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Based on two cascaded awgs biology essay

We foremost present the simulation scenario and the system parametric quantities that were used during the simulation and so continue to simulation consequences, where minimal BER, Q-factor and oculus diagrams for both GPON and HPON are discussed and so compared. The Q-factor from BER is calculated numerically by:BER = A- >>>


The world is full of challenges and imperfections, which Truman experiences in his daily existence, but fails to experience the same in the built environment. His false and manipulated environment, in the name of perfection, is similar shows some similarities to the real world.

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Case study of architect looi mun kit

1 THEORIES OF ARCHITECTURE & A ; URBANISM [ ARC61303 ] Undertaking: Theorizing Architecture Introduction 1.1 Project Description The purpose of this undertaking is to convey and understanding of architect’s architectural theory through a directobservationand analysis of his undertakings. Each of the architectural elements in the chosen edifice will be...

Sustainable architecture: overview

Sustainable or sustainable architecture seeks to optimize natural resources and building systems that minimize the environmental impact of buildings and their inhabitants in the environment. Home and building automation The technological evolution of deferent disciplines, have enabled an Interaction of the same that has led to the concept of Intelligent >>>

Étienne-louis boullée

His work is considered revolutionary in such a way that his architectural designs are not only focusing on what was at present acceptable to the audience but he elaborates more of the accepted designs by incorporating Greek and Roman designs through columns, porticoes, pyramids and obelisks. He expanded more the >>>

Taj mahal – a piece of indian art history and culture

The Taj Mahal at Agra, the most famous building in Asia commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house the remains of his beloved wife Arjuman Banu Begum who was given the name Mumtaz Mahal, meaning beloved ornament of the palace. The inscriptions are Islamic tradition and >>>

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Unit 1 assignment: research

Similarities of two ADAAG standards and UD Principles, and how they achieve the same goal for all user populationsThe first ADAAG standard matches with the first UD Principle because having stable floor surfaces that are firm, glare-free and slip resistant would automatically minimize possible hazards and accidents to the users >>>

The beaux-arts style

Added together, these facts pushed the citizens of the nation to desire architectural proofs of their aspirations and desire to prove to the word that America was a cultural and political equal to any nation in the world. This proclaims to the world power and wealth.

Design and build

Design and build The need to recognize informal sector is in a fundamental critiques of high architecture in developing countries which emphases on design studio. The process of undertaking design and build practices in a community based culturally and socially helps a student to understand how architecture operates and bring >>>

Georgian architecture and contemporary architecture essay sample

Georgian homes can find their roots in both the Italian Renaissance and the classical architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. According to Bone Structure, "Contemporary architecture is based on...the desire and the will to design and build things that are different from what was done in the past and what >>>

Impact of green architecture on lebanon environmental sciences essay

That acknowledgment is taking to alterations in the manner the edifice industry and edifice proprietors approach the design, building, and operation of constructions. Embracing sustainability constructs, the ends aim to cut down energy, operation, and care costs; cut down building-related unwellnesss; increase the productiveness and comfort of edifice residents; cut >>>

Introduction the temperature of the whole system will

These materials andtechnologies of semiconductor that are required for the design of the system ofwheel pressure monitoring are discussed below: PressuresensorThis sensor willbe used in determining the pressure of the wheels of the car. When the pressure of the wheels is below the level that isallowable, the pressure sensor will >>>

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Art history and appreciation

The whims and fancies of the mysterious race of women fighters have been well depicted through the painting "The Battle of Amazons". The journal article entitled: "Comparison of The Heart of the Andes, The Volga Boatmen and the Battle of the Amazons Paintings" by Steven Nickerson shares his view about >>>

Features of islamic architecture

The Sunnah of the Prophet is habits which dictate the religious life of Muslims. Much of the Sunnah has been collected in Traditions of the Prophet known as Hadith.

