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End of quiz chapter 3

Which is NOT true about the Internet? It was developed as an additional means of commerceWhat do you need to read, send, and organize e-mail from any computer? A Web-based e-mail accountWhich is NOT an example of social networking? E-mailWhich of the following is NOT a characteristic of a blog? Blogs are private and require password accessWhich of the following is true about plug-ins? Plug-ins are necessary for viewing most Web graphicsWhat feature is a list of pages you’ve visited within a Web site? Breadcrumb trailWhich is NOT park of a search engine? Subject directoryWhen using the Internet for research, you: Should evaluate sites for bias and relevanceWhich of the following is not an Internet protocol? ARPNETEBay and Craigslist are examples of what kind of electronic commerce? C2C [consumer to consumer]The information in e-mil is no more private than a postcard. TrueA search engine that searches other seach engines is called a SuperSearch engine. FalseA green shaded address bar on a Web site indicates that the Web site is secure. TrueEach time you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned the same IP address. FalseIn the Web address www. facebook. com, facebook is the top-level domain. False ONEND OF QUIZ CHAPTER 3 SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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