Useful Business Essay Examples

Writing an essay about business can be complicated. Yet, you have to master the skill, as you may need to write an application essay for undergraduate or MBA programs. You may also need to register to apply for a scholarship. Do not worry; writing business papers is easier than it seems. This article will guide you through all tipping points of academic papers like themes, structure, plagiarism, and citation style. Additionally, you will get free samples of essays on business for school, college, and university.

Application Essays

While applying for the MBA program, you must shine and show your true potential by presenting your academic background creatively. The best way to do it is to offer a persuasive case study in the form of an essay. You will have to work on this paper for:

  • Columbia business school;
  • Harvard business school;
  • HSC business studies;
  • London business school;
  • NYU Stern School of business.

While admission cycles are rolling, you have to be persuasive, concise, and time-sensitive. Start working on your essay as soon as possible.

Topics for Essay on Business

The application of business topics is vast, so students might get confused, what to write about exactly. To the popular themes discussed in the application essay belong:

  • business cycles;
  • business development:
  • business ethics;
  • business management;
  • management styles;
  • reflective study on business education;
  • types of the business environment;
  • types of business plans;

You can discuss any of the given topics on a local or international level. Choose a theme connected to your major, so you can provide extended analysis and be confident in what you write. Yet, schools are always interested in your personality and future inspirations. Try to tie your essay to your past life experiences and future expectations as much as possible. Also, please think of the exact location of your prospective school and analyze its ethics, line of studies, and attainable expectations for future students. It is always an asset to show that you are interested in this particular educational organization and know by what it stands.

Structure and Free Business Essay Examples

Despite the fact you can get creative with the content, you still must follow the specific structure. Your paper, although being small, starts with an introduction, crowned by the thesis statement. This is your opinion on the matter, expressed in one sentence. Then you turn to express your ideas in body paragraphs, skillfully citing reliable sources and lectures. In the last section, you conclude everything you have said by enlisting major facts and providing a personal statement. The statement is a periphrasis of your thesis or its re-interpretation if your theory does not pan out.

A good quality essay is always correctly structured, and it falls in line with the latest citation format, with ideas flowing from one paragraph to another. In this regard, you should make use of various linkers to make your writing cohesive and clear. After the article, you will find a free database with free business essay examples and other materials on essay starters, linkers, and concluding thoughts. If you need assistance, your teachers are willing to help you with any academic paper with a guaranteed quality result.

Wherever you are in the world, during your education, you will write dozens of short essays and extended ones. Truthfully, it never gets easy. We hope you find our plan helpful and resourceful, and it has inspired you to start on your business essay. If you have any questions left, feel free to browse our free database.

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Gestalt approach

There is the mention of the map and the atlas in the article. The atlas, on the other hand, means that solution of the problem can be tackled basing on the happenings of the context or the environment in which the individual is.

Small business

The second attribute is that a small business is not usually dominant in the specific field it operates in. The third is the number of employees the firm employs, which defines the size of the firm.

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In what ways might the religion you have studied help people who are suffering?

In Christianity the suffering, the hardships and the pain the Christians endure are all part of the great plan and reason of life. Her spirit of giving inspired many to follow her that's why she is one of the best examples of how to put the belief into action.

Research of amazon business

The dynamic world in technology meets the current needs of the customers. The penetration of internet in most of the countries in the world earns the players dire advantage.

Was there another way?

The voices of the dead scream in agony, and the allies of America sigh and resign it all to what needed to be done. Another reason Brumfiel says could have been part of the decision to bomb Hiroshima was that it was a very full, small city.


Among the many qualities that we use to describe children, there are two in which we describe ourselves, having either the more negative qualities of a child, or the more positive. We would not be human without our childish and child-like qualities, however it's important to know when to stop >>>

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The civil service: the real government? essay

However, for some time their role in the formation and execution of policy has been observed as undemocratic; it has been said that the civil service holds the real monopoly of executive control in contemporary Britain, and with the estimated 120 government ministers overshadowed by about half a million civil >>>

Technology in upstream industry: the of exxon mobil

In 2005 it announced that it was able to develop an " optimization process that consistently reduces the time required to drill oil and gas wells by up to 35%". The technology has significantly increased drilling rates and reduced downtimes as it uses of real-time, computer analysis of the drilling >>>

How to grow your affiliate website business

You need to take a close look at the company that you want to partner with, and whether or not it's likely to have longevity. Since content will be a significant part of your marketing and sales strategy, you need to ensure that it is of high quality.