History of architecture of 20th century

This paper will discuss the role of industrialization in the progression of design from the late 18th to the early 20th century. The building consists of eight columns, and the entablature is made beautiful with bipartite architrave and a frieze with ornaments of putti and garlands.

Sustainable architecture

Aside from ensuring accessibility, transportation,communication, and interrelationship among other residents, the building actually becomes part of a larger regulated system called society and must therefore be in consonance to the objectives of the system which is to benefit and sustain human living. In a nutshell, an important aspect of building >>>

Design, engineering and architectural technologies

Mashups ensure that the existing data is made more useful so that it can be used personally and professionally. This principle argues that the data collected is an asset to the organization and therefore should be treated as so.

Stiffness of the bovine and porcine bones biology essay

Therefore depending on the strength and flexibleness demand of the organic structure cancellate bone was arranged on the bone, but it is non digest excessively much of the emphasis. By utilizing above information we analyzed stiffness, compressive strength and compressive failure strain of each cancellate bone depend on the denseness.

Thomas guggenheim’s senior advisor for international affairs, overseeing

From the beginning of his work at the Guggenheim, Krens promised, and delivered, great change, and was frequently in the spotlight, often as a figure of controversy. During his 20-year tenure from 1988 to 2008 as director he expanded the Guggenheim globally by enlarging and raising the profile of the >>>

Vernacular architecture

It is the architecture of the earth. Vernacular architecture is most known to be built for the people and by the people.

Light transparent concrete – a smart-structure

Concrete is a type of material that is the most closely connected to human life and has been widely used in social infrastructure and the construction industry for the past 100 years. Light transparent concrete is a material in which a large amount of optical fibers are arranged on concrete >>>

Case study of architect abdul harris othman

First and first, the major infinites in the house such as the chief deck, life and dining country and the maestro sleeping room are designed confronting to west to capture the green position and the beauty of the Sun set. The designer used the advantage of the site to orientate >>>

Neoclassical architecture

The Founding Fathers of the United States, especially the classically educated Thomas Jefferson, chose Neoclassicism as the country's national architectural style as it is the amalgamation of all the ideals that the Founding Fathers had fought for in their journey to independence from their colonizers. The neoclassical style of architecture >>>

1.1.1 model, the architecture of cr network

1 COGNITIVE CONCEPT The term CR was coined by Joseph Mitola and by its definition it enables CRAHN to access radio spectrum dynamically by its capability of sensing the environment, adapting to the changes by learning the interactions and reconfiguring the operating parameters to enhance the diverse QOS parameters. Therefore, >>>

Abstractbackgroundultrasound this article: how to cite this

Ultrasound biomicroscopy for ophthalmologyParija S, Behera P, Banerjee A, et al. Ultrasound biomicroscopy for ophthalmologyParija S, Behera P, Banerjee A, et al.

Museum report

One example of Cezanne's work that exemplifies his style of painting is the 'Farmhouse and Chestnut Trees at Jas-de-Bouffan' the Cezanne family estate at Aix in the south of France. Another feature of this painting which also fits the Impressionist style is the absence of define lines to determine the >>>

Western medieval christian architecture

Western Medieval Christian Architecture There were several parallel and almost independent cultural flows conditioned by the diversity and insularity of life in the medieval world throughout the European Middle Ages. In the beginning of this essay it is important to mention that two major styles, Romanesque and Gothic, were >>>

Robie house, university of chicago,frank lloyd wright

This experience convinced him to adopt architecture as his profession and this was the right decision he made, that is which resulted in his successful career of building a lot of famous civil, commercial and public building. The Taliesin was mixture of the prairie and modern style of architecture he >>>

Characteristics and main governing principles of the modern architecture

The overall structural form in modern architecture is to make sure that the purpose is the essence and that the function is a key objective. This Museum depicts a ribbon that is being unfolded which is the depiction of the circulation of the people as they circulate around the piece >>>

A study about german architecture essay

Vegetables and fruits such as grapes used to do vino compile around 1 % of the cultivable land and are found in the hills of the many coastal river metropoliss that are really common in Germany; most of which prevarication on the Rhine and the Mecca rivers. The fabrication of >>>

