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Eminem, One of the best rappers a live. Marshall Matther the third is arguably one of the best rappers all time. He is only 38, he was born October 17, 1972.

He had many big hits in 2010. Like Not afraid, No love, Cinderella man, and love the way you lie. Eminem keeps getting more and more popular. He keeps making more songs and he has been sponsoring many commercials. Eminem sold 12.

5 million records in 2010. In 2009 he was voted best artist of the decade. His hit song in 2009 was crack a bottle. With 50 cent Dr. dre that was one of the best songs of the year.

In 2005 Eminem was ranked 70th all time in the rolling stones list of top 100 singers. He was also named best rapper all time in 2008. Eminem hit song was toy soldiers. Eminem kept getting more and more popular after this song. Eminem is one of the only white rappers that has been successful.

Eminem is 38 and he turned that October 17. For a singer that is pretty old and Eminem is still doing very good. Eminem lived in Kansas City, before leaving and going too Michigan. He stared in his movie named 8 miles from home. Which was a very good movie.

Then he named his next ablum 8 mile. Which he had one of his best singles in called lose yourself. Eminem started his career in 1997. His first album name was called The Slim Shady LP. Eminem made this song name Kim that was a very violent song and disturbing.

It was about his wife Kimberly Anne Scott. How she tried to commit suicide. She sewed him for Defamation which is discrimination. Eminem also adopted two kids named Hailie and Lainey Mattews. Eminem has been threw many difficult situations. But he has been very successful threw all of his tough times.

He keeps getting more and more popular. With making songs and having commercials about him.

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