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Oopp lab work

Create a class account that maintains AC_no, name, and balance. Create a savings_account class that maintains the details of customers like name, phone number.

Essay summary of life in prison

When individuals break the law in our society, the pathway to a life in jail or prison is almost certain. However, I am confident that if the majority of our society were taught at an early age that criminal behavior is a no win scenario that will only led them >>>

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Psychology perspectives

The Ego, part of the mind whose function it is to moderate the demands of the id and prevent the superego being too harsh, E. The superego, roughly equivalent to a conscience, the superego consists of an internalisation of all the values of the right and wrong we have been >>>

Virtual workplace in companies

Organizations wishing to implement a virtual office would have to ensure that the benefits of telecommuting will outweigh the costs of the company hence, will quantitatively not create a cost centre within the organization. Identify possible candidates for the virtual office Depending on the structure of the organization, some divisional >>>

Work motivation

WorkMotivationTheory and Research at The Dawn Of The Twenty-First Century Based on this journal, the writers examine progress made in theory and research on needs, traits, values, cognition, and affect as well as three bodies of literature dealing with the context of motivation: nationalculture, job design, and models of personenvironmentfit. >>>

Tesda and the development of the filipino workforce

It was meant to reduce overlapping in skills development activities initiated by various public and private sector agencies, and to provide national directions for the country's technical- vocational education and training system. Hence, a major thrust of TESTED is he formulation of a comprehensive development plan for middle-level manpower based >>>

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Marxist perspective about the family

Friedrich Engels traces the origins of the family and the evolution of the family through time. The family aerates the illusion that private life of the family is separate from the economy but in actual fact, the family is supporting capitalism by producing future workers for the capitalists, consuming the >>>

Outline the main values issues presented to a social worker by one of the case example given

Outline the main values issues presented to a social worker by one of the case example given, with reference to the CCETSW statement of Social Work values. I will be focusing on the value issues within the case study which are relavent to the CCETSW's statement of values, to understand >>>

Advantages of outsourcing

Beniefer in his article "advantages of outsourcing" says that the key advantage of outsourcing is the cost reduction factor. According to a research by Accenture, business people in fields such as retail, manufacturing,healthand travel say that outsourcing provides them more control over the processes of the business.

Four ways your office could be harming your workforce

When we think of the dangers of the workplace, the office worker is perhaps not the first person who springs to mind. But perhaps the most alarming figure from the HSE is this: the estimated cost of ill health in the UK as a direct result of working conditions is >>>

Managing a diverse workforce

We can see people from different nation or different racial in our daily life, this situation is more obvious in school and workplace, especially in multinational. However, although workplace diversity can help many make more profits, it also brings some challenges to employees and managers.

The concept of requiring community service

The concept of requiringcommunity serviceof college students as a requirement forgraduationis based on the idea that communities and individuals can be helped in their development through volunteer service. Community service is when you take time out of your life to do something that will better other people not only physically, >>>

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Teacher internship paper

California Common Cause is the state organization for the national Common Cause. I was very excited to have the opportunity to volunteer for California Common Cause and am thrilled that it has turned into a full time position.

Main concepts of transport systems

While this concept was expected to be the solution to the many challenges but Agbo and Zhang argue that it constitutes only a partial solution, that is the shifting of a portion of freight volume from road to rail. The second ones describes international multi-modal transport as "the carriage of >>>

Womens rights in the workplace

Women are not required to work at a slower pace than men and are required to pay the same for bills and schooling, so it is not fair for them to make less money. As a matter of fact, the proportion of jobs available to women in the Coast Guard >>>

The Basic Energy Model

Work done on a system changes the system's energy by exactly the amount of work that was done.b. The total energy of an isolated system is conserved.II.10.

Fashion police: how to create the right impact with your work wear

As an entrepreneur looking to make your mark on the business landscape it is imperative that you learn to make the first 5 minutes of your meeting count whether it be with the potential brilliant employee, the Venture capitalist or the business partner that you have been wooing. For a >>>

To do list quiz

In your own words, explain what each quotation means.1."The amount of time available to you never changes." ____2."Learning to manage time is an investment in the future." ____3."Before you plan how you will use your time, you need to set your priorities." ____Using Course Resources answer the following questions.4. Choose >>>

Working together story

The boys started to murmur to each other more loudly and they all decided Andy was right and that they should all have some faith in themselves and try and pull off a result for Kev.who gave up his time, week in, week out. Without saying anything to the boys >>>

Explain how work practises in the commercial kitchen

Complying with food is an important way to prevent food poising Correct personal hygiene is an important way to minimize and stop food poisoning; it is the maintenance of your own personal level of cleanliness. Correct environmental hygiene is an important way to minimize and stop food poisoning; it is >>>

Hrd: different perspectives, aims, and objectives

Moreover, the learning paradigm and the performance paradigm overlook most of the HARD practice as well as the thinking. For instance, as the learning paradigm focuses on individual learning the performance paradigm focuses on the individual performance improvement.