Business managent

ICC of the 11 ways to change an organizational culture has Verizon used to create Its current culture provide examples to support your conclusions? Employees must know how to respond with operational effectiveness and training at Verizon.

Application assignment

The tagline of the best a man can get is a solid enough vague claim to make, and own. Since the equity was established for the 'the best a man can get' and not just Sensor, Gillette is making good use of this, since the Sensor can be seen as >>>

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This coca cola is the primary globe business essay

The purpose of this report is to analyze the present state of the Coca-Cola company in the beverage industry. In January 1893 the Coca Cola was registered with the U.

The case of korean juju motor company

From the economic point of view, opening new operations in a foreign country would bring more economic benefits for the original company, because the original company has a bigger market. From the perspective of environment, establishing a new company In another state would Impact the environment of the foreign country >>>

Advantages of self-directed behavior strategy

An enthusiastic student who constantly raises his hand In order for the teacher to reduce the number of times the student raises his hand, self-regulation can be used as the student is able to control his behavior, it is easily observed, the student has the necessary skills and the problem >>>

Overview of neuroconstructivist theory

The theory stands out from the traditional approaches on cognitive development by providing the constraints that affect the development of the organism. There is also the embodiment, which emphasizes the role of the body in cognitive development, approaches focusing on the environments role in the process of child's development.

Civilizations of the past

Many of the laws in the US constitution where amended from the Roman's Twelve Tables, one law in particular includes the right to a fair trail but jury, and innocence til proven guilty. The sanitation system was an important role in the empire, adding to their lavish and carefree live >>>

Terror attacks in spain

According to the TE-SAT report, Spain has been on the bleeding end of terror attacks in Europe. For instance, in 2010, Spain was among the top two nations in EU with the largest number of terror attacks.

Vladimir putin: friend or foe?

Vladimir Putin is the current President of Russia, but since the beginning of his presidency, he has been having troubled relations with the United States and President Barack Obama. However, Putin and the rest of Russia claim that this is only to protect Russians who live in Crimea from the >>>

What does the sea represent in “the seafarer”?

However not is all lost to the desolation of the sea, as every time the narrator is at sea his heart " Would begin to beat, knowing once more the salt waves tossing and the towering sea!" At once, the poem goes from a tale of misery to an inspiring >>>

Helpful or harmful?

Students are taught the quadratic formula and told that it is very important to know it. Also, I thought that parents would want their children to know about the current events because they are becoming more and more important nowadays.

Contemporary issues in hr essay

The challenges faced by HR managers in the current global trend, which includes the key issues pertinent to the company in question, Asiatic, are low morale and underperforming staff, high labor turnover, absenteeism and lack of training and development. Identification Of The Need For Asiatic, the purpose of implementing a >>>

Harley davidson and supplier chain management essay

Engagement of employees in the quality procedure will reflect the quality in the overall procedures and merchandises of the company. It involves all the procedure and logistic of the stuffs in the web.

Summaries hugely beneficial for both parties as it

This is hugely beneficial for both parties as it increases the sales, leaves a better mark on the country as well as allows the petrol stations to differentiate themselves and benefit from the collaborators brand. This product is for cleaning, waxing and polishing the car.

Homework # 5

While the oil price shock is in action, Canada is also going through a phase of major economic growth. The press release also reveals that an uncertain outlook is the result of lower oil prices.

It in businesses. week six

IT in Businesses IT in Businesses The definition of Information Technology encompasses the study, design, implementation, development, support and management of computer based information systems. This paper will discuss the IT evolution and the impact it has had on businesses.

