organization can be to reach mass audience or to focus on specific kinds of people. Targeted recruitment strategy is one of the strategies which are well-rounded recruitment strategy. This report will discuss is it fair or not.
Targeting recruiting strategy applied by many organizations is sometimes regarded as the complex issue. The adoption of target recruitment may sound as an exclusionary. Organization adopts this strategy so that they can identify the specific segment in the market to find out the candidate of explicit qualification. Advertisement policy for target recruitment strategy can be denoted by certain population as fair. Some of valid reasons behind the implementation of target recruiting strategy are recruitment of the special KSAOs, attract employees who are passive, making further relationship with the former employees and filling the diversity gaps in the organization. But the reality is that targeted recruitment can help organization to bring diversity in the workplace. This resembles the fact that the targeting recruiting strategy is unfair regardless of its minimal advantage to bring diversity. Some of the organization provide target recruitment message by taking in to consideration gender and minorities. The system is regarded as unfair when certain member of the community is targeted exclusively. The fairness of the message to target member denies providing equal opportunity to the other groups of people who do not have the chance to view the message (Gatewood, 2010). Organization may sometimes target particular groups who may be more mature workers. This creates a sense of unfairness on the mind of other groups of people who thinks that they are been ignored and can lead to demotivation. Every employee has the right to vie the necessary requirement for the job. Every workplace must be diverse and reduce the poor performance of the employee. Targeting recruitment strategy can take much longer time and could eventually cost more than that of normal recruitment strategy. This can also lessen the morale of the employee which can rather lead to less in productivity. Bias on one age group can create a sense of negative motivation on the employees.
The application of target recruitment strategy can create a sense of inflexibility among the employee. Every organization must implement change management in the organization to sustain in the competitive market. The application of this strategy is not flexible enough which can rather be downfall to the productivity of the organization. Some of the poor recruiting decisions can hamper the objective of the organization. The perception of the people of certain organization implementing target recruitment strategy can create a sense of biasness on the minds of people (Trevor, 2013). This proves that target recruitment system can be unfair for the people who have the equal rights to view the desired skills and recruitment procedure for an organization.
It can be concluded from the following analysis that the application of targeted recruitment strategy can be unfair for the people who are not notified.
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