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A career essay outlines a person’s professional dreams, philosophy, and goals. Writing such an assignment requires engaging in self-reflection and making effective narrative choices. Choosing a career is hard – otherwise, there would be no GEB 3003 in the first place. Writing about it may be harder yet: you just began learning about the professional field that interests you, and suddenly they want you to write an essay about career! This is why we offer several crucial suggestions as well as some high-quality career essay examples to ensure that you can describe your dream career skillfully and in sufficient detail.

Be Specific

A competent career essay shows a good amount of thought put into it. To achieve it, you must be specific about your goals. It is not enough to say “I want a career in accounting” or “I am interested in teaching.” Every professional field offers different career opportunities – so show that you’ve considered them! Becoming a medical professional may mean any number of things, from physical therapy through dental medicine to nursing. Say, you have chosen the latter – do you want to be a nurse in purely practical terms or develop a new theory of care focused on nursing? Whatever it is, being specific is a key to writing a good career essay.

Think Ahead

Another component to writing a competent essay on career is showing evidence of good planning. It does not merely ask you who you want to be – you also need to show how you plan to get there. Maybe, your chosen job requires a college education. Maybe, you are in love with the automotive industry and seek a degree in mechanical engineering – then you will need to attend a university. Or maybe you are interested in scholarship and research and want to continue your studies even after receiving a degree – then your choice is postgraduate studies. Demonstrating what you intend to do to achieve your professional goals is another cornerstone of a career essay.

Structure Your Thoughts

Just as any paper, a career essay needs a good structure. The sample outline will typically include the following elements:

  • Introduction
  • Goals (which career you intend to pursue)
  • Motivation (why you want to pursue it)
  • Strategy (how you mean to pursue it)
  • Conclusion

Say, you need to write a career essay on being a project manager. First, you introduce your choice in the opening paragraph. In the body paragraphs, you describe what this career is about, what interests you in business and management, and where you plan to get your MBA. Then wrap it up with a conclusion, and you get a neat 5 paragraph essay!

Structure-wise, the most important thing is your thesis statement. It should encompass everything you mean without being too vague. Do write “my career essay will focus on…” – cut straight to business. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence that relates to tour thesis. Do not make the paragraphs too long – 200 words is enough. Use academic English, cite your sources to avoid plagiarism, and pay attention to format requirements. Finally, heed specific instructions – for example, do not save your essay as PDF if the teacher clearly stated it needs to be an MS Word file.

Learn from Examples

When it comes to writing an essay on career, you cannot be too prepared. The advice in this article is just the tip of the iceberg, and you can do even better. Have a look at the career essay examples on our site and let them help you craft a perfect essay about your professional future!

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Free 131 Flawless Career Samples of Papers to Help You With Writing

Follow simple instructions essay

If you are on a job and you do not fill out the production report properly, you may not receive all of the money that you are due. If you do not take the time to read and understand what it is that you are signing, you could end up >>>

Possible candidate for the job

However, Sainsbury's will also use this method of training for the higher jobs in the hierarchy so that they can also experience their job first hand, and be trained to do the job specifically to Sainsbury's needs. An advantage of off the job training is that trainees get to use >>>

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Jackie to pasadena, california because at this

Thepractice of baseball gave Robinson the opportunity to make a true difference inthe world due to the immense popularity of the sport throughout the nation butmost importantly, baseball gave Robinson the opportunity to break the colourbarrier not only in baseball but for many professional sports and also set anexample for >>>

It well in his projects after he joined

It is my pleasure to provide this recommendation for Aman Soni as he applies for admission as a Ph.D.student at the University of Arizona. Aman has the combination of technical acumen and research skills that make him an outstanding scientist.

Medical school: a destination for a lifetime dedication essay

I wanted to give back to my father the hard work and dedication he shared in order to support his family. Regardless of all the trials that I have experienced in my academic life, I am still determined to pursue medicine.

