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Dmi field service case

Synopsis/purpose Field Service Divisions are important parts of organizations operating in manufacturing industries. Astechnologybecomes more and more involved in the production process and the after sales services, it is crucial for companies to develop their Field Service business processes. In the DMI Field Service Case, the company has troubles meeting the customer demands in a timely manner. The quality of the service remains as an important task to improve for the DMI Company and we will be analyzing the issues related with the reengineering process of the FSD. . DMI should measure field service performance because the process needs a level of consistency. Even though every service call may be different, the processes that are not variable need to be controlled on a consistent level. Performance should be measured by customer feedback, number of service calls per day, and response time. 6. The division needs to make a process map to create a value stream and ensure that each step on the process there is value being added.

If there is not value being added then that process needs to be cut. A process map will also show inefficiencies of the process as a whole. 7. This organization can become more of a learning organization if they were able to develop a team strictly made for continuous improvement. If this whole process seems to have all these inefficiencies thenI believeit would be very worth is to create a continuous improvement team to exploit all these problems and create solutions and figure out the right path for their process map. 8.

New Technologies – DMI should be able to open their horizons with some new technology especially because it’s management consists of mostly engineers. They need to be more proficient in technology management to gain trust andloyaltyto customers. Call taker system – DMI’s service center receives an average of 3,500 calls per day. About 2,000 of those calls are related to emergency maintenance. All of the calls are taken by approximately 40 call takers who earn “ modest” wages and work staggered shifts to cover the workday for both oasts. This is causing low efficient rating and many people being put on hold. If they were to implement a customer code in the service center they would be much more efficient and timely with the calls. They could also hire more “call takers”. Dispatching center- There is an obvious lack ofcommunicationbetween the dispatchers and the techs. This migh be because there are 24 dispatchers in only 5 regional dispatch centers. Bringing these dispatch centers together could help communication and reduce delays.

Performance Measurement – There system seems to be flawed due to the fact that they base their performance on target response time. This is a flaw because service tech may only go on 1 field work a day which doesn’t correctly show performance throughout the whole organization. Communication between the call centers and the techs are also no good because sometimes they don’t even call because they think they will have to wait on hold. So a new measurement system is definitely in need.

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