Services oriented architecture is the future

Software architects should understand the concepts of SO along with the recommended best practices and standards for implementing a well structured architecture model to determine if SO is the right solution for their business."A thoughtful, organized approach to enterprise SO enables companies to implement, adapt and reuse business processes with >>>

Technology and art of colosseum

Photography made it possible for people to keep an image of their families or to capture a memory of a time and place. This was a great accomplishment for the Roman empire, it showed the wealth and power the empire had but above all it was an example of the >>>

Abstract—face the early stages of various detections containing

The rectangle feature is the difference between the sum of the black pixels and the sum white pixels. 1, A represents the integral of and S represents the sum of all the original images in the y direction of the point and calculating the area of rectangle R is done >>>

Make within social boundary architecture essay

The book shows many dimensions of trust and they areUnresearchableUnrefundable" The universe and the people in it ARE trusty.the hereafter is in us and it is bright." - Jack R. It is through this that the bond between kid and parent is strengthened, and the kid begins to number on >>>

Introduction: stages, i.e. fetch stage and execute stage.

If the first byte of the word is at an odd address, the 8086 willread the first byte in one operation and the second byte in another. If the pointer is pointing to the first character of thestring, then the flag is set to 0 and will be incremented.5.

Database architecture

According to Wingenious,"The database architecture is the set of specifications, rules, and processes that dictate how data is stored in a database and how data is accessed by components of a system. For small businesses where fewer than 50 users need to access the database and where data can be >>>

Architecture: classical greek vs. medieval gothic

Although both classic Greek and gothic architectures are built to define the ideals and beliefs of their age and have differences, the classic Greek architecture of order and balance has influenced and are used within the gothic medieval constructions. There are differences between the formal and stylistic characteristics of the >>>

Factors affecting transformation in architecture

If the proviso of shelter is the inactive map of the house, so its active intent is the creative activity of an environment best suited to the manner of life of people". The above really clearly states that the signifier and design of the brooding unit is based on the >>>


The writer also seeks to discover the ways through which to satisfy the three key requirements for practical city building, which include: clearing the current blocks as well as regularly aligned houses system, saving the remains of old cities as much as can be done, and approaching the ancient models >>>


3 Convert the following sound pressure levels to pressure:Disco noise20N/m2 =120dB - This is a constant value used in the conversion of sound pressure level to pressure. Time taken by sound wave is equivalent to the reciprocal of frequency.

Printing press essay

The printing press was made by the Chinese in the 13th century, but due to the amount of characters in the Chinese language it was not very efficient there. The printing press is one of the main things that fueled the renaissance due to the fact that the renaissance was >>>

Example of input/output mechanisms are important since they allow the user to interact with essay

The Memory Address Register is a register that contains the memory address of the next instruction or the memory address of the data to be fetched or written. As stated earlier, in a modern compute the Memory Address Register is a register that contains the memory address of the next >>>

Hinduism architecture

The first is the idea that the world is the body of God. It is the most sacred part of the temple and symbolizes a womb.

India; vernacular architectures

The symbolic nature of the garden and the canals at Taj Mahal is considered the sepulchral nature of the memorial and the Quran lettering located on the southern entryway wall of the chief Gate gives undeniable credibleness to the comparing of the Taj Mahal with the Garden of Paradise, this >>>

Taj mahal as one of the greatest wonders of the world

The Taj is also one of the greatest wonders of the world for a couple of reasons. The builder of the Taj Mahal was Shah Jahan.