Alternative perspectives on business

I know that I acted in my best interest and also in the interest of the store. Because of my cultural affiliation and the way I treat shopping as a commonplace affair, I have become inured to it.

Crisis intervention and its impact

This is achieved through gathering facts around the crisis, listening to the victim's account of the events, encouraging expression and helping the victim understand the impact of the crucial occurrence. The victim is encouraged to address the aftermath of the crisis and become independent again.

Business process outsourcing in the philippines essay

The majority of the BOP facilities are located in Metro Manila and Metro Zebu. Call Center Industry - It comprises 80% of the total BOP industry in the country.

How urban legends work

A Summary of "How Urban Legends Work" Have you ever heard of the urban legend "Bloody Mary", where you stand in the bathroom with the lights off and the room completely dark and chant "Bloody Mary" 13 times in the mirror a woman will appear and kill you. In the >>>

Youth work

I will be exploring the physical and physiological, psychological, and social impact of change in adolescent, and the theories relating to the stages of development and identity formation. It is important to consider issues of theeffects of peerpressure, the media, role models, perceptions by society and appreciate the huge impact >>>

Working adolescents

Though the problem would be, being a family member the tendency to over familiarity is unavoidable, and the person can be a subject to exploitation in terms of time, and may also be to mental harassment, through insults and words of impatience, just like in the outside workplace when in >>>

The benefits of having a job at a young age

They also believe that encouraging teens to work at an early age prepares them for the real world and its responsibilities, not only this, but it is also in how helpful it is in making them understand the real value of life. As stated in the article and from my >>>

Power and social work

Marx defined class in the term of dominant amode of production' and the position within the social organisation of the means of production, within industrial capitalism it was the bourgeoisie who owns the means of production and as a result exploits the proletariat who sells his labour to the owners >>>

American industrial worker

This affected the American industrial worker in the sense that they could no longer decide when to begin and end the workday, when to rest and what tools and techniques to use further depriving the worker's of their independence. Labor unions were a result of the loss of independence, desire >>>

To understand changing perspectives we must first look at change itself

It is only at the end of Bend it like Beckham that Jess's father changes and allows her to play soccer. This is the same with Josie as she changes her perspective of her Nonna when she starts to understand her Nonna's past.

Unbalanced work

During the long time medical leave of Jessica Hilo, 37% of the work load has been handled by a full time administrative assistant and Jack for the total 80 hours of the week, whereas 63% of the work load has been handled by a part time administrative assistant and Ruth >>>

Day care for children: working mothers’ dream

There was also one who retained the job she hated so that she could pay for the care for her child, and another one left the job she enjoyed to care for the baby when the day care price went up. Examining the history of child care in the US, >>>

Recruitment project

The Recruitment Plan for Operations Manager at Jamaica Public Service Limited When the need arises for a new job within the organisation or the replacement of a job there are certain procedures that the company has to go through to fill such a position or to replace it. Based on >>>

Safer walking technology therapists perspective health and social care essay

Apart from the consequence this unwellness has on the economic system, the affect on the lives of the people that have dementia and the people associated to the sick are reeling. One of the aims highlights the demand for commissioners to see the proviso of options such as assistive engineering >>>

Vertical integration and outsourcing

The paper examines the factors that influence outsourcing and vertical integration and examine the factors that prompt organizations to outsource their work. The author has suggested that firms with market power may use vertical integration to increase profits in many different ways and these include taxes and regulation.

Rampant child labor

Child labor is the illegal employment of children below the age of 15, where they are not directly under the soleresponsibilityof their parents or legal guardians. The minimum age of employment for hazardous is contained in the Labor Code.

Pros and cons of working with female supervisors

The woman-friendly managers' help in increasing the performance, making most effective and informed decisions and the equal rights and opportunities are facilitated to all the members. Male supervisors are the firm decision-makers and they can provide a realistic resolution to the concern.

Indentured servants vis-a-vis slaves

The Masters could administer punishment and otherwise abuse to them, similar to the owners' treatment of their slaves. 13) The? headright? was commonly used in the southern colonies and some of the middle colonies toC) award tracts of land to new arrivals in the colonies.

