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Effective communication in organization

Effective Communication in an Organization al Affiliation Article Summary (Employee/Organization Communications by Dr. Bruce Berger)
Dr. Berger, in this articles highlights the importance of organizational communication and by using the fifteen principles of effective communication which he discusses, it stands out as one of the best articles on the subject. Quoting Jim Lukazewski (2006), Berger notes that the greatest weakness that is seen in organization is in human dimension and the way different parties in an organization relate with each other. Organizational Communications refer to the interactions and communication among different members in an organization. Internal (organizational) communication is important to enhance good working relations in the organization which in turn translate to the achievement of the goals and objectives set. Organization capabilities are only achieved in an environment where healthy communication and relationship between individuals is enhanced.
In the articles, the SMCR model is emphasized. The SMCR means that there should be a good channel (C) for the message (M) to move from the source (S) to the receiver (R). In an organization therefore, there will be all forms of communication which range from formal to informal. In formal communication, the leaders in the organization design/develop strategies to be used in achieving the objectives. They then construct relevant messages and then using correct channels, they relay it to the members in the organization. Communication will therefore play a significant role in this process. Employees on the other hand mainly communicate informally with each other enhancing their ties in the organization. Both forms are equally important. The evolution of communication is also highlighted in the article especially with the developments in technology playing a significant role in the progress. Organizational communication is significant in developing its culture which plays a major role in achievement of goals set.
Berger, B. (2011). Employee/Organizational Communications. The Science beneath the Art of Public Relations. Available at.

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