The training programs and job performance of the rank –and-file employees

Training likewise aims to provide the employees the knowledge required in performing the job such information regarding the organization its goal and program its relationship to other units in the company and the relationship between employees work to that of other employees provide the feeling of confidence, camaraderie, ease, andmotivationto >>>

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Motivation and job satisfaction essay

As a manager, I think, that to increasemotivation, and employee job satisfaction, also communications and raise the employee healing process rate, a rewards and recognition program could be a good idea and improvement for, the company. Catalog reward package is a program, that allows your employees to get the bonuses >>>

Being a doctor – my lifelong commitment to helping others

Empathy and treating people with respect are key attributes of a doctor, and are two of the many skills which I have developed whilst volunteering in a care home, where many of the residents suffer from dementia and struggle with basic tasks. I eagerly anticipate the challenges of both life >>>

The your subjects. there are some exceptions,

In college they will not push you to prepareyourself for the examinations, you have to rely on yourself and have to look foryourself when certain examinations are and plan how and when you will learn forit. Itis safe to say that the differences between high school and HBO are very >>>

Choosing a career in botany

Well, first you should keep in mind that four years of college and a Bachelor"s degree are the bare essentials for most of the careers aforementioned. If you are interested in botany, it should be for your genuine love of the science, not themoney.

I marked with great disappointment. although i

I was ecstatic when I received my letter of acceptance to Deerfield Academy. It was at this point in my Deerfield career where I began to flourish and enjoy the most of my experiences.

Internet interest whether personal, professional, business or

According to Boyd & Ellison, "Social networking sites are web-basedservices that allow individuals to construct a public or semi-public profilewithin a bounded system, articulate a list of other users with whom they sharea connection, and view and traverse their list of connections and those made byothers within the system". Most >>>

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As it’s my pleasure to write this

Utsav worked in my Teamfor over two and a half years, and he was responsible for the testing and validationof Cisco products' and solutions in Reliance-Jio project- India's largest 4G/LTEdeployment. In summary, I highly recommend Utsav for hisnext endeavor, as I am sure he will have a bright career thanks >>>

Beside the latest updates about our college along

Owing to of my coding skills as well as the projects I had done in the past, I was made the webmaster of my student branch in the final year, when I hosted and updated the IEEE website of our college, Beside that I hosted sites for IEEE events which >>>

Looking towards the future essay

MY SMART GOALS As I move bombard and venture into my future, I see and recognize the things I need to accomplish, as well as where I hope to be in the next 20 years. The major obstacle that I will need to overcome to be successful in my goals >>>

Albert camus’ political writing and career

Had an underground newspaper; Camus became the editor, under the name "Beauchard," criticized French collaboration with the Nazis "Now the only moral value is courage, which is useful here for judging the puppets and chatterboxes who pretend to speak in the name of the people.written in the newspaper The content >>>

To and facial injuries.”(pg.) this statement sums

To begin to amplify the spectrum ofincreasing the safety of players on the ice, and addition to information given,it is very importance that equipment, the backbone of safety is put into play. Livingston heavily stress on the fact that "Reduction in incidence of headand face injuries with the use of >>>

Short and long term career goals

Over time my goals continue to grow and advance, Drexel will allow me to make my current goals a reality and work toward my future goals and the ones that I will create in the future. All I can say is that it is my beliefs that Drexel is the >>>

My grand type essay

The fact that I am quite highly self-motivated means that sometimes I find it difficult when others are making the decisions that affect my life, but I chose this career and need to make the best of it. Sometimes the concerns that they may have about a situation will affect >>>

How to write a job description

A job description is developed to state basic information about the job itself and the role of the employee for that job. One of the best ways of advertising a job externally is to place anadvertisementin the newspapers.

Marrying young vs marrying later essay

If the young couple is financially weak, meaning they have a lack of money to support themselves and their children, then the family will collapse. This is because the couple probably finished some type of schooling, is established in a stable job, and has had time to accumulate enough money >>>

Statement of academic/ career goals

In the United States,I believethat EMU is the platform where I can pursue my highly spiritedgoalsand where my skills can be enhanced and polished because of the learned science faculty available there. Studying at EMU has changed my life, and I truly think that EMU is the right place for >>>

Employee attitudes and job satisfaction

The main principle of this theory is that satisfaction is determined by a discrepancy between what one wants in a job and what one has in a job. Employee attitude in relation to Job SatisfactionEmployees in a work place will not have the same attitudes and level of job satisfaction.

