Useful Business Essay Examples

Writing an essay about business can be complicated. Yet, you have to master the skill, as you may need to write an application essay for undergraduate or MBA programs. You may also need to register to apply for a scholarship. Do not worry; writing business papers is easier than it seems. This article will guide you through all tipping points of academic papers like themes, structure, plagiarism, and citation style. Additionally, you will get free samples of essays on business for school, college, and university.

Application Essays

While applying for the MBA program, you must shine and show your true potential by presenting your academic background creatively. The best way to do it is to offer a persuasive case study in the form of an essay. You will have to work on this paper for:

  • Columbia business school;
  • Harvard business school;
  • HSC business studies;
  • London business school;
  • NYU Stern School of business.

While admission cycles are rolling, you have to be persuasive, concise, and time-sensitive. Start working on your essay as soon as possible.

Topics for Essay on Business

The application of business topics is vast, so students might get confused, what to write about exactly. To the popular themes discussed in the application essay belong:

  • business cycles;
  • business development:
  • business ethics;
  • business management;
  • management styles;
  • reflective study on business education;
  • types of the business environment;
  • types of business plans;

You can discuss any of the given topics on a local or international level. Choose a theme connected to your major, so you can provide extended analysis and be confident in what you write. Yet, schools are always interested in your personality and future inspirations. Try to tie your essay to your past life experiences and future expectations as much as possible. Also, please think of the exact location of your prospective school and analyze its ethics, line of studies, and attainable expectations for future students. It is always an asset to show that you are interested in this particular educational organization and know by what it stands.

Structure and Free Business Essay Examples

Despite the fact you can get creative with the content, you still must follow the specific structure. Your paper, although being small, starts with an introduction, crowned by the thesis statement. This is your opinion on the matter, expressed in one sentence. Then you turn to express your ideas in body paragraphs, skillfully citing reliable sources and lectures. In the last section, you conclude everything you have said by enlisting major facts and providing a personal statement. The statement is a periphrasis of your thesis or its re-interpretation if your theory does not pan out.

A good quality essay is always correctly structured, and it falls in line with the latest citation format, with ideas flowing from one paragraph to another. In this regard, you should make use of various linkers to make your writing cohesive and clear. After the article, you will find a free database with free business essay examples and other materials on essay starters, linkers, and concluding thoughts. If you need assistance, your teachers are willing to help you with any academic paper with a guaranteed quality result.

Wherever you are in the world, during your education, you will write dozens of short essays and extended ones. Truthfully, it never gets easy. We hope you find our plan helpful and resourceful, and it has inspired you to start on your business essay. If you have any questions left, feel free to browse our free database.

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Free 18884 Flawless Business Samples of Papers to Help You With Writing

Killing the youth

Some methods of obtaining the same weight as the child was currently at is to manage the amount of food intake and have a substantial amount of physical activities. Most of the children or teens who have this disorder are known to eat more when they had a bad at >>>

Global influence of multinational corporations

Global Influence of Multinational Corporations In today's highly globalized and industrialized world, the powerful influence of multinational corporations in domestic economies and even in the world economy cannot be denied. Particularly in the United States and other wealthy nations, and even in Third World countries, the influence of multinational corporations >>>

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P & j wedding consulting company

Its the company's mission also to ensure that the services offered to the clients are very clear and appropriate so that the clients do not have to take long in understanding the kind of services offered to them. P&J Company has in its mission the increasing of the clients and >>>

Bagdad cafe

It is this transformation from the total strangers to the best friends that makes this movie a special one. It is also this theme that caught viewers by the surprise, but what a surprise!

A particle that travels faster than the speed of light?

It is impossible for Neutrinos to travel faster than the speed of light. It is impossible for neutrinos to travel faster than the speed of light because it breaks all the concepts and theories in physics.

American home products corporation

Description of the Company' 1981 sales of more than $4 billion were produced by over 1, 500 marketed brands in four lines of business: prescription drugs, packaged drugs, food products, and housewives and household products. APP consistently avoided much of the risk of new product development and introduction in the >>>

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Company profile and

The founder, BarChick, left her job as an event organizer to sample bars in London and other parts of the world for a pay. In-depth Look BarChick App seems to be one of the companies emerging because of the advancement in technology.

