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Don’t look behind you

What April’s new name? April is Valerie WeberWhere in Virginia are the Corrigans ACTUALLY from? Norwood, VAWhat pseudonym does April assume while on the plane? April GrossWhat does Abby call the town that she is going to? DullsvilleDescribe the shirt that April gave Steve. A white button down shirt with red pinstripesWho does April see at Disney World? Her old friend from Virginia, JodiWhat Earth shattering news does April learn at Disney World? That Steve and Sherry are dating! Name one of the big things Bram had to go through when he moved to Florida.(ANY ANSWERS LISTED BELOW ARE ACCEPTABLE)He had to get contacts. He had to make totally new friendsHe had to go by Jason WeberHe had to leave his dogHe had to live in a new houseHe had no TVName one of the big things April had to go through when she moved to Florida.(ANY ANSWERS LISTED BELOW ARE ACCEPTABLE)She wasn’t allowed to play tennisShe wasn’t allowed to contact any of her old friendsShe had to deal with having short hairShe wasn’t allowed to contact Steve AT ALLShe had no TVShe had to make totally new friendsShe had to go by Valerie WeberShe had to leave her dogShe had to live in a new houseWhat does Mom start to do when they go to Florida? She starts to drinkWhat was George’s old occupation that put him in danger? An undercover FBI agentWhat store does Philip (George) work at in Florida now? Zip PicWhat is George’s new name? Phillip WeberWhat is Bram’s new name? Jason WeberWhat is Elizabeth’s new name? Ellen Paul/Ellen WeberWhat is Mike Vamp’s most outstanding physical trait? His eyes are pitch black, so much that it looked like he had no irisesWhat information did April accidently give away in her letter? That she was on the 14th floorHow did April kill Mike Vamp? She hit him in the face with her tennis racket, causing him to fall back into the ditch and be swept awayWhat gave away that the maid was a man?“ She” had a 5 o’clock shadowWhat does Lorelei call Mike Vamp’s eyes? Pools of black inkWhat does Mike Vamp do to Lorelei? He breaks her armWhat does April let slip at the party? That she and her boyfriend are from VirginiaWhat in the book symbolizes ‘ new beginnings’? A prismWhat was the name of the first hotel they stayed at? Mayflower InnHow does Jim die? He was shot in the head and shoved into a closetWho killed Jim? Mike VampWhat’s the name of the Corrigans’ US Marshals contact in FL? TedWhat is the name of the boy that April meets in FL? LarryWhat is the name of the first girl April met in FL? KimWhere does April tell her family that she is going when she is actually going to the airport? Kim’s houseWho does April call at the airport? Lorelei and Steve (but gets his brother)What movie did Larry, April, Kim, and Abby go to see? TwilightIn the end of the book, why do Lorelei and Elizabeth “ match”? They both have broken armsWhy is April glad Mike Vamp put her and Lorelei in a closet? The closets have trapdoors leading to the atticsWhat is the name of the program that April goes into? The Witness Protection ProgramWhat did Mom use to do for a living? She used to write booksWhere did Dad work at before he got married to Elizabeth? A ski shopWhat happens to April’s hair? Rita cuts it off so its really shortWhat used to fill April’s room in VA? Antiques from around the world that Lorelei and her grandfather had collectedWhat envelope did April put the letter to Steve in? It was in an envelope that had held a magazine subscription, but she had never sent itWhat was the punch at the party called?“ Suicide” What was April doing when she was taken out of school in the beginning of the book? She was typing in Business Typing Class

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