The was shocked more than ever when this

The WWE is home to some of the hottest Divas in the world who not only add the glamour quotient to the company, but are also excellent in ring performers who keep the WWE Universe on their toes. Here is the list of the top 5 hottest WWE Divas who >>>

Formal letter for job

The ITC determined that it would review the ALJ's initial determination in its entirety and remanded the matter to the ALJ to apply certain ITC case precedent, to rule on Microsoft's June 2012 motion to terminate, and set a new target date for completion of the investigation. The Parties agree >>>

Career goals in dental hygienist profession

CSN has a great dental program for dental hygiene and that's where I will be attending to get my associates degree. I plan on reaching my goal by working very hard and to become a successful dental hygienist.

New leader programs admission essay

It is my pleasure to state that I am a Master of Business administration from one of the most acclaimed Universities internationally and also a holder of a degree in Bachelor of Criminal Justice. Let me to quote this with all due respect and modesty and with sufficient knowledge that >>>

The career cycle of teachers: a review of mr. holland’s opus

One is in the development of a senior revue that he devotes much of his time to during the later part of his career, and the other is his decision to incorporate methods into his teaching and conducting that offer ways for the deaf community to 'hear amusic. Compared to >>>

Ray lewis essay

Once Lewis decided on the University of Miami, he worked to become one of the best players in the school's history. After three years of college, Lewis entered the NFL and was taken by the Baltimore Ravens.

Factor affecting job satisfaction in banks

Again, for making payment the cheque must be in order and it must be duly presented for payment at the branch where the account is kept.* The paying banker should use reasonable care and diligence in paying a cheque, so as to abstain from any action likely to damage his >>>

Employee training and career development

In this paper the subjects discussed are the role of training in an organization's development, different employee development methods, relationship between employee development and organizational development, and the role of human resource management in career development. The role of training in an organization development is making the employee a better >>>

Free essay on job and career satisfaction and turnover intentions of newly-graduated nurses

The aging of the nursing workforce has and is expected to result in the mass retirement of registered nurses in both the hospital setting and academe each year. Favorable regard of the role and the profession promotes continued role performance in this field that, in theory, should affect the intent >>>

Job competency database

Nevertheless, it is what a successful employee must be able to serve in order to achieve a desired outcome on a job. To conclude, it must be reiterated many times over that behavior is key in advancement in a job and it is relative to all forms of competencies.

Career goals and learning plan paper

I am very eager to begin Psychology Courses at the University of Pheonix. In the long run I hope that this determination will give me the ability to find a position or career and workenvironmentthat suits me.

My vision on the role of a student nurse essay

The Role of a Student Nurse is to invest time, effort and finances into the acquisition of cognitive, behavioral and practical skills necessary to becoming a nurse someday. A student nurse is expected to constantly burn midnight candles in the effort to grasp all the knowledge and skills required for >>>

The job selection criteria

In writing the proposal, I set my plan of action and the methodology to be used for the translation and interpretation processes. I talked with the team and organised the male volunteers to work in building houses and improving the local site.

Moral career creative writing example

The first of the three stages in the police officer's career is the period of entry into the police service- the pre-patient phase. The pre-patient period is the period in which the police officer has aspirations of joining the police service.

As fact that they have provided me with

As a motivated and hardworkingindividual, with a desire to understand the fascinating human body along with ajoy of helping other people, I strongly believe that studying pharmacy willgive me one of the final and most important step towards a rewarding career inthe field of pharmacy. I have found that the >>>

Career goals: career choice

This understanding makes selecting a significant deeply personal and profound question for every individual."It is one amongst the foremost important decisions created by individuals growing up in Western cultures with several making an attempt to search out through their careers a way of existential significance for his or her entire >>>

The is quite famous for his heart

Canfield is quite famous for his heart winning series of books and audioprograms, if you never picked up one, I would highly recommend to go for it andyou will come across the fact that his intuitive efforts and the success principlesbring a positive change in business and general life. The >>>

Pakistan winning the 20-20 world cup essay

To Make Matters Worse, The ICC cancelled all the matches which were allotted to Pakistan as a Host Nation for the 2011 Cricket World Cup & also shifted the Champions Trophy to a different Country, Pakistan's players were barred from playing in the season 2 of the Cash Rich Indian >>>

The next steps and obstacles to overcome that lead to successful career

Dear students, you have to choose the field of study where your ability meets with the talent possessed within you, something which you enjoy and are fully interested in. Instead, try to discover the capabilities of your child and encourage him to excel in his field of interest.