Bottled water

I would recommend that bottled water companies continue to support their primary product while simultaneously diversifying in order to be able to escape if the market continues to be more and more hostile to their product. Bottled water, as an industry, maybe on the decline, and if that is the >>>


This article demonstrates the benefits the employees of any companies have and opening the new means for employers to maintain their employees well. Retirement benefits will help employees to understand the advantages after work life and to attain those advantages after their work life by contributing some part of their >>>

Fed ex

FedEx Case Study FedEx is one of the industry leaders when it comes to taking care of its employees. The key to the success of these policies is that FedEx focuses upon qualities such as speed, teamwork, and precision to expand the company's global appeal.

Egregious business behavior

For example, they could go the Board of Director, go out to the higher organization, go to the public, or even go to the media. The board can inform the whistle-blowers that coming forward will not hurt their employment or allow them to be victimized.

Nutritional discrimination

The systematic nutritional deprivation and food store scarcity in America's low-income minority neighborhoods reveals a persisting dereliction of governmental and societal duty of providing equal opportunity to everybody. It is also a living testimony to centuries of racism and oppression.

Angel of the battlefield

Youngest of seven children, Clara was small and shy but showed her devotion to her family when at the age of eleven she nursed her brother, who had the small pox, back to health. After the Civil War, Clara Barton who was well past her prime, went to Europe for >>>

Is the sat important?

This standardized test has the right idea to measure what students know, but it only manages to scratch the surface of the potential that student a student has to succeed in college without measuring other important factors like work ethic, home environment, test anxiety, etc and of course acknowledging that >>>

Casterbridge city council

Efficient management of allocation process, efficient response to the needs of the current tenants and proper maintenance of the facilities results in the satisfaction of the tenants as indicated by a think bubble in Area C. The primary task for Casterbridge City Council housing director John Reynolds as communicated in >>>

Japanese imperialism and militarism

Even though, the Meiji oligarchs confirmed restraint in on-look expressions of militarism and imperialism in the early period of the Meiji era from 1868 to 1890, this did not show they disapproved the goals of the foreign growth, and military development. The top two reasons, Japan's aspiration to be a >>>

Southwest airline: can luv rule the world

The employees and staff are empowered to make decisions regarding the welfare of the customer on and off the flight. The company's strategy was to increase the number of customer service agents so that the passengers could get improved personal service and emotional support and security at the time of >>>

Global business analysis

As noted earlier, globalisation critics argue that the decline in unskilled wage rates is due to the migration of low wage manufacturing jobs offshore and a corresponding reduction in demand for unskilled workers. This indicates that the solution to the problem of stagnant incomes among the unskilled is to be >>>

Case study wgu

Anything that Is In relation to the Infection will have to be absorbed by the hospital that gave her the infection. It is unethical for the hospital to not inform the patient and Medicare about the hospital acquired infection.

Pfizer strageic plan

History/Evolution of the Organization Pfizer was founded in 1849 by Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart in Brooklyn, New York and has remained dedicated to improving the health and well being of individuals around the world. In 2008, Jeff Kindler, Chairman and CEO of Pfizer, announces the next step in the >>>

Shakespeare “hamlet” and freud

In the play Hamlet, Hamlet suffers from the Oedipus complex and this greatly his actions to the point of delaying to avenge his father's death. By saying that in one's life, a person does what he does then sleeps brings out the meaning of the title " The Hours" as >>>

We can’t just let the gifted be

Many people teachers and parents forming the majority do not understand why additional resources and programs are needed if these gifted students are characterized by self-motivation, an ability to adapt well, an ability to learn quickly and on their own, and finally a high intellect. Critics of gifted education programs >>>

Undetectable as explained above. this tool compiles

Abstract: The aim of this work is to providea descriptionand a comparison of some methods for the creation of some malicious payloads orshellcode. For example, when a loophole is found, it is possible to access the exploit and select Meterpreter asthe payload, so it is created a Meterpreter shell into >>>

Challenges facing company

The revenue generated by companies is shrinking with each passing day, almost 30% of the revenue will never reach the company due to recession and the unwillingness of the people to spend. The biggest challenge in the next three years is to sustain the development made by various companies and >>>