It will end

What we need to remember is, school is not forever, neither is college, and one way or another we will have to face up to the real world. What we need to realise is that we will not always be enclosed in this routine, everyone else calling the shots.

Business studies course work

This is also when the company wants to get rid of last year's product so they sell it off at a lower price. It is a fraction of the cost as compared to the price of anadvertisement.

Case study about human behavior in organization

This is an advanced survey course in organizational behavior designed to expose you to essential theories and concepts for analyzing, understanding, and managing human behavior in organizations. Specifically, this class is an opportunity to develop yourself and to learn how to manage your relationships with others in a work setting.

The changing tunes of music

The lyric-less classical music, the heart and soul of rock and roll, and the catchy melodies of pop are just a few of the more widely known music genres today. The most known types of rock include heavy metal, alternative, and soft rock.

Post-civil war industrial expansion

The newfound emphasis on the concept of Manifest Destiny, the belief that Americans had a divine right to expand westward, spurred the development of many drastic transformations, including the rise of boomtowns, growth of the steel industry, and invention of the telephone and light bulb. Due to the lack of >>>

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Case study of absoulte vodka

As there has been a monopoly phenomenon occurred in the rest of the world, Sunroof leading the rest of the market in 2011. Further, with a common perception of flavored alcohols are contain of artificial coloring and sugar, AC might not have advantages to reliance in the global market.

Report on developing skills

Developing skills in a large organisation through training and development A National Grid case study Page 1: Introduction National Grid is one of the world's largest utilities. National Grid I Developing skills in a large organisation through training and development Page 4 Off-the-Job training This is any form of training >>>

Financial statement analysis of abf

825m The board reviews annually the material financial and non-financial risks facing ABF's businesses and on a rolling cycle basis, reviews the effectiveness of the risk management process and the resources that the individual businesses devote to them. Solvency Ratios The debt to equity ratio showed a decrease from 2009 >>>

Religious studies coursework

In Mark chapter 14: 17-26 Jesus implies to his disciples that his life is nearing it end, Jesus know that one of his friends will betray him and he tells them this " it is one of the twelve,' he replied ' one who dips bread into the bowl with >>>

A large hurricane severely damages a major u.s. city essay

If the investor would consider the size of the United States, which will provide a relatively big number of suitable cities for the investment, there is a big chance that he will find a city that is suitable and almost hurricane free.b. Even though the drop in the price of >>>

Concerns about privacy

In the nursing profession, privacy between a nurse/ doctor and patient is a virtue that if not upheld may result to loss of the job. The nurse is only restrained to share private information with the patient and the doctor in question only.

Relax on the dresscodes

You ask yourself " why is that?" Could it be because you are not allowed to wear it to school because you are breaking the dress code? As you can see, the current dress codes are not desired by some of our students.

Employee satisfaction and organizational perfomance

The majority of the research examining theemployee satisfaction-performance relationship has been conducted on the micro-level ofanalysis, otherwise known as the individual employee level. For example, future research shouldemphasize research designs that study changes in employee satisfaction and the causes of suchchanges.

The california dust bowl

Since there was no grass to protect the soil, when the earth became dry, the wind blew the rest of the topsoil away. The dust bowls main impact was on the southern plains.


In the 48 continental states, there are 5, 500 gray wolves and 100 red wolves today, states Wolf.Org. According to the National Wildlife Federation, habitat loss and overexploitation are major threats to wolves.

Marketing technique essay sample

In todays world a successful marketing technique is necessary whether you are a non-profit or for profit business. A non-profit organization is similar to a for-profit in that they both are created to fulfill the need of the people.