My job experience

As I came inside the building, I headed for the shop to which I was assigned. I love the dignity of work, but best of all, I love to walk around the corner and shop just a liiiitle bit of little-bitty things.

Job analysis methods

The methods of Job Analysis are as follows: This tool is considered to be very useful to the analysis of jobs. It is a method to collect a variety of information from an incumbent and supervisors by asking them to describe the tasks and duties performed.

Dectecting media bias essay

I would come up with questions to help understand the article such reasons as to why is the article is relevant, what is the purpose, and is the purpose strong enough to support the actuality of this article. It would be effective to use these strategies to draw in more >>>

Reflective summary

In particular the tool sought to: - establish the extent to which a School/Programme was promoting student employability in an explicit and effective way; - identify employability development opportunities available to students; - collect examples of good practice; - identify gaps in provision and areas for future action; and - >>>

William hoffmann book “contract killer”

Cash or valuables is not the only way a contract killer can be paid, many of them are paid in power or position, of course with title often comes financial gain, but for these individuals it's about loyalty to the family or organization they represent, not necessarily the individual. This >>>

Herman academy and albany classic school, where he

Then in 1837 Melville had omitted Albany to go pursue a job to teach in Massachusetts, but then determined that the job was unsatisfying and so Herman returned back to New York. After Melville was not able to secure a job, Melville than would go to perform as a crew >>>

Benefits also authorized to refer the insured to

Benefits of permanent disability are one of theschemes at SOCSO under the Employment Injury Scheme. The employee can claimthis benefit after the last day of temporary disablement.

Celebration of the university

I was also in the volleyball team, which shaped my career in sports as I am currently in the national volleyball team, thanks to Pepperdine University. Through the athletics department, I was awarded a scholarship at Pepperdine University and was selected to join the national volleyball team.

Douglas mcarthur essay

During the middle of World War I, he was promoted to Chief of Staff in the 42nd division. In addition, he was a 5 Star General of the United States Army.

Humanism essay

The death of the Monseigheur reflects the author's sympathy toward people like the Defarge family and his anger and hate toward the ruling class represented by Euremonde brothers. She gave her whole attention to scheme the death of Darnay and his wife and daughter.

The 3 ways ego will derail your career before it really begins

To the men of the last type their own success is a constant surprise, and its fruits the more delicious, yet to be tested cautiously with a haunting sense of doubt whether it is not all a dream. There's a weak side to each of us, that - like a >>>

“operation had been directed towards osama bin laden

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the major concerns in intelligencesupport to the plans that culminated in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The secondintelligence issue identified through my analysis is that the Intelligence Communityallowed the pressure from the Bush Administration to influence its' products ina way that favored their justifications >>>

My ideal wife essay

My dead of the perfect woman consists of being a prayer warrior, strongly spoken in opinions of God, puts God before me, and looks definitely help to. I believed that I old have to earn the money and hold that successful Job to keep my family comfortable.

To kill a mockingbird summary essay

The legend of Boo Radley thrived in the town of Maycomb, and the stories were "enhanced" by the many gossipers as well as the children that believed and encouraged the tale. One night, when Jem, Scout and Dill snuck out to try to get a peek at Boo Radley through >>>

Growing hope to achieve, such as developing communication

With these in mind, I hope to build good memories at college. I also hope that all these components will be contributing factors to my success in life.

Glass ceiling

Traditionally, the glass ceiling was a concept applied to women and some of the minorities. Traditionally, the glass ceiling was a concept they simply were not given opportunities to further advance with their careers.topic to be discussed in order to overcome this hurdle and to make necessary in their career, >>>

Lawsuit claims yahoo job reviews discriminated against men

Yahoo spokeswoman Carolyn Clark said in a statement that the lawsuit had no merit and called the performance review process "fair". The lawsuit is the second this year accusing Yahoo ofdiscriminationagainst men, and targets one of the highest-profile Silicon Valley female executives, Mayer, who is in the middle of divesting >>>

Standardized testing essay

They cause students a lot of stress, they are limiting the curriculum for a school to teach more valuable subjects, and they are judging students intelligence by one test, which is not enough to know if a student would be able to graduate. The students have the opportunity to graduate >>>

Fair and foul beyond the myths and paradoxes of sport essay sample

To get the clear picture of the above statement it would be worth to take into account of the various myths that make up the above opinion as illustrated below. Those who made it to in the US are bound to earn a great fortune by totalling the number of >>>

Free working for alphom magazine research paper sample

He received the skill of graphic design by studying in the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Graphic design, referenced: a visual guide to the language, applications, and history of graphic design".

