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26 March Discussion Post: Joe Arnold found himself becoming the of cognitivedissonance upon being assigned a project which conflicted with his ethical beliefs by his company, Reell Precision Manufacturing. Arnold took the matter to his CEO and chose to open up about his real feelings. The CEO decided to quit the project after contemplating both sides of the matter with the help of other members from the business development department. Strong cultures motivate employees (Daft 405). Likewise, this situation positively shaped the culture of Reell Precision Manufacturing because the CEO motivated Arnold by registering his opinion. Research also emphasizes that organizational cultures should serve to integrate members in a way that “they know how to relate to one another” (Daft 431). If I were Arnold, I would have continued with the project assigned to me because people intent on smoking will smoke nevertheless no matter they have a box to hold cigarettes or not. Another example from Small Giants stands in contrast to the Reell case. Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing has created a kind of culture which does not allow for much intimacy with employees. Maytag claims that people at work are a “little scared to come and talk to me” (Burlingham 151). In contrast, Arnold did not at all feel scared and went straight to the CEO to explain how he really felt about the project assigned to him. This suggests that companies must show interest in developing intimacy with workers to create a very open and democratic culture.
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