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Driving questions

The important context of the question may have to be developed for students through instructional strategies – I. . – the teacher may have to help students learn why the question is important and has consequences for them. 4) Meaningful a) The question ” intersects with [student’s] lives, reality and culture”. (p. 5) b) As in c above, students may need teacher scaffolding to learn why some driving questions are important to their lives and/or their community. A) The question and subsequent investigations ” do not harm living things [including humans] or the environment” (p. 86). ) The teacher must assume responsibility for teaching about and guiding students in safe and ethical practices in accordance with the school district’s rules, local, state and national laws and norms. 6) Sustainability a) The question is rich enough and deep enough to maintain student engagement and interest over extended periods of time. ) The question addresses content that is rich enough and significant enough to be worthy of extended periods of time spent on the project.

A Suggested Process for Developing Driving Questions Associated with the Curriculum [Based on Carjack et. Al. , p. 94] 1) Study the curriculum standards and student outcomes to be addressed during the time frame for the proposed problem/pro]etc-based instructional unit. What will students need to know? What will students be able to do with that knowledge? 2) Write down a number of driving questions that might address the content and tuned essential skills and knowledge that are significant AND address these curriculum standards. ) List a number of student investigations that might serve to address these driving questions as well as the content and curricular standards. Determine which investigations are feasible for the students

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