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Emirates customer service management

Emirates Service Management Service Strategy The service standards that have been set by the Emirate Airline are nothing short of gold. For a global company with operations of Emirate’s magnitude, ensuring high quality and impeccable experience with a measure of consistency is a challenge. However, the airline has managed to maneuver through these challenges to become the envy of the competition. Through the 70 countries it serves, Emirates has managed to provide the customers with a unique travel experience while generating impressive profits.
The customer relationship management in the airline is accomplished through initiatives such as the Knowledge-driven In-flight Service (KIS) and loyalty programs (Ahamad 2-3). KIS uses the company database to understand their customers through the records of their previous travels. KIS enables the cabin to know the seating preference and wine. The information is also used by the company to segment and target thus enhancing focusing and personalization of the services given to customers.
The Business Rewards and Emirates Skyward and are some of the loyalty programs that Emirates Airlines has on offer. These loyalty programs are integral for repeat sales as they create lock-in systems as customers prefer to get stuck with airlines that promise rewards. The contact centers of the Emirates Airline also remain one of the integral points of expressing their heartfelt concern for the wellness of their customers. The contact centers of the airline have received great reviews from plaudits due to their flawless response to bookings, baggage claims, and complain (Ahamad 4-5)
Customer Service Philosophy
The customer service of Emirates airline is focused on creating value and delivering satisfaction to their customers (Squalli 139). The company has managed to achieve these objectives through focusing and personalizing the services they offer customers. Engraved in the company’s overall strategy is their deep concern for their esteemed customers. The company has installed a work culture that gives the workers the sense of urgency while dealing with the customers.
Employee Training
The workforce of Emirates Airline boosts an impressive 50,000 dedicated employees. The company has devised a comprehensive plan of ensuring that their customer service targets synchronize with the training of their workforce (O’Connell 10). According to the Executive Vice Chairman of the airline, Maurice Flanagan, the company selects the best workforce and gives them avenues to increase knowledge and skill.
`The company has used International Computer Driving License (ICDL) programs to provide each of their staff with the knowledge necessary to improve customer service. The Emirates Aviation College is owned by the airline and is used to provide the staff with academic and aerospace studies. These studies also aim at equipping the staff with skills that they will utilize once they leave the airline (Squalli 140). These initiatives go a long way in ensuring satisfaction thus better service delivery.
The modes employed by the airline to deliver better training include eLearning, on-the-job training, simulations and classroom based learning. However, the training is not limited to any of the available alternatives. The company has various development schemes that blend more than one method of learning (O’Connell 5). Through their learning portal, My Learning Zone, the company offers all employee access to various self-development programs. The company also uses the Learning Resource Centers (LRC) for individual and group based employee studies.
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