American journal of applied sciences 2 (5): 980-984, 2005

The investigation revealed that material wastage brings about additional cost to the construction project as well as a reduction in the profit of the contractor, considering the cost of storing and transporting construction waste along with the loss of revenue from not reclaiming waste. This research is focused on the >>>

I got lost in las vegas essay

Since everyone has told you how amazing it is and you want to do all that the main character of your favorite movie did in Vegas, you are starting to feel a little anxious about what and what not to do as soon as you get to your desired and >>>

East timore language babble essay

Prior to independence, Portuguese was the official language of the Church and State, but in reality few could speak or write the Portuguese language. Thus the elite in Portuguese who speak Portuguese on one side form the bulk of the upper class; on the other hand they have been the >>>

A non-powerful persons. the more power a person

Decades of studies say psychology and physiology of powerful people are a bit different from those of ordinary people: based on the prefrontal cortex architecture and the way the heart pumps blood. A 2014 study, which tested the throwing of a ball by powerful persons and ordinary people, note that >>>

The paths of art and science

The Paths of Art and Science Science and art have been entwined over the centuries and has prompted us to wonder how much of science is art, and how much art is science. Art, without the limitations of science, is able to stretch the imagination and pull us in new >>>

The architecture of ancient roman

Next, is the photo of the Pantheon. The oculus is not the only beautiful aspect of the ceiling.

Quaid e azam- an architect of pakistan

The main objective of this research paper is to highlights the efforts of the Quaid-e-As am Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the creation of Pakistan. Yet the paradox is that the younger generation has to be reminded of his contribution to the history of Muslims of the Subcontinent What I want >>>

On antoni gaudi’s casa batllo

Below is an image of the building: The interior appearance and materials for the building signify the one thing that portrays the outstanding imagination of Antoni Gaudi. There are individuals who interpret the curves of this building as a symbol of the waves of the sea, in addition, they believe >>>

Visiting artist lectures in chicago course work

In the recent past, arts and the craftsmen have dynamically changed over time, and the most appropriate example on this is the relationship exhibited in architecture by the works of handicraftsmen through art. Architecture tailors the fast and dynamic changes in patterns of life and the way of life of >>>

Donatello’s first david

Earlier scholars believed the marble David was carved for a buttress of the Florence Cathedral, while recent scholars now argue that the marble David was carved for the Palazzo della Signoria and the Prophet David statue was the one made for the buttress. Because of this as well as the >>>

Architecture design, the royal ontario museum

The museum is currently undergoing a major renovation and expansion project, dubbed Renaissance ROM, located at the corner of Bloor Street and Avenue Road, north of Queen's Park and on the east side of Philosopher's Walk in the University of Toronto. The building's design is similar to some of Libeskind's >>>

Trip to europe essay

Other museums in the complex are the Hebrew Lapidary, the Gregorian Profane, and the Pio Christian. The interior of the Duomo is described as breathtakingly beautiful with the largest windows in the world and five great doors.

Essays park

Golden Triangle is a very enjoyable tour choice available in northen part of India. Many tourists and visitor travel by this tour"Golden triangle tour".while the journey this wonderful tour gives us golden memories you will love admire forever.these destination are collection of beautiful architecture and art.which tourist travel who are >>>

The taj mahal essay sample

The Taj Mahal, a tribute to Shah Jahans' favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, is a combination of cultures and views On one aspect is the rhyming of Persian, TURKISH, Islamic and Indian architectural styles, On the other aspect, The Taj Mahal is a "Love story". Significantly though, is a raised marble >>>

Villa la rotonda by palladio report example

The Villa Almerico Capra, designed by the architect Andrea Palladio, is popularly known as the Villa La Rotonda. The land surrounding the hill of the site is mostly agricultural with wooded areas and gardens within the grounds of the villa.

Characteristics and examples of critical regionalism in modern architecture

In the approach the goal is to enrich the space and to have it woven into the fabric of the context. It is a counter of the global influence in architecture and elements of the local is used to combat the uniformity of the global.