Discussion question

Discussion question Introduction This is a discussion paper analyzing capitalism as one of the key topics in this To discussion the question, ' Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal' by Ayn Rand and ' Capitalism and Freedom' by Milton Friedman are essential references. This can be affirmed by claim of Rand that >>>

Importance of the development of the new transformation process gas to liquids

Some of the production or operational barriers that Shell must overcome to make GLT successful One of the barriers that Shell needs to overcome is the high cost of the production process that might render the process infeasible. Shell should also maintain its commitment to the project because of identifiable >>>

Global financial management

Carlos studied the problem and established that the starting of new assembling plants in the foreign countries would save the company from unnecessary costs. To reduce the entire production cost of its vehicles, CEO encouraged to source spares from suppliers; this reduced the costs of employees and further shifted the >>>

Analysis of business presentation

I think my biggest challenge is actually in speaking to the audience instead of reading to the audience. It is usually easier to read the information because it helps reduce the number of speaking errors that I present and the information is already in a format that sounds academic and >>>

Case study on wealth maximization

The most important one is the type of the firm, the sphere of its production, the number of employees, the popularity of the produced goods and services on the market and the type of the organization and management of the process of production. The young professional is able to master >>>

College success essays

What I would bring to the college is what I have learned and what I would be able to share with other people. If there was not diversity I would not be able to know some of the things I do know.

The conflict in the organization

The objectives of this paper is to look at the different types of conflict, their causes, how to solve the conflicts, and the different levels of conflict. Causes of Conflict During conflicts in the organizations, the causes of the conflicts are the predictors and determine the outcomes of the conflicts.


We would recommend, based on the table from Exhibit 6 that a more unilateral approach be taken to control the level of imports and exports. The inclusion of the lateral agreements within the current MFC has had a negative impact on the domestic textile production in developed nations.

Quality and tendering

The difference of the height between the floor and the ceiling is the distance between the floor of the structure and the ceiling which has been indicated as 2400 in the plan.4. The lot number of the house has been indicated as building in the plan certificate.


It's that the becoming of an intellectual persona is the atrophy of an intelligent person. And now we can see that the majority of today's criticism is so dangerous and painful because it is not mindless babble, but heartless babble.

Technology, not textbooks

This is why we should have tablets in the classroom to help with scores and taking more notes. If we have tablets in the classroom this can help with test scores taking notes and more.

Human resources fsla

Establishing if the employee has a potential FLSA claim The worker in this case is eligible for compensation of the overtime hours by the employer under the Act. The extra hours by the worker, area benefits the company too, because during the overtime hours the employee works for the good >>>

Relation to manslaughter

In the case, Casey had been convicted of first-degree murder of her daughter but the court sitting in Orlando found out that she was not guilty of murder. The two classes of manslaughter are the voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter.

Narrative essay: my trip to south korea

Taking the same route the next day, I took a trip into the mountains that peak behind the President's House, and climbed the one known as Bugaksan. One of the most surprising sights and a rue delight is the Cheonggyecheon Stream.

Shakespeare in the works

If you are a doctor and you have a patient that wants to do the euthanasia treatment you could use the organs of that patient to save other people's lives. Doctors: When you are a doctor and you do a euthanasia treatment on a patient you violate the hippocratic oath.

Secondary education anxiety disorder (sead)

With bleary eyes, I grudgingly lift my head from my cloud-like pillow to glare at my alarm clock." WHAT!" I screech, as I sit up with a jolt. Hysterical laughter bubbles out of my throat, and this same lunatic laughter follows me as I crash back on to the haven >>>

Technology evolution

Human Powered Tech Human controlled technology has made our lives a piece of cake because we can control it how we want to operate it. The drawback with that is we have to use a lot of electricity for it.

Global business chapter case study

Furthermore, it is in the best interest of the other stronger and more successful countries within the Rezone to help the weaker and struggling countries so that the Euro remains intact within all the participating countries of the Rezone and the stock market does not suffer cataclysmic effects. On March >>>

Agile electric case study

In developing this product with little support from Automate, Agile was concerned due to its lack of knowledge concerning the suppliers for the actuator assembly components and the critical requirements. To allay its concerns, Automate promised to support Agile by locating the critical global suppliers for specialized components and assessing >>>

Mount saint helens

Thompson goes on to explain that because of all of the ash suspended in the air and the rumbling of the volcano, the ecosystem could not start to recover until all of the ash and rumbling had ceased. Both the abiotic and biotic factors flourished once they were able to >>>

School or sleep. why must we choose?

