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Conflict is when people have a variety of perceptions, and they differ between them. When there exists a disagreement regarding a problem or decision, it’s known as a conflict.
Conflicts within an organization prove to be helpful for the organization and are an indication of effective management. Conflict if bound by certain boundaries can help employees to be more productive as well as competitive. (ANON)
There are a few things through which conflicts prove to be helpful. Those are: Conflicts improve decision quality, encourages involvement in the discussion, and builds up group unity. When the issuesare defined and are sharp enough that’s a positive indication, as arguments and misunderstandings are clarified are eliminated, and the difference of opinion could be identified. (Csupomona.edu)
However, some conflicts throw a negative impact on the group members hindering their performance; this form of conflict is known as “dysfunctional” . When the situation is not controlled timely it starts to create serious issues among the group members which lets strong and good ties amongst peers vanish away and eventually affects the whole group, may be result in threatening the survival of the group. (Ohioline.osu.edu)
I tend to enjoy conflict as I believe each other’s difference of opinion should be highly respected and taken positively I encourage it all times as it lets us think beyond our own intellect.
Conflict is not unchristian. Since it is quite evident as Jesus too, had a conflict with the Jews regarding his preaching which had encouraged people to research about this particular religion an further enhance their knowledge.
The reading has given quite similar point of view that I had before reading, organizational conflicts are healthy for an organization to an extent where they do not deteriorate the relationships amongst peers, affect the group activity and the overall group performance. However, It completely depends on the people themselves how they take conflicts, whether positively or negatively, and how they react to it.

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