Energy efficient building design strategies for hot climates construction essay

This research discusses energy efficient design schemes of traditional houses in Iraq, climatic design techniques and potencies for renewable energy systems that can be implemented in the modern-day residential design techniques in order to countervail the absence of produced energy and assist diminishing demand for electricity, which is used extensively >>>

Digital morphogenesis

Digital morphogenesis refers to the applicability of the digital media not as the conventional implement for visualization but rather as been a generative implement used in the transformation process and derivation in its form. Its aim is exploring the possibilities of the different forms that are of importance inrespectto the >>>

Meaning and building by joseph rykwert

Joseph Rykwert in his essay Meaning and Building brings in a sense of purpose, art and vision in the arena architecture. It does need to be mentioned that the ideas presented by Rykwert in Meaning and Building are not merely confined to the realm of ideas, but he does take >>>

Job opportunities after a design degree and its types

A few of the designing degrees can be stated as:Interior designing: Interior designing is the creative designing of the interiors of a building. There are a lot of people who do online degrees in these curses from the colleges and the cities they want to graduate.

Bio architecture research paper

Biomorphic Biomorphic architecture is the architecture that has the form of a living organism. Architecture that involves biomimicry is the architecture wherein the designs are inspired by nature.7.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – designing for a hierarchy of needs

After the needs of safety are met we are able to move on to the next need, which is social. He met his goal of making a business and getting paid for it and now this leads to his next need which is safety.

Costumes as an aspect of theatrical play

Costumes as an aspect of theatrical play The idea that costumes as an aspect of theatrical play are very important in the theater is rather interesting. A costume is the integral part of any play, especially that of historical character."The costumes and sets of Shakespeare's time influenced the production of >>>

Le corbusier essay sample

Famously quoted as saying, "Architecture is the masterly, correct, and magnificent play of masses brought together in light" Le Corbusier, one of the famous architects of the 20th century, was a versatile genius. Finally, in 1945 he was called to build the city of Marseilles based on his Radiant City >>>

Overview of “the room for river” project

As stated in one article "This acceleration is attributed mainly to ocean warming, a quickening pace of land ice loss, and a net transfer of groundwater from the land into the sea". The once useful sea walls are only slowing down the potential destruction of tidal flooding, but thanks to >>>

Good example of critical thinking on lighting critic

The Chrysler building is an endowment of two sets of lighting in the topmost spires and decorations. The floodlights enable lighting of the building top in several colours for special occasions.

Proposal for resilience building event

It is for this reason that the effort of the centre will not end will the first dimension or first phase, which has to do with disaster and risk prevention. The centre will therefore be on the grounds as promptly as possible in the occurrence of environmental disaster to offer >>>

Excerpts from natural history of sonoran desert

The Sonoran Desert has the greatest number of habitats and species living in the region as compare to any other desert. Typically, spring is the main flowering season in the Sonoran Desert.

Sumesh engineering thiruvananthapuram,, abstract—in modern times image sharing

In particular, privacy of online images is inherently asubjective matter, dependent on the image owners privacyattitude, awareness, and the overall context wherein the imageis to be posted. In online file sharing sites; the use of annotations ortags in the image is common.

Relationship with gothic architecture

Creative tensions in medieval society and politics led to new ideas, such as those exchanged in the debates over faith and reason in the new universities. The influence of Jewish and Muslim scholarship, the rise of an educated class of career scholars, and the growth of an urban reading public >>>

Informative essay on sustainable architecture

Introducing the term Sustainable Development, the Brundtland Commission's Report of 1987 assumes the same point of view but takes the considerations of sustainability a step further by stating "sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own". >>>

Internet of things is a network

IntroductionInternet of things is a network which is embedded with devices and it also allows the network to receive and send information. So this benefits the business sector as it great financial opportunity to invest in, since they are a lot of expectations from the public.

What is architecture?

The reappraisal high spots countries which are in demand of betterment over the coming old ages.[ 11 ]An Architecture Policy for 21stCentury EnglandIn the 1970s, England moved off from its industrial yesteryear, and old regional fabrication human dynamos, such as Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester were eclipsed by London's chokehold on >>>

Programming and culture in architecture

The sense of hearing revealed the different layouts from the direction of sound motion while that of smell gave details of different uses of structures in the site layout. The details in the design of these buildings give a representation of uptown life and an elite generation.