Strategy of the have company

But in the case of the radio controlled airplane hat is a specific item were there would be no need for storage of this item due to not knowing the quantities needed for sale. Since this valued product is need to make the final end product this would have to >>>

Assessing workforce trends

For instance, the demographic characteristics of the labor force link of the website would tell the readers an ample amount of information about those who are currently employed in the U.S. Demographic Characteristics of the Labor Force.

Hard work

So what value is "working hard", and why should we work hard, or expect those we lead work hard as well if there is not a visible payoff? Ultimately, though, you will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work if you ruin your health in the >>>

Flexible working essay

This essay aims to examine the nature of flexibility and further highlight the different types of flexibility throught the flexible firm model. Atkinson's model of the flexible firm is an arrangement in which mangament offers employees different forms of flexibility practices namely functional,numerial and financial flexibility in order to optimize >>>

Agreed ways of working

It is important that you follow the individuals care and support plans and understand andrespectwhat the individual says they need. You must ensure you are working and making decisions with the individuals beliefs, views and opinions in mind.

Argumentative essay about child labor

Children are involved in the production of many of the everyday goods we import from overseas, including the manufacturing of clothes, shoes, toys, and sporting equipment, the farming of cocoa, cotton, sugarcane, and bananas, and the mining of coal, diamonds, and gold. Its initial focuses primarily were to gather information >>>

Work life balance – ideas, reasons and the rising

This essay will be looking at three main areas, first part of the essay will be about the concept of work life balance, and what are the main ideas of work life balance, in the second part, it will be mainly focusing on the reasons and the rising of work >>>

Family or the individual: who do we work with?

In this approach, the family plays a only a "by default" sense, meaning that the patient is incapable of acting on their own behalf and has failed to appoint another individual to serve in their behalf and make decisions in the patients best interest Through the passing of the years, >>>

Does outsourcing by multinational companies cost jobs?

One of the appearing market areas for multinational companies of Europe is India, which is attracting decisions of outsourcing and some extent becoming a reason of cost jobs and lower wages in Europe. Outsourcing is decision of multinational companies of Europe to employ an outside company to manage the computer >>>

Theory and practice of work with young people

Smith's assertion that the role of informal educators is to work towards all people being able to share a 'common life' with an emphasis on:'Work for the well-being of all,respectthe unique value and dignity of eachhuman being, dialogue,equalityand justice, democracy and the active involvement of people in the issues that >>>

Collective bargaining in the public sector essay

Generally the nature of services offered in public companies is not of the expected standards as compared to private companies. In the private company the locus of bargaining has shifted from the central to the sectoral and enterprises levers in which case the sectoral framework agreement set the basic minimum >>>

It projects in business field

In-house developed IT projects are ones that are not outsourced to any third party vendor but are developed internally in an organization by the IT team so that it saves cost, preserves integrity and privacy for the functionalities and operations. Turnkey IT projects are ones that require several components to >>>

Work-life conflict

This paper discusses the issue of work-life conflict, its common nature, the causes and consequences of the challenge, the psychological understanding of the challenge as well as key policy and legal consequences from the occurrence. The management has a role to play in this regard in improving the lives of >>>

Clorox green works

The importance of these labels cannot be understated, as the use of the latter indicates that Clorox is trying to leverage its brand name recognition in order to further the success of the Green Works products. But perhaps the most notable piece of marketing leverage for the Green Works line >>>

Theories used in social work practice & practice models

There are few psychological theories would be appropriate to understand why Winston feels the way he is now and it is important to outline them: Bowlby's Attachment theory, Erikson's Eight stages of the development, Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, Bereavement, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Winston cannot exist in isolation he needs >>>

Article analysis on why overworking should stop being praised

Job stress is the major source of stress for workers, people suffer to control their time.'Strivers' and 'Hard-Working People' are idolised by the political leaders and not the 'family time spending and caring dads'. Nowadays, employees have their lunch breaks at their desk while their nose still glued to the >>>

Reflection on employability skill development module

With the rapid development of working environment, the competition between industry are also increasing, what the employer want for the graduates are not only focus on the degree. Employability skills covers the evaluation of the effectiveness of us with the performance objectives so as to analyse the problems affecting its >>>

A reflection on different volunteer work

This activity besides provides occupant, little concern and organisation an chance to link with the community, to advance themselves and do a payback to the community because the fee from the stall engagement is portion of support to run the Community Centre and its programmes. Based on her occupation description, >>>

Ergonomics and the workplace health and social care essay

Biotechnologies is the scientific discipline of suiting workplace conditions and occupation demands to the capableness of the working population, it tends to look into work related jobs that poses a hazard of musculoskeletal upsets and ways of relieving them. This policy would be implemented and reviewed three times a twelvemonth >>>

Personal values in the work place

Spiritual-mindedness in my personal lives helps me in the work place. With a plentiful amount of wealth, my family can feel secure and will be able to focus on other things in life.

