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Essay on customer service (interview)

The interview conducted involves Gregory Lau at Hale hotel Restaurant. The questions prepared by the interviewing panel was meant to gather information concerning the restaurant and the employees as well. The public relations also would utilize the information so that they could improve on their customer service. On the other hand the human resource department utilizes the data in an attempt of improving the employee welfare, including the increment of salary, motivation tokens, and better working conditions.
Gregory is interviewed by being asked several questions concerning his role and the things he faces in the restaurant . On a personallevel he responds that he finds it rewarding when he makes people happy, especially his customers as they leave the restaurant. Which often assures him the comeback of the customers due to their satisfaction of the services . He believes that great service as a customer means proper communication, answering questions promptly , being timely, and giving out correct manners. Therefore the tools Gregory considers vital in the running of the restaurant includes, Chefs, Human resource, staff information resource books, wine and beer, and the staff informed. The tools are often used by the manager in ensuring that the restaurant is in good shape (Hotel, 2011).
Various factors need to be put in place for motivation purposes for example, having the right equipments, having the support from the team and upper management and the resources that the job requires , therefore all will be set to work in a more .Fellow employees can as well participate in showing a satisfactory work by offering good service to the guests, and showing passion and enjoyment of the work one is doing this pleases the guest and would return to the restaurant another time. An excellent job done by a manager incorporates effective communication, setting a good example, good leadership and showing passion for the work. The role of a manager in an organization is paramount. The skills one has and the leadership would be determined in the analysis about the performance of the restaurant in service delivery (Hotel, 2011). As a manager it is important to look the person being hired to be competent enough and worth the job. The trainees also need to be guided about the tasks and how things are done, the manager does a follow up of the employees to ensure they stick with the objectives and goals of the restaurant. In addition the manager in his part by helping and guiding the employees in their work to ensure that mistakes do not occur and decisions made are effective and important.
Effective customer service is evaluated by the level of output an organization gets in providing goods and services to their customers. Hospitality is attributed by the quality goods and service offered to the customers. Customer satisfaction should be the main goal and objective for any establishment providing service. In the Bibas restaurant he elaborates the point by stating that the most rewarding area of his job is fully satisfying his customers’ needs and require. Making customers get access to food and service of high quality and gets happy. It is also indicated by the returning customer (Zeithaml, 2008).
Great service refers to the ability of an individual to meet the needs and expectations of his or her customers. It is very essential to prioritize on the customers’ taste and preference in order to his or her loyalty for your service and products. Greatest services can be evaluated by having a review of the feedback from the customer and establish whether there acknowledges the services offer. The customer service requires that the server respond to all questions and should ensure that a correct order is issued to particular customers. Proper channels of communication are the key factor for success of an organization despite the type of industry it falls under. It thus means that all reliable sources of information needs to the incorporated to assist in provision of great customer service. Bibas restaurant utilized staff information, a resource book for food and chef human resources to help improve their services and Satisfy their customers needs.
In a leadership perspective, customer service should be a subject of concern. It thus implies that a leader should be a role model to his or her employees in terms of setting the days’ tone, should encourage and motivate the employees to perform the duties in a rightful manner thus portraying good ethical morals. It’s the duty of the manager to ensure that the service offered to their esteem customers are of high standard and quality. This is only possible if he or she exercise his or her managerial and leadership skills to the employees. The manager is mandated to guide the entire restaurant or any other facility offering service by having confidence in the job. Active participation makes the employer or a person conducting a service delivery business to get better performance. The duties of the leader encompass coming to the working place a happy person ready to interact and have fun with his or her job (Zeithaml,2008).
Customer service demands that a customer be given timely attention in a polite and courteous manner. During the interview session Gregory observed that the waiters in the restaurant where timely in attention to their customers. The food offered are great it fits every customer expectation. The restaurant offers a variety foods and services which are pretty good. A successful organization is as a result of the hard work of its worker who are under the supervision of the manager. The manager ensures a priority list is placed and should be adhered. That is he or she formulates or arranges duties in the order of urgency and assign them to specialize in that particular. It also calls for extra hard for instance the manage would have to work extra hours to finalize the management strategies that needs to be implemented (Zeithaml,2008).
For quality assurance the a manager need to monitor the entire process of production to ensure that they maintain the high standard and customer loyalty. The manager and staff cooperation is the key factor for effective management and easy decision making process. Unfortunately the managers at a time are faced with challenges of bad attitude from their staff and leads to increase cases of incomplete service to the customers. In reference to the concept of customer relation the waiters of worker need develop a conducive environment for smooth interaction with their customers. This would therefore mean that the hotel or organization would be in a good position to increase the productivity.
The workplace needs to assembled all the required resources to eradicate the problem of lacking the necessary tools needed for the day. It would be convenient for the manager, staffs and the general public (Zeithaml, 2008). The manager and the entire management fraternity have the duty to develop or set in place methods to motivate the employees and customers. Excellent performance is important in all aspects of customer services. It is a fact the it is most contributed by good communication between the involved parties .For instance, a manager has to deliver a message to the lowest management level without encountering many challenges. There has to be a two way channel of communication between the employee and the employer so as to enable the organization to deliver timely result and increases productivity level. It simply means that customers demand get an equivalent supply for the hotel or any other relevant organization. In conclusion, the interview did cover the purpose and requirement for customer service to meet the customers needs and requirements


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