Criminal it’s unique and different. there are many

CORRECTIONS if the accused in the court of law is convicted and charged jail merit time, they will be sent to the corrections system for punishment. The right to be free of cruel and unusual punishment is the primary constraint on abuses in the correctional system.

Martin discrimination, racial separatism in schools, and demanding

Kennedy, persuading them to push for civil rights laws to pass through congress and be recognized on a national level.-This is just the very brief summary of his career, the magnificent actions he has made, and his great impact on the civil right's movement and the world. May we all >>>

Healthcare career paths psychology / psychiatry report examples

The report shows that it clearly discusses on advantages and disadvantages of careers and describes the range of opportunities that are available for employment in the field of health care. Thus, this shows that the report was done in a clarified way that elaborates the importance of psychiatry in helping >>>

Persuasive speech on volunteer work essay

First I will start with the importance of volunteering and why you personally should get involved, then I will talk about why volunteering should be voluntary and at a place that interests you, and last tell you about what I learned during my volunteer work and why the Riley Arena >>>

Argumentative paper about women essay

The world of professional sports also oppresses women with the sports available for them to play and the salary they get paid to play. In the state on Illinois, any girl is allowed to try out for any boys' team so long as there is not a team for girls >>>

The principle of pay for the job

The purpose of this paper is to discuss whether the two principles of pay for the job' and the 'pay for performance' are mutually exclusive in the actual practice of pay determination and discuss the applicability of performance-related pay in the non-for-profit or public sector context. The first point to >>>

The impact of social identity on a person’s career

Therefore, I give a statement that my social identity has affected my past and it is touching my future too. From my experiences, I learn that the social identity of a child is vital for the wellbeing.

Teenage addiction essay

On the surface, Crime and Punishment is the story of a murder, set in the city of St. Moreover, although Dostoyevsky depicts the crime and the environment in which it takes place with great realism, he is more interested in the psychology of the murderer than in the external specifics >>>

Career motivation

What is Career Motivation? ypes of Career motivations Identifying Career Motivation Example of Career Motivation worksheet Ways of Career motivation Career motivation at work References What is Career? Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person's "course or progress through life " By the late 20th century, >>>

Things learned in this course: professional development and preparation essay

Three of the most important areas of development will be highlighted here to serve as reflection and a reminder of the importance of getting involved outside the classroom, by applying theory to practice in real world settings, such as when I critically reflected on what I learned in family therapy >>>

One-career family versus two-career family essay sample

On the other hand, in a "two-career family","both the husband and the wife are committed to the pursuit of a career". In a "One-career Family", it is the husband or the wife's choice or both their choice that only one of them will oblige themselves into developing a career.

I college i would be on the pathway

I intend to pursue a career in astrophysics research,I aspire to be an astrophysicist I see the specialty center as the pinnacle ofeducation. My interest in computers started at the age of sevenwhen I used to play video games.

A poet portfolio of james joyce

James Augustine Joyce was born on the 2nd of February 1882 to a couple in Dublin. The couple moved from Dublin and James experienced a great deal of trouble in finding work.

Life & career of hayden christensen

He is one of the popular names in the entertainment industry and has bagged a few awards and accolades in his career. He owes a huge part of his attractive net worth to the commercials and brand endorsements he has undertaken in the past.

Describe an experience that influenced your career choice

I had some practical experience working at a hospital in Nigeria with sometime spent in the accounting department, this enabled me gain a practical experience of how the laws/duties/decisions made by public administrators affects people/individuals in real life situations such as explaining why people in less developed countries are prepared >>>

The life and success of michael jackson – king of pop

He was shy when he was with someone he liked. He also suffered with osteoarthritis of a couple of the vertebrae in the lower back, so the spine was slightly twisted to the left.