Equal opportunities

Explore this in the context of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and explain the impact the Convention on UK legislation. The Convention on the Rights of the Child applies in the UK since ratification in December 1991, when the government agreed to make all laws, policy >>>

Working in an international team

AbstractIn the international level when we work as a member in international team of dissimilar group of people and have a variety of nationalities then we face a lot of problems and difficulties. So the most important and major things is to understand the language because the every member of >>>

Reflection essay on recruitment and selection

OTS has been entrusted by its' clients to play and fulfill the important roles of attracting and recruiting the most talented and qualified employees available in the marketplace. The goal of this program is to gain additional knowledge, skills and tools for recruiting and hiring more inclusively.

Mothers who work and attend college

Durkheim made the claim that sociology is a study of social facts, that is "a thing that is externalto, and coercive of, the actor" Durkheim introduced a thing that he called externalto in his claim to make sociology as a science. There is a way for sociology to be known >>>

Living on a minimum wage

The first thing that was immediately noticeable in the book was just how hard it was for people on the minimum wage just to achieve the basics of havingfoodand shelter. This strongly suggests that there is a major problem in society, since it seems absurd to think that you have >>>

First aid in saudi arabia

This indicates that a lot of people have ignorance about first aid, and they do not know how to act in such a situation. Most individuals rely on the ambulance to provide medical services and save the situations, but they do not know that relying on them is not the >>>

Use office equipment

4 Explain the purpose of following health and safety procedures when using equipment2. 1 Explain the purpose of meeting work standards and deadlines when using equipment6.

Managing the diverse workforce

In order to manage diversity, the systems and practices must be reviewed and changed if necessary to maximize the capabilities of the people in it. Implementation of the systems must be ensured to extract the abilities of the employees so as to maximize their contribution to the company.

Work and travel u.s.a.

Our theme is "Work and Travel in the USA"."Work and Travel USA" is a program of international cultural exchange that allows students from different countries of the world, to depart on summer vacations to the United States to work and travel. The purpose of the interview is to ensure that >>>

Safety measures in factory

The definition reads: "Occupational health should aim at: the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations; the prevention amongst workers of departures from health caused by their working conditions; the protection of workers in their employment from risks resulting >>>


Elf he had not shown the capability of uplifting and aggrandize himself,he would have not had the right to call himself the Crown of Creations and God's Viceroy on Earth. He had not shown the capability of Crown of Creations and God's Viceroy on Earth.

6 deals to simplify your work week

JBL Flip Bluetooth SpeakerWhether your office subscribes to Friday afternoon drinks, or you prefer to save the fun for post-work happy hour, the JBL Flip makes it easy to get the weekend started on a high note - at a cool22 percent off. Once you get your suit, if you >>>

Langston hughes and countee cullen: perspective on religion

In the sextet the poet wonders whether there is any way to explain the blindness of the mole, the punishments of Tantalus and Sisyphus or the death of human beings and decides that only God has a satisfactory explanation for these worldly imperfections. On the one hand, the poet's black >>>

The benefits of team working

Team works means the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. Now I am going to discuss the benefits of team working in my organisation.

Recruitment plan

Contents The contents of this report are:- * Literature review of recruitment plan * Steps of recruitment plan * Job description Jobadvertisement* Recommendation * Conclusion Literature review of recruitment plan RECRUITMENT:- Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. >>>

Different types of welding processes

The different types of welding processes are: -Oxy Fuel Gas Welding -Arc Welding -Resistance Welding -Solid State Welding -Thermite Welding -Radiant Energy Welding Selection of Welding Processes: Within Welding, there are various types of processes to choose from. The most predominant welding process within this industry is TIG, although, there >>>

Important scholars of education: the work of paulo freire and william w. brickman

Friere believed the, "Banking" concept of education was the best theory to improve education in thepovertyand oppressed areas versus Brickman argued that the "comparative" approach on education gives students more versatility of educational learning. Even though, Friere and Brickman theories on education were different, they both had a passion for >>>

Older workforce

An employee who joins the SkillTeam at the age of 55 for example on a five year contract would work for 58% of their time over the period, for 88% of their previous IBM salary. Recruiting young staff is vital for private organisations both now and in the future, however, >>>

Team work – my personal example

Meetings were scheduled then cancelled, work products morphed from one thing to another and ultimately two of the team members wrote the whole plan and submitted it to the Governor's office for review. The team suffered from poor communication and was ineffective in the end.

