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Interaction between the subordinates and the supervisors may be obstructed by number of factors. The following are few of them. Lack of proper communication channels
Lack of initiative from the super visor
Too much authoritative and commanding environment.
Communication channels may include informal meetings, electronic sources, daily, weekly meetings, reports and other means of communication and link establishment. This may also include the informal sessions, dinners and other gatherings.
Lack of initiative from super visor may include introvert behavior of the super visors. They being occupied in their own activities and work which obstructs their activities from guiding their subordinates in a timely manner.
Often the supervisors maintain an authoritative command which creates a vacuum between the two levels. This in turn creates fear in the heart of the subordinates who cannot come up openly with questions and other queries that would enable them achieving the objectives in a relatively more effective manner.
3 suggestions about communication:
While communication serves as the backbone towards the organizational success when it comes to interaction between the top management and the subordinates, different methods may be undertaken in order to perform effective communication. This can come in the form of official meetings. Official meetings may be conducted through formal notifications. Informal communication means include daily interactions, during working hours. Free flow of communication can be also established in the form of electronic means installment. This is useful in cases where cross departmental activities are performed and the top heads are in the different branches or departments.

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