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Memo: Strategic Human Capital Management

We at Smart Consultants Ltd would like to thank you for your positive feedback concerning our services to Organization X. This will address the progress of our research on the organization’s strategic human capital management (HCM) implementation status. We will also address the possible risks and effects of uncorrected HCM problems as well as two ethical dilemmas likely to affect the organization.
We are glad to reveal from our research that your management has shown progress in using some of HCM procedures as earlier proposed. For instance, it has taken to increasing teamwork and innovativeness among workers. Second,your HR department is presently engaged in recruiting, training, orienting, and retaining quality workforce. Last, Organization X currently offers its employees the adequate support needed for today’s dynamic business environment. The above mentioned actions have not only improved the company’s performance, but also its reputation in employee retention.
However, as Rangnekar, Birasnav, & Dalpati (2011) determine, we warn that if uncorrected, future HCM problems would result to the following effects. First, it would result to poor HR practices thus a potential drop in the organization’s marketplace competitiveness. Second, HCM problems would mean a lack of adequate incentives and motivation among employees. Lastly, HCM problems would lead to a poor working environment resulting to a decreased employee retention rate, poor production quality, and the loss of key stakeholders (Rangnekar, Birasnav, & Dalpati, 2011).
Additionally, you should also look out for the following ethical dilemmas. First, it is common for workers to spend most of their office hours attending to personal issues. The best solution out of this dilemma is encouraging employees to consult with their supervisors prior to engaging in such practices. Second, many employees accuse their colleagues of taking undeserving credit for their teams’ work. Though teamwork improves innovativeness and efficiency, not everybody in the group offers equal contribution to final products. Therefore, team supervisors should always allocate specific tasks to all members to effectively complete the project (Ingham, 2012).
In conclusion, by emphasizing on the above addressed issues, you will be able to improve the organization’s performance. Please feel free to contact us of whatever inquiries you may have concerning this issue.

Chief Consultant, Smart Consultants Ltd.


Ingham, J. (2012). Strategic Human Capital Management. London, UK: Routledge.
Rangnekar, S., Birasnav, M., & Dalpati, A. (2011). Transformational Leadership and Human Capital Benefits: The Role of Knowledge Management. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Development, 32 (2), 106-126.

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