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Impact of hr practices on organizational performance in bangladesh

The present study selected HR practices such as recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, and compensation which were incorporated by the Fombrun, Tichy, and Devana Model of HRM. The main purpose of the study was to identify the impact of HR practices on organizational performance.

How bangladesh is affected by flooding

River floods are where high amounts of rain and meltedsnowfrom the Himalayas completely flood the river and also the floodplain, the water can not be contained so flows over lands which is usually not protected, this again damages crops by flooding them and also ruining the land for future use >>>

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Unilever bangladesh

Consumers of ice cream are mainly Urban kids in the age group of 5-14 who mainly consume normal sticks, cups, cones innovative fillers and water ice creams; there is urban youth in the age group of 15-24 who consume premium and extrusion sticks and cones and urban mothers in the >>>

Cellbazaar, burgeoning mobile marketplace of bangladesh

The main goal of providing service of this organization is to provide error free services to the customer and to fulfill that goal all the activities are run in the organization. CellBazaar, often called the Mobile Craigslist of Bangladesh, has provided a martketplace to buy and sell goods and service >>>

Culture of bangladesh

Most people know that the Bangladeshpovertyrate is one of the highest in the world and yet although many visitors would expects to see only poverty in this country the truth is that there is much more to Bangladesh than it may seem. The Bangladesh culture is rich and it is >>>

Csr of british american tobacco bangladesh

1 Objective of The Study The main objective of the paper is to explore the running and existing CSR practices done by BAT. In Bangladesh, as elsewhere in the world, out of the trend towards privatization and market liberalization policies, a discourse has emerged on the imperative for business to >>>

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Motivation letter for computer system engineering essay sample

I have completed my degree Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka, Bangladesh in July, 2005. Page 2 of 2However, from my work and experience in the sector of computer interfacing and robotics, I came to recognized that my knowledge is still >>>

The sundarbans case essay sample

The legal status of the forests underwent a series of changes, including the distinction of being the first mangrove forest in the world to be brought under scientific management. The remaining portions of the forests were declared a reserve forest the following year and the forest, which was so far >>>

Difference between british and bangladeshi cultures

This study investigated transmission and cross cultural variation in the view of the self and styles of thinking between younger and older British white participants, Bangladeshi immigrants and British Born Bangladeshi participants. The two most distinguishable views of the self which vary in different cultural groups are the 'individualistic view' >>>

Outsourcing prospects of bangladesh

Morisawa shared her thoughts on the scope and possibilities of the IT sector in Bangladesh, more specifically in terms of offshore outsourcing. Finally, more advertising and marketing need to be done to Japan by the Bangladesh ITO and BPO industries.Dr.

Why bangladesh studies should be taught to students of bba

It is necessary to know the history of Bangladesh as there exists a strong connection between people of the country and their mentality and customs. It is also important to learn about religion and caste of people of Bangladesh as will help to acquire knowledge about social ceremonies, obligations and >>>

Sunsilk in bangladesh

The Power of Buyer & Power of Supplies to Sunsilk is not a threat to Sunsilk shampoo. In 1989, Sunsilk introduced with three variants related to hair type endorsement of a hair stylist was the first step in building the image of brand ashealthcare expert.* In 2000, to strengthen the >>>

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Panipat cotton

The slump in cotton price from Rs 4,800 per quintal last season to around Rs 4,000 this season has become a blessing in disguise for Panipat-based home textile exporters. But, in current season, the return has been in the range of Rs 3,900 to Rs 4,100 per quintal, down by >>>

Cricket spectacle to help spur the bangladesh economy

Representatives from giant companies like Adidas, Nike, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Emirates, and so on would be here during the world cup and the successful completion of this event would help them to understand the potentialities of Bangladesh market; these companies would sponsor Bangladesh cricket officially in future that would anyway impact >>>

How i became a literate in bengali essay

The language I took a fancy to was Bengali. There and then I decided that Bengali was the language I wanted learn and master.

Bata shoe in bangladesh

Bata is the largest shoe manufacturing and marketing company in Bangladesh. Bata is performing CSR activities in many ways to be a good citizen of