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Education and life

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Education and Life: A Personal ment al Affiliation Education and Life: A Personal ment Art history to me is the door leading to personal enrichment. With hard word, interest and motivation, it can open ways to what can be a rewarding career path with the most attractive one being fine art auctioneer. As far as I am concerned, this is perhaps the most diverse yet appealing field of study. It gives one the opportunity to access historical cultures throughout the globe. By means of a single image, those in this field are able to know cultural beliefs and history of people living in faraway regions of the world. As noted by Honour & ‎Fleming (2005), art is the only uncompromised and interesting way of studying history of the world and that of mankind as a whole. It is not only satirical, beautiful and esthetical, but also a testimony of the ancient patrimony (Efland, 2010). These reasons make me want to be involved in the discipline by enrolling for a course in History of Art.
My attachment to arts started in the school years where I was able to obtain outstanding grades in history, literature and art subjects. The passion did not stop in class as it continued up to my social life when I attended several culture seminars and exhibitions. During these events, I also developed interest in photography. I admired the various mixtures of arts and information captured by legendary photographers like Cartier Bresson. Furthermore, understanding photography makes it even easier to understand artistic works from various regions of the world (Gardner & Kleiner, 2009).
Outside the classroom, I have been lucky enough to be involved in exhibitions in my home town during the summer. I took part in researching and drafting the press books that were to be used in these particular exhibitions. It was a challenging and demanding duty that involved noting down the content of the exhibition and summarizing them for people to be able to easily read about what was taking place. I enjoyed taking part in this research since it gave me a chance to have a deeper insight into various art works that were in the exhibition.
Apart from art, I enjoy listening to music. Blues, rock and jazz are my favorite. I try to attend concerts so that I am able experience the enthusiasm and the spectacle that make the shows a success. Moreover, I am a travel enthusiast . I enjoy this as it not only allows me to meet new people and encounter new cultures, but also exposes me to the art work in the areas I visit. It is through these trips that I come to understand how the local populations interpret and view their works and how their pieces of fine art are related to various cultural practices and social life. Art and culture are very much intertwined and understanding the two brings a lot of personal satisfaction (Laurie, 2007).
I would like to make art part of my life and turn this passion into a career opportunity. I have realized that I have a lot to learn and discover. The History of Art course gives the needed opportunity to achieve these goals.
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