This creates the scenario of teens receiving no more than six to six and a half hours of sleep a night, when research shows that they need a minimum of nine to eleven hours. Apparently the high level thinking that becomes impaired with sleep loss returns with an extra one >>>

Organizational theory and design

For example, in the banking sector the services are custom made according to the needs, age, gender, and income levels of its customers.# Chapter 7 Superior management in any firm involves the managers personally coping with situations that ought to be learned through the help of their experience and interpretation >>>

Crockett & tubbs

The aim of a business is to generate profits. A legitimate business will make the customer come for more and therefore, to reinforce the relationship and also ensure sustainable business, Crockett ought to sell the Ferrari Daytona to Tubbs at $250, 000.

Racism in schools – admission essay

There is a culture of ignorance and the appreciation of idiocy that seems to inflict a lot of people that may be classed as a minority. This then makes white people racists against black people as they see a lot of them on welfare and not contributing to society.


A business entity's segment is reportable when a significant percentage of its revenue is derived from the sale of products and services to external clients and consumers. A segment is reportable if its revenues from intersegmental and external sales are equal to or above ten percent of the total revenue >>>


With a PC user, the Palm cable is connected into the back of the PC and synchronisation is operated within the hard drive. FPDSavills standardisation on Intellisync Anywhere is an initiative that further enables its field based employees to quickly and seamlessly synchronise calendar, e-mail, contacts, and tasks between the >>>

The psychology behind lord of the flies

In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding and modern sources, the authors use id, ego, and superego to demonstrate the three types of human personality. The novel Lord of the Flies and the article " Freud's Maps of the Mind" by Pamela Thurschwell both explore the first >>>

Puritan life

Unlike today, they did not have any electronics or good food to eat, and if being in the colonial time period is not enough, a Puritan had strict rules to obey by. Puritans believed in an angry god, and in order to get into heaven you had to be a >>>

Lifecycle of next product

Growth stage: as NEXT Plc begins to experience growth in sales for women product, and there was the pressure on the company's management to meet fresh demands and the expansion of its market. Also with this maturity stage the company has being able to embrace a worldwide marketing of its >>>

Doing business with china

The important aspects of these products is easy to adapt in many segments of the market from business to commercial and individual basis, Foreign companies using eateries for their products are outsourcing their battery source to Chinese companies therefore have dominated the market Internationally. Drivers of battery industry growth Due >>>

Mohammad case study

The visceral and parietal pleura became separated and Mohammad right lung broke away from outward forces of the chest wall and exercised its inherent predisposition to collapse: Enhance and Whether, 2010). As the lungs are in separate cavities and as long as the air and blood can freely move in >>>

Bye, buzzing bees

Naturally, a solution must be thought of in order to keep the balance of nature, and in my opinion, the most beneficial solution to CCD is ecological farming because it favors both bees and the environment. If ecological farming were to be practiced more it would take the neonicotinoids out >>>

Mental well-being and mental health

Introduction Over time, the government and health institutions have commenced plans that seek to revolutionize the state of mental health and wellbeing of the affected populace. The strategy to assist the mentally-ill recover while reducing stigma at the individual level demonstrates the public health and government's roles in the alleviation >>>

Power hungry?

We can move east to Russia, now, although this will be a difficult battle, with the help of Canadian troops and Resources, we will prevail. Even though we have a massive army at this point it would not be a good idea to spread all across Russia and just go >>>

Creating a process-driven organization at agcredit essay sample

The CFO would be largely involved with both the business and IT departments, helping to give a deeper understanding of cost components and act as an advisor to both IT and business regarding legacy software and future projects. Next create a technology roadmap to show the opportunities for technology to >>>

Report to world music ensemble

There are some reasons, maybe the biggest reasons Is I can understand the lyric. There are some reasons, babe the biggest reasons is I can understand the lyric.