Technological singularity and transhumanism versus the matrix essay

A species of their own that in "The Matrix," have been envisioned with the power to take over the world. In the article, "Transhumanism and the Wisdom of Old Genes is Neurotechnology as Source of Future Happiness," it is stated that, "At the moment it is possible to a certain >>>

The social life of small urban spaces by william h. whyte

For instance, based on the ideas in the film, the two gathering spaces on Miami's campus that are successful are the museum of arts and the library. The other deficiency of this park is that it distracts the reading activities in the library caused by the idlers' noises.

The purpose of architecture

The purpose of architecture is to create useful spaces that people want to be in. Is it a street where people want to be, or is it a street they hurry through?

The necessity to redesign the current educational system

The educational system is to instill in the learners innovation and a 'Yes we can' attitude. One of the main challenges that hinder and threaten the quality of education is the shortage of teachers.

The architecture of the french enlightenment

The paper "The Architecture of the French Enlightenment" is a worthy example of an architecture assignment. The interpretation of artifacts is a complicated activity that cannot be separated from the place of artifacts in cultural systems and from people's theories of time and culture.


Personal art ment At one of the most important moments of my life as an artist, I came to recognize the importance of interior design is in the works of an artist. As time passed by, I realized that my work is the only means for me to contribute to >>>

Paper on baroque architecture

It is written in a way that suggests that she is sitting in the middle of the Colosseum while looking at a plan view of the building, trying to what she saw. This database showed an enormous amount of information regarding the Colosseum ranging from the history of the building >>>

“termite inspired airconditioning” essay

The termites achieve this remarkable feat by constantly opening and closing a series of heating and cooling vents throughout the mound over the course of the day. With a system of carefully adjusted convection currents, air is sucked in at the lower part of the mound, down into enclosures with >>>

Literature review on it architecture

The comparison was done in the later part of the report and the scenario and literature was matched in order to find loopholes in the system and to provide solution to incapability. The first step is to formulate scenario, the need to recognize the options available to the CIO is >>>

Le corbusier and modern art research paper examples

At the close of the 1930s and through the end of the Second World War, he kept busy with creating such visible projects as the proposed master plans for the Algiers and Buenos Aires cities. Le Corbusier, together with Walter Gropius, the leader of the Bauhaus, the German school of >>>

Ancient work that was quite precise and from

Ancient Greek design thrives from the wonderful Greek work that was quite precise and from the support that the regime was supported promotion of the culture. The ionic and therefore the Doric, the Doric consists of a capital that's created from 2 components, that consists of a flat block and >>>

In of dubai’s oldest but luxurious coastal point,

In the year 2001, theiconic structure was introduced on the license plates of any of the cars thatwas registered in Dubai. While designing the structure, it was announced that the hotelwould resemble a sail to represent the culture of the United Arab Emirates, butWright had aimed to create a Christian >>>

Abstract- traditional networks both of these planes

The controller in the SDN are centralized instead of distributed and it have a global view of the network and the network administrators can adjust the traffic flows all over the network if there is need of some change. Figure1 shows the Floodlight Controller and various applications which are built >>>

Architectural ethical case

The student can ask the supplier to give him money in order for him not to report the case to the managementThis is a wrong decision. The student can forgive the dishonest supplier and not report to management.

Growing vedic principles. this sacred and spiritual takes

This essay explores the function of the built environment in this respect of upping the human experience.the role due to my innate understanding of Indic sensibilities and philosophy, the exploration is informed by/ based on Vedic principles. This frequency of time is the only constant which brings about a change >>>

Virtual of arch.pw.edu.pl,abstract.this work presents what has

This work presents what has done in the past, what is done right now and what wemight see in a short future, by researching about past innovations of the VirtualReality and observing the news for usage of Virtual Reality devices or plans. The military was also the driving force for >>>