Case study on queuing theory

Queuing theory is the branch of probability theory, which is aimed to research the rational choice of the structure and system of service on the basis of the streams of demands for service, the type and the length of a queue. The student is asked to analyze the cause >>>

Negative effects of technology on society

If you are always in contact, there will be a decreasing amount of time to devote to yourself, and others will shape your opinions more and more." Like the car, the internet has been made out to be a miracle of social and personal transformation, when it is really a >>>

Mankind’s weapon of truth

This being said, a writer of a published work typically does not try to corrupt the minds of their readers and, publishers themselves, believe enough in the story to release it into the public eye. However, not only is it insulting to those who have worked to place the book >>>

High school free essay example

It's a big struggle to have to keep your head up as life it about to hit you in the face. To the adults that run our schools think back to when you were a teenager and when you had to go to school.

Networking assignnment

Therefore, the CEO must be visionary and have the skills and abilities to make the right decisions for the company. The CEO sets the budget for the company and allocates the funds.

Jim poss case study

This was interesting to enhance the quality of its machine and was also ideas generator for upcoming compactors. Trash industry attractiveness: Jim went then to concentrate on trash industry and he rapidly observed huge waste compactors, Jims team had still no experience and the lead time was short as the >>>

Importance of attachment in humans and animals

The quality of attachment is determined by the promptness and the parents' ability to perceive, interpret, and react to an infant's needs. The quality of animals' attachment is also determined by the parents' ability to efficiently meet the needs of the young.

Peace and conflict studies free essay sample

For instance, African countries such as Sudan, Somalia and Congo fail to use nnviolence to solve their conflict due to the lack of cooperation internally and externally. It is important to create proactive and intentional responses in resolving conflicts, rather that the use of reactive and incoherent means.

A reflective statement

By al Affiliation The Usage of Interpersonal and Team Working Skills During the modules of discussion, an individual performance is scrutinized and is used to selectively determine the progresses of candidates. Finally, Reflecting is a skill that closely relates to the psychological sciences and provides an ability of presenting reflections >>>

Probability theory in decision making

The probabilities for the sales show that the company is expected to register medium sales as far as the sale of fruit juices is concerned. Firstly, it must be understood that the sale of juice by coffeeTime is a move to just boost the revenues of the company in the >>>

Online case study identifying and evaluate marketing

Explain why It Is Important for an organization to seek out new marketing opportunities and provide an example of the benefits one of Coke's marketing opportunities has provided the company. Given the information provided in the case study and some of the Idea generation techniques we have looked at In >>>

Birds eye case study

With Birds Eye using all their resources and capabilities it allowed them to control and manage their entire supply chain.-Also, since Birds Eye product was knows as a premium due to the fact of the overhead it cost to freeze the product at its highest quality usually within hours to >>>

Do the right thing (spike lee) film analysis

Color Evokes Emotion Spike Lee, the director of Do the Right Thing, makes sure the audience understands how the heat is affecting the characters on the day the film takes place, and to do this he uses color. The color red is present in the clothes that the characters wear, >>>

Organization behavior issues

It is clear organizations attain organizational strategies and organization changes by changing the skills, values, attitudes and behavior of the workers while systems and changes in the organization structures achieved through reward systems, work designs and reporting relations. She experienced difficulties in getting the Drake and Dawson's staff members to >>>

The school prepares for winter

The highlight of the year for most Ski Clubbers is the Michigan Trip, spanning a weekend and giving the kids a chance to ski on some much larger slopes. Janitor Chet Tescher says, " I think this is the most exciting time of the year with all of the activities.

A letter to a hero to-be

It is in the best interest of the American people to have a loud Libertarian party. In my school, we are not even trusted to go to the bathroom, but you can make a difference.

