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Organization Culture is the total number of an organization’s history and present experiences, beliefs, ethics, and attitude that keep it together, and it’s spoken in its own icon, internal mechanism, associations with the outside world, and prospect expectations. Its foundation is on common attitudes, ethnicity, values, implied contracts, and both written and unwritten regulations that organization develops over instances and that have worked finely enough to be measured as valid. Organization culture manifests in the level to which independence and liberty is acceptable in decision making, rising new ideas and individual expression, the customs the organization useto carry out its business, treating its staff, clients plus the larger society, the authority of employee dedication towards communal objectives and how authority and information run throughout its hierarchy.

Types of Business Models and Stakeholders

A business model is the arrangement used by companies with an aim of making revenue and make profit from operations. The model includes the mechanism and functions of the business; it generates revenues and operates the cost it incurs. There various types of business models I) manufacturer, takes raw materials and creates products, and it can also be organizations that gather products from premade parts. ii)Distributor is every business that purchase products straight from a manufacturer with an intention of reselling either to retail outlet, or straight to the buying public ,iii) Retail Outlet buys goods from the distributor or wholesaler and sell the goods to the broad public or to the end users iv) Franchise Model it can either be a manufacturer, distributor or retail outlet, v) Customers are the final users of the product plus the main important model in the company, with no customers there will be no business. Business has two types of stakeholders that are the Internal and External stakeholders. The Internal stakeholders are Directors, Managers, Shareholders and the Employees, while the External stakeholders are Suppliers, the Local community, Distributors, Customers, Unions, Society and Government. The organizational culture is valuable since it helps the employees to stay motivated and loyal to the customers and the management. Organization culture takes all the employees on a common stand by treating them equally. The organizational culture vary to organization models because it improves the confidence and efficiency, It lead to a sense of purpose, improves overhaul to internal and external customers, empowers persons and teams .The organizational culture creates good relationship between the customers, manufactures, employees and employers.
Every stakeholder has different expectations and demand, the following are types of shareholders and their expectations ; I)Shareholders expect or demand wealth improvement and Lenders expect wealth preservation, ii)Customers expect product dependability at lowest price possible and suppliers want to receive maximum sustainable prices iii) Employees demand protected, self-motivated, inspiring and rewarding career environment and Unions expect perfect working circumstances and job safety for members, iv) Environment groups demand for surroundings protection and government demand for honest tax payments, proper utilization of resources, safety of public. Which all these are at the expense of the organization
The ethical factors related to the employer –employee relationship is that there should be confidentiality within the organization set up. Each one of them should respect one another to create a good working environment. The employee should observe the rules and policies set by the employer to avoid conflicts in the organization. It’s ethical for the employer to honor and meet employees’ needs, this will motivate them. Employer should provide a safe and workable environment for the employee. The employer should honor the rights of the employee e.g. maintaining safety, wages, good terms and conditions of service. The employee should avoid theft in the organization. It’s legal for the employer to adhere to the disciplinary process in case of indiscipline.
All managers should create a good personal relationship with the employees to make sure that they do not have stress and this will influence them work more effectively and efficiently. Managerial should create rapport with the workers. Managers is ought to recognize and reward the employees’ effort, this will motivate them. Managers should involve the workers in decision making and ask for their opinions to create a sense of belonging among the staff. The managers should train their staff to ensure that they develop required skills in the intended way. The manager should have high-quality of communication skills; he/she should be capable of communicating even the difficult information both in written and in spoken form to all levels. Managers should be prominent. The leaders should evaluate situations, methods and work behavior to guarantee the organization’s quality values are being met. A successful Leader is innovative by creating new and more efficient habits for the staff to finish the tasks given to them.

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