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Essay on learning from life

Question A

– In the last half of this year, I have found myself thinking about my future more often. I have been analyzing the options available to me after college and realized that I am not ready for life after school. I do not want to be employed in a typical 9 to 5 job. I have dreams of taking a world tour, meeting people of different nationalities and eating exotic food. I may settle down after the tour, set up a small online business and commit my energy to it.
– My thoughts have made me realize that Ineed a plan. I have been living without any goals and objectives. That is why I am unable to decide what to do with my time once I am done with my higher education. Apart from a basic plan, I need a contingency plan to use incase my initial plans fail.
– A good plan will help me to understand how my actions affect the achievement of my objectives. My short term plan is to be financially independent 2 years after campus. I would to enroll for masters after which I may settle down if the right person comes along. All these plans will require me to take decisive steps to achieve. I have to get a good job after school or create a successful business. I will have to decide which major to take for my masters. Finally, getting a life partner would require commitment and time.
– Secondly, I was unprepared for the last university exams because I did not plan my time well. I struggled through the exams because I had not taken enough time to read extensively in preparation for the exams. I found myself relying on the shallow reading I did before the exams. When the results came out, my low grade average reminded me the importance of time management and preparation
– Finally, I learnt the importance knowledge. I interacted with a 22 year old college student who was very knowledgeable in the financial markets. He had spent part of his student loan in investments and was now making at least $ 1000 each month. He was able to take advantage of the market patterns because he spent most of his time monitoring real time stock reports on his smart phone. He was aware of economic issues across the globe and how political and economic processes in strategic countries were affecting international trade. His passion made me realize that I have no clear passion. I can do many things, but I am not an expert of any.

Question B

– Elementary school is the best place to learn about planning because children at this age are able to learn and hold onto good habits. Unfortunately, these lessons will not be fully utilized until adulthood (Eikenberry 2006, p.23). Campus is one of the first places where one requires excellent planning skills to succeed. University should offer personal management as a common unit for students. All students need basic planning skills to prepare for what awaits them during and after campus.
– Another way of acquiring important life skills is through interaction with advisors, mentors and role models. Many university students do not have role models because they have not yet decided what they want to be. If students were to have mentors, they would be able to make better choices. The mentors would share their personal experiences with their mentees and help the students to avoid the mistakes they made (Eikenberry 2006, p 35).
– Time is money and time management is as good as money. Time management is a skill that can be learnt from a very young age. Parents are the first role models to their parents, if they are not good time keepers, their children may learn the same habits. School is another important breeding ground. Students learn the importance of time from school reporting hours, break times, assignment deadlines and exam timetables.
– Experience is another good teacher. Students need some form of work experience while still in college, to understand the reality of the industry they are training for. This will help students to reconcile their expectations with the realities on the ground. Additionally, students will be able to know whether their career choices match their talents.
– Books and other sources on information are valuable sources of information. Whenever one is faced with a dilemma, books and the internet can provide an extensive source of materials for learning new ways to deal with problems (Eikenberry 2006, p.44).

Question C

– The best reward for achieving set objectives is to have a reward system. For example, after graduating, one can take a holiday or a sabbatical.
– If a plan is flexible to personal circumstances, it is easier to follow it. Flexible plans are easier to follow because they adapt to the individual’s circumstances.
– Sharing plans with friends is another great way to reinforce learning. Friends can become part of the plan and help you to stay focused. However, one should be careful not to allow personal goals to become a group activity. The whole exercise will lose meaning.
– Time keeping can be improved by dividing the tasks into small duties. It is easy to perform small measurable tasks than it is to undertake long extended tasks.
– Students can be given free time to engage in personal hobbies and interests. If people get time to pursue their personal interests away from work and studies, they perform better.
– Group activities can be used to help individuals to share their experiences and learn from each other. Shared experiences can help individuals to realize that the challenges they face are not unique to them.
– Individuals can earn the opportunity to showcase their experience to their peers. This will make them work harder in achieving their goals so that they can tell others about their success.
– Finally, an excellent way to enforce adherence to life lessons is to give the learners an opportunity to meet people who have learnt their life lessons well. Examples can be successful people in society and even reformed convicts.


EIKENBERRY, K. (2006). Vantage points on learning and life: finding learning opportunities in everyday situations. Indianapolis, IN, Dog Ear Pub.

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