Mcb internship report

The role of the commercial bank in the growth and development of the economy on sound and steady footings is discussed briefly as follows: Mobilization of Resources: The commercial banks are the most efficient organization of the economy in the mobilization the resources and making a profitable pool of these >>>

The true essence of ethical dilemma and prospective scenarios

The dilemma I am left with is as to whether I accept she has realised her behaviour is unacceptable and believe she will not repeat it or I report the disclosure and the children be removed due to concerns of repeated behaviour. However, Kant would not support the consideration of >>>

Ethics of frames of reference in employment relations

Management right to manage is legitimate and rational which means that representing the organization and interests of capital are in the single focus of employee loyalty and the sole source of legitimate authority within the organization. Collective bargaining is a mechanism and the formation of trade unions is a realistic >>>

Leveraging workplace diversity

Against sexdiscriminationAct1984Workplace diversity refers to the ways of recognizing and respecting the individual differences of the workers and being able to manage them as they work. In the places work there is need for diversity in terms of gender, type of work to be done, age tribe/race and even the >>>

Top 10 risks of offshore outsourcing

Cost-Reduction Expectations The biggest risk with offshore outsourcing has nothing to do with outsourcing - it involves the expectations the internal organization has about how much the savings from offshore will be. A related issue is that of the strategic intent behind the offshore outsourcing decision by organizations.

Conflict, functionalist, feminiist perspective view on prostitution

By punishing those who engage in deviant behavior such as prostitution, the society reaffirms its commitment to its sexual norms and createsloyaltyto the society as people bind together to oppose this behavior. From this, it is shown that by meeting such needs prostitution functions as a form of social control >>>

Problems related to external recruitment

After the recruitment and selection process the induction process makes the employee comfortable within the norms andcultureof the organization. It was found that many organizations used proper cost calculations of the recruitment and selection process, in order to find out the actual cost of filling a vacancy in the organization.

Dramaturgical perspective

Dramaturgical Perspective The dramaturgical perspective was developed primarily by Sociologist, Erving Goffman who recast the theatrical metaphor dramaturgy into a sociological term, meaning that social life is like a drama or stage play where intricacies of social interaction could be observed and analyzed, and people can perform in a manner >>>

E-business revenue model

That is the reason there is a low possibility to mislead a traveler through the reviewsPrice Comparison: users can compare the price of flights, hotels through TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor has their activities in all of the major countries of the worldUser Friendly: people can use TripAdvisor through website and mobile app.

The life history anthropological perspective

This concept of having fun in the awesome and dramatic eventualities of an other ways routine for a kid of his age seems to me as the first step of his finding the life meaning full. He actually enjoyed it because he knew he was helping me out and he >>>

Insourcing and outsourcing of companies

Over half of the US jobs are going to India because of insourcing and outsourcing of companies. Many women have joined the work force and have become head of the households.

How can resourcing and development add value to the modern workplace

In addition to on-the-job experience, P; G provides a wealth of technical, functional and leadership skills training. P; G's intent is to offer professional sustainable development, recruitment and diversity activities in the workplace.

The characteristics of hemingway’s works

The Characteristics of Hemingway's Works Ernest Hemingway, who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1954, occupies an outstanding position in the American literature. In a novel A Farewell to Arms, Hemingway started the first paragraph as "In the late summer of that >>>

Managing diversity in the workforce

Having the need to live in a world of diverseculture, business companies deal with the hardship of dealing with the differences of the workforces in their organization. The possibilities of turning a diverse workforce into a unified organization would be introduced in this research in an aim to prove that >>>

Disadvantages of virtual workplace

This can lead to misinterpretations and incorrect assumptions that can presume further complexities in the work front. It is clearly indicative of the fact that face to face meetings are more effective means of communication that develops trust andrespectfor fellow workers and managers.

A summer trainng report on recruitment & attrition management

The opening up of the sector is likely to lead to greater spread and deepening of insurance in India and this may also include restructuring and revitalizing of the public sector companies. Attrition is the Function of Demand and Supply The demand comes from the growth of the industry and >>>

Meaningful work

It should be the easiest way to get to where you want to be. In the book, "The Lazy Way To Success How To Do Nothing And Accomplish Everything," the author, Fred Gratzon, believes that the "basis of success is nothard work.

Sally jameson: valuing stock options in a compensation package (abridged)

During the conversation with Marks, Jameson had asked what her compensation package would be Marks: "Well, Sally, we are all very impressed with you and would like to offer you a starting salary of 50,000. All I know are the details: each of the 3,000 options you will be granted >>>