Stem cells vs. traditional surgery

The walls on the house start to deteriorate and it needs to be repaired. He played for the New England Patriots from 2002 to 2009 and was a free agent with the Denver Broncos in 2010.

How to identify the target audience for your product

This step will also help you to identify the pros and cons of the product. Identifying the target audience from the market: If you plan to launch a new commodity to invade the market you have to possess a strategy.

Kodak funtime case

A cause of concern for Kodak is that while Fuji has only 11% of the market share in the US, globally, it is 50% the size of Kodak. Analysis of the Strategy Funtime and Royal Gold are viable products targeting specific untapped market segments, with a good potential of achieving >>>

The organizational communication

It is better to understand the context in which the organization is operating, before identifying the best approach to adopt. According to this theory, the choice of communication system is dependent on the situational contexts within the organization.

Interest rate swap case assignment

Goodrich could borrow with a floating rate that was tied to LIBOR and then swap interest payments with a Euromarket bank that had raised funds in the fixed rate Eurobond market. 5 million once a year for 8 years and Rabobank agreed to pay the Morgan bank the 8 years >>>

Paper entrepreneurialism and enrons collapse

Introduction to the Case Enron has been one of the most famous cases of fraud and deceit over the years, and this organization has been used as a case to understand the problems of finances and corporate governance in a number of scenarios. Malcolm Salter, in one of the recent >>>

Case study for padgett paper products company

See exhibit AAA) A negative of the loan itself is that if Budget were to have the cash to prepay the loan they would face difficulty because the insurance company wants provisions to discourage prepayment. The only down fall of this is that it will restrict management's unexpectedly In conclusion >>>

Case study ionians strategic

DRY&D and technology exchange Desperate development Database Experts panel research How does Monika use networks to explore new or exploit existing capabilities for the transformation of its business? Monika uses t I network Day slung Jolt development agreement and research as a collaboration agreement on the development of new technology >>>

A raisin in the sun summary and analysis

Whether it is the supporter, the dreamer, the realist, the dominant and strong head of the family, from birth we are each given a place to fill in our family. The characters in A Raisin in the Sun are members of a family that have to deal with a member >>>

Assignment example

Expropriation of assets can be done which is one of the biggest risks which an investor faces." Political risk arises from the fact that a sovereign country can change the " rules of the game" and the affected parties may not have effective recourse". The post of Susan is correct >>>

Color essays example

When the light, which at times is referred to as the radiation of electromagnet, is reflected in the property, most of the energy absorption is through the property and the rest of the energy released to the surroundings. Web 19 Apr.2015.

Health care case study: financial statements

Revenues and Expenses Grouped for Planning and Control The hospitals revenues and expenditures are plans and cohesively to track revenues and expenditures efficiently. The support services are administrative costs relate to employee services, such as salaries, and employee welfare services.


The parents are also an appropriate target as they need to control the actions of their growing children. Children have an application that is linked to the child's application thus improving coordination or cooperation between the parent and the child.

Ethical issues in the workplace

An ethical organization builds its organizational structure in accordance with the generally accepted rules and norms of the society and government as well as international standards when necessary. In short, an ethical organizational structure is a comprehensive model of an ideal organization that benefits employees, society and the nations where >>>

Why reality shows are so popular

When it comes to celebrity reality shows and how popular they can be, it would be fair to argue that the root cause of the success is that ' normal people' like to be given a glimpse in to what they believe to be the inner lives of celebrities that >>>

Mexican drug war

Laurence M Vance, the author of The Root of Support for the Drug War stated, " For some the reason is safety. To conclude, people think support and do not support the mexican drug war.

Being racist to prevent racism

Colleges that endorse affirmative action emphasize they are trying to prevent racism by using affirmative action but in actuality it is causing it. The argument that insists on using affirmative action because it gives minorities an opportunity they never had is dishonorable.