Samuel johnson and his dictionary essay

It took 8 years to complete the work, even with the help of a number of assistants, and was finally published in 1755. He was born in Litchfield Staffordshire in 1709, the son of a bookseller, according to the BBC web page, Historic Figures, Samuel Johnson.

About my ambition to build a career in forensic science

I lost my grandmother, grandfather and two uncles in the space of a couple of months during my second year of university. I hope I can be given the opportunity to reach my full potential after being knocked down in many more ways than one and achieve my ambition of >>>

Attrition in bpo

Abstract The broad objective of this research is to identify the root causes of attrition and retention in BPOs, analyzing the level of employeemotivation, satisfaction and involvement, generate a model for maximizing sustenance of employees in the organization and come up with concrete recommendations, which will eventually be valuable to >>>

How to atttend an interview essay

Job Interview Tips Practice Practice answering interview questions and practice your responses to the typical job interview questions and answers most employers ask. If you are not sure of the name, call and ask prior to the interview.

Professional career narrative essay

If a situation requires that a boss or someone higher in authority questions thepersonalitythat you are displaying on the job, as in being lazy in greeting the guests or forgetting to smile as the guest or another employee, it may be necessary to register for another course in hospitality education. >>>

The women who made their marks in space travel essay

Space travel indeed is the utmost adventure ever to ignite the interest of the human race to explore the unknown. The dual mission was carried out for the purpose of concurrently observing the reactions of a man and woman soaring in space, as the Soviet officials would have it.

There by their violent infringements on the rights

A feasible fix to the problem is proportionate representation of the members of the community in the police department. There are a variety of reasons for the low representation of racial minorities in the legal sector of the government.

Why parent your kids when this robot nanny can do the job for you?

Related:Like a real babysitter, the pastel-trimmed iPal learns what your child likes and dislikes over time and, unlike a real babysitter, and constantly scrapes the cloud to "increase its knowledge on subjects of interest to your child". We are just guessing here, but that's probably a doozie that iPal is >>>

Understanding job satisfaction, loyalty, commitment

The reasons of the dissatisfaction should be viewed deeper, and in order to determine the principle factors which cause the employee be unsatisfied it is essential to consider various separate aspects of the employee's relationships at work whether he is dissatisfied with the physicalenvironment, or with the relationships with other >>>

Working overtime and job satisfaction in hilton shanghai hongqiao

1 Working overtime In this part, the definition of working overtime is given, and some figures of overtime hours in different countries and a table of standard and maximum working hours for comparison. Working overtime is normally approved in advance by the Head of Department and is agreed in order >>>

Life and career of ryan reynolds – one of the most famous actors in hollywood

He took on a supporting role in the biopic Woman in Gold in 2015 and starred in the thriller Self/Less. But if he ignores the details in favor of the bigger picture, others might view Reynolds as undisciplined with details, and not appreciate his great planning skills.

How do you answer the question what are your short term and long term career goals

Answer i see myself having a stable job, succesful man, being independent and hardworkin Answer In short terms i want a good start in a company like yours and those responsibilities and roles which will use and improve my skills and capabilities. In long term after having an experience of >>>

Middle child syndrome essay

Sometimes a middle child feels out of place because they are not over achievers and like to go with the flow of things. Since relationships are not of high importance to a middle child, often times they are alone.

Power, office politics, and a career in crisis

2 Thomas Green: Path to Senior Market Specialist tC Thomas Green was born in 1979 in Brunswick, Georgia, the son of a postman and a school secretary. He is an intelligent and capable young man, but I do not believe he is making a strong effort." In response to Davis's >>>

Doctor of pharmacy essay

In addition to this, I also want to satisfy my curiosity on the different things that happen around me, especially in the field of Medicine. I wanted to be confident with my knowledge and the preparations needed for my acceptance in the Doctor of Pharmacy.

American author review: edgar allan poe

This disappointed Allan to the point where he left Edgar nothing when he died.'Tamerlane and Other Poems' was his first publication in 1827, in Boston, followed by a second volume, 'Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems' in 1829. He is credited for his definition of the short story as a >>>