Price bubble

Price in the third laboratory market also tended to be intrinsic more accurately that sought to have a common price expectation with an asset share. An interesting result of the experiment An interesting outcome of the experiment was the approximation of risk-neutral expectation market equilibrium, which was due to that >>>

A study of the price differences between the lean season and the arrival season of a commodity

1 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project report titled " Study of the price differences between the lean season and the arrival season of a commodity and the seasonality of the commodity to understand the impact of futures trading on the commodity" done by Harish Ramesh for " >>>

Closing case google

Google's mission has enabled the creation of a comprehensive, search engine capable of providing information at the stroke of a keyword. As a result, Google aspired to open its operations in China; however, the information provision did not coincide with the company's mission to provide uncensored information.

A racial/cultural critique by richard wright

The Man Who Was Almost a Man is a story of a seventeen year old black boy struggling with the idea of power and respect. Last but not least, Dave is very respectful to the white store owner, while the white store owner does not seem to care about Dave's >>>

Was the u.s. right to drop the atomic bomb on japan?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the two cities that the U.S.dropped the Atomic Bombs on, were completely ruined. The U.S.put all its attention on the bombs that it did not realize that Japan was already trying to surrender.

Two million minutes

Two Million Minutes: Summary and Response Among the three superpowers of the world, ly the US, China, and India, the pace of growth of China and India is currently more than that of the US. It is good that students in the US are allowed more freedom and variety to >>>

Reed market analyze

This is because of the fact that other competitors such as Aldi and DG have come in strongly and are finding their place within the Columbus market. The pricing model for Reed seems to get it in trouble since it happens to have higher prices as compared to Aldi and >>>

Apple’s iphone launch: technological product splashes apple

Apple's adventurousness's appears to reinforce the phone's presence in media during times when the buzz or free media wastepaper off This combination of paid and free media gives consumers the impression that the phone is constant presence in the popular media. This is a problem Apple because the phone must >>>

Apple, without steve jobs

After his return to apple and after developing some new skill throughout the years with the development of Paxar and NEXT some of his main skills included the ability to identify new opportunities in the market and the ability to direct and organized manger to take advantage of those opportunities. >>>

Female stereotypes in one hundred years of solidude

Her role in her relationship with Jose Arcadio mirrors the role of countless women of the 18th and 19th centuries. The following quotation further illustrates the unimportance of the female characters in the novel." So he handed out clearing tools and hunting weapons to the same men who had been >>>

How to find real happiness

Donovan is happy to take the dog and she cleans him up and takes care of him. Herriot, " Have not I made a difference to this dog!" This shows that she really cares for the dog and is happy that she did the best she could to help him.Mrs.

Standardized test free essay online

I am taking a standardized test".' I do not think enough people realize that behind every one of these test scores is a living breathing child who has dreams and aspiration," Standardized tests have been used to evaluate students since the 1800's. Standardized test is not a good way measure >>>

Lenovo-case study

During the financial crisis, even though, global PC market faced the cost- cutting and decline in profit margin, the capability and integration of assets and competencies of both companies lead Leno remaining in the top 5 of global PC market. Moreover, the performance in the global market such as increasing >>>


Literature Review and Arguments on Outsourcing In the prevailing dynamic business environment, a high percentage of companies, irrespective of size, have began to acknowledge the significance of attaining and sustaining a competitive edge that is possibly based on the development of information technology. The bureaus dictated the pace of the >>>

Aum shinrikyo

It started off as a simple yoga class in Shoko's house; however, after a number of killings, assassinations and after attacking the subway of Tokyo the group came to be known as a terrorist group in the 1990's. The beliefs of the group were a mix of his own ideas, >>>

Remembering hockey

The hubris in the locker room was through the roof, everyone thought we had this game in the bag the team we played was known to be weak. I did not say a word, the sad and worried expression on my face and the action of me grabbing my arm >>>

The evolution of happiness

Of course, I am no paleoanthrohistoriopologist, and that is not a true account of the origin of the smile. To the youngsters who have not yet escaped the claws of puberty, we are viewed as the Wise Ones; we know what to do, how to do it, and why we >>>

Amazon struggles

It is dreadful news to the retailer because as it continues to spend, its revenue is not reciprocating in the same speed. Some may refer to it as the ruin of expansion.

Accrual vs. cost accounting assignment

If our businesses were to choose a cash basis accounting method, they would record revenue when payments were received and they would record costs when payments were remitted. The merchandise purchased for resale or the materials purchased for use in the manufacturing of products would be recorded as an expense >>>

Ffa & pro golf case study

Issues The fact that FAA decided to sub-license the trademark in order to make margin on loyalties Incited Pro Golf to end the contract. The termination of the contract by Pro Golf incited FAA to sew them for breaching of contract.


With the comparatively cheaper cost of Van, small and marginal farmers would be encouraged to take loans and break even much faster as compared to larger tractors. The prime substitute for Van tractors would be the bullocks in the small and marginal farmer's market.

Prospective analysis: forecasting

The starting point for forecasts should be the time series behaviour of key measures such as sales growth, earnings and ROE. In Michael Hill's case, a possible alternative situation to that used for the forecasted financial statements in Table 6.

Advantages of distance learning mode of study

They have to find a way to fit learning into their schedule of family and job demands. One of the advantages of distance learning is that the student can have access to learning at any time and any place.

Carrie underwood-reakening the dream

It was during the fall of 2004, when she was about to begin her senior year of college when auditions for season four of American Idol were just beginning. When Carrie was at home she saw on the news that many people were in Cleveland, Ohio, sleeping outside in hopes >>>

Design of goods and services at mcdonalds

This has made it to come up with brands that are globally reputable, world-class quality foods and product features that are excellent to its customers Product life cycle in the organization The stage of the product determines the amount invested and the type of marketing to be undertaken. The company >>>

Silver bear lodge

The proximity of the Toronto Harbor makes the resort attractive for the visitors. There is a huge opportunity for the resort to grow its business as it's the only resort available in the harbor area and therefore the business can develop without threat of competition.

Case study: not just another outdoor company

The company has pledged 5 percent of sales to charitable organizations dedicated to solving crucial environmental and humanitarian problems. The " philanthropic gold standard" is 1 percent of sales, and the average among all corporations is.

Imc plan- apple

At the beginning of the 21st century, the introduction of iPod catapulted Apple back to being the darling of the industry. 4 Strategies One of Apple's strategies is to innovate in the design of new products and to utilize technology convergence in new products.

Company analysis: sears holding corporation

The Sears Holding Corporation is a result of the merger between Kmart Holding Corporation with the Sears Roebuck Co.which occurred in 2005, and the headquarters is located in Hoffmann Estates, Illinois. The combination of both of the corporations would improve shareholder investment returns and thus facilitate the growth of the >>>

Essay on social psychology

Although there have been many years of sanction due to drunk driving, this social issue of drunk driving persists to be a serious challenge both to the victims and the society entirely. The combination of non-criminal and legal measures should be used in order to successfully end this social menace.

Jealousy’s a goon

Rhea, a friend of both Bennie and Scotty, offers the first insight to the pair's relationship when the three are teenagers. Bennie controls his feelings and retains hope that Alice will return his affections at some point, Scotty and Bennie's friendship crumbles once Scotty and Alice begin to date.

The key to success

This time I did not know what to do, so I complained to my parents and they made the teacher put in a grade for it. As a junior in high school I started learning the importance of education.


Marcus's greedy and jealousies are the reasons of the end of McTeague's dentistry career and to the start of a miserable life. It was not the money, but his reaction to the money that causes Marcus to lose his friendship and ties with McTeague.


The ground is approaching you fast, the wind is beating against your face making it feel as if it's about to peel off. The one major risk of skydiving is that if there is a parachute malfunction you could fall to your death.

Using swot in business analysis

What is SWOT, and why use it in Business Analysis? There are two SWOT matrices you might make to assist you in business analysis one for the present, and one for a possible future.

Free essay on mixed lanes

I have been thinking about all the things I want to do and I realized I love thinking up stories, hearing new languages and words and I always have a few ideas rambling in my brain for which I always have a pencil and paper nearby BUT then again whenever >>>