Military project management training construction essay

Introa " Is the debut of the Association for Project Management preparation sufficient to better the military professional applied scientists ' perceived opportunities of presenting successful undertakings? " The cardinal countries for the probe will ab initio concentrate on: The effects of undertaking direction preparation / acquisition in the workplace. >>>

Pressure to be flawless

Women are expected to have the body of a photoshopped model and men are expected to have the body of a strong body builder. Today there is a lot of pressure on boys and girls to have ' perfect' bodies.

I’m on a college budget

I am on a college budget not because I choose to, but the budget chooses me. I am on a college budget and yet I do not plan to major in money management.


In the gym, the conditions were tight and the noise was amplified so it seemed as if everyone was extra excited with all the cheering and screaming. I thought that this year, a weak point of the assembly was the dance off.

Job application

Moreover in my possession are the key strengths for this position, and they include: During one of my vacations, I worked for a real estate company, and it was during this time that I gained hands on experience on working with a real estate company. I can maintain and organize >>>

Harvard business review sample

By extending the product line which involves launching of new products and splinting large stock keeping units into smaller ones ensures that the core brand will be in a position to evolve to meet the target customer demands and it makes it difficult for the retailer to use a store >>>

Will cpus get any faster?

Air cooling works by using a heat spreader mounted on top of the CPU sealed with thermal paste, a fan is used on top of the heat spreader to remove heat from the spreader and in relation to the CPU. This expensive price and lackluster implementation of the technology keeps >>>

Inside the square: a case study

The direction by the Bricks government to modify the design of one of the four shards during the construction phase presented a significant scope change to the project. The Federation Square project initially commenced with a clear goal of proportioning the quality of the end design, however as the schedule >>>

Swot 4

The Wal-Mart Company uses the cost leadership strategy to minimize the costs and expenses they incur in the production and operation processes. The cost leadership strategy allows a business unit to outsource raw materials that are cheap reducing the expenditure of the company.

In light of the discussions around british eu membership, discuss whether a british exit from the eu would be advantageous or disadvantageous from a business point of view

The economists also debate about the British national interest in staying within the EU analyzing the cost benefit of the membership over the years. Impact of the UK exit from EU to businessThere is a statement that UK exit from the EU will influence the every sphere of business, beginning >>>

The implementation of oilco and exploreco

The implementation of the systems was undertaken on the basis of the changing trends within the industry. The fundamental purpose of the implementation of the systems was seeking to change the business processes.

Singapore airlines case study on change

Further, the emergence of the new markets and their demands has made the aviation, aerospace and airport industries to use the management and marketing strategies in order to survive with the stiff competition in the niche market. The Airline is an important generator of skilled employment, a channel for the >>>

Case study on desertification

Land degradation is the reduction of the intensiveness of these processes under the effect of the human activity and extensive agriculture. The most obvious way of prevention of desertification is reforestation and melioration.

Business and government relations

The government should regulate the trading derivatives following the country's economic situation. Thus, on the other hand, the government should not regulate any trading of derivatives with BP oil industry.


It is a high opportunity for Gap to introduce products that will fit the trademark of the geographical area where they are selling their products. It is also important for the company to introduce home delivery services so that they can retain their customers by reducing their struggle to travel >>>

Merger motives

The Merger of Equals The announcement of the proposed merger of Boots Group PLC with Alliance Unichem on 3rd October 2005, will result in the creation of UK's largest pharmaceutical company. With a history of acquiring patents and new pharmaceuticals to add to their product line, the addition of the >>>

Business plan for bakery

In relation to the several product options, convenient services, and a broad target market, this bakery will be able to meet the needs of a wide number of consumers. The bakery will have a luxurious lounge area open to any customer llowing them to stop in and sit thereby motivating >>>

Case study on southwest airlines

Ever since the deregulation of the airline industry in 1978, the US airline industry has seen the entry and exit of several players. The industry on the whole has the worst net profit margin of any industry owing to its high fixed costs.

Ms. shoptalk case study

Turtle should have given Ms. Turtle will continue to work with and give her meaningful feedback.Ms.

Physics balloons car

After that, I cut the straws with the scissors for the axles and tube at the top and glued them onto the bottle. After that, I moved the axle about a centimeter lower on the car to help with coverage on the ground and glued my axle to the car.