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Employee survey

Employee Survey Introduction Employee engagement is increasingly being considered as vital amid the modern business environment for motivating behavioral changes with the expectation to impose positive impacts on the business processes. It is thus widely believed that in order to enhance the business and accountability among employees, there is need for engaging them in the decision making process which not only enhances their morale but also contributes towards their augmented productivity (Metrus Group, 2012).
With concern to these aspects, the report will be based on creating a survey of employees in a popular fast-food chain organization named McDonald’s. The employee engagement survey of McDonald’s will consider three aspects of employee equity such as alignment of the Human Resources (HR), their capabilities and their engagement in the organizational process.
Employee Survey of McDonald’s
The employee engagement survey is designed for the purpose of studying employee equity which includes their alignment, their capabilities and their engagement with the overall organizational process. The survey is intended to be based on the questionnaire method where employees will be provided with several close-ended questions in order to judge the equity. Contextually, it can be mentioned that survey is a useful method for recognizing the degree of alignment, possessed capabilities and level of engagement of employees. The major component of the survey is the type of questions to be asked to the respondents. The questions are designed in a close-ended framework so that it can fully address all the aspects of employee equity and make it a valid one reducing any kind of ambiguity (Nawaz, 2011). The reaction of respondents will be measured through Likert scaling method and will also be benchmarked by contrasting with other similar organizations.
People Equity Questionnaire
Please tick the option according to your experiences and perceptions:
Employee Alignment Survey
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
1. I have significant knowledge about the long term strategy of organization
2. I have faith on the leadership practices of organization
3. There is adequate planning for commercial as well as departmental objectives
4. I have good understanding on organization’s financial activities
5. I have adequate understanding about my significance in organizational success
Employee Capabilities Survey
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
6. Organization provides exceptional leadership development program
7. Organization provides equal opportunity for promotion
8. Promotions are based specifically on merit
9. The organization provides adequate training according to requirement
10. The organization provides sufficient information, tools and resources for conducting the tasks effectively
Employee Engagement Survey
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
11. Overall I am satisfied working in the organization
12. Your organization provides inclusive benefits schemes
13. The benefits schemes provided by your organization is comparatively better than others within similar job position
14. The superiors listen and act according to employees grievances
15. Organization give values to individual employees
16. The organizational working culture promotes better balance between personal and professional life
(Schiemann, 2009)

Employee engagement is considered as one of the biggest challenges for a multinational company such as McDonald’s. The sample for the survey will be selected randomly in order to avoid any kind of biasness from every hierarchical position of the organizational structure. The survey report on employee equity will depict the suitability of approaches and strategies used by McDonald’s in order to make employees satisfied and capable enough to contribute in the overall organizational productivity. It is worth mentioning in this regard that the survey has been developed in order to measure the level of organizational proficiency of McDonald’s and similar other businesses to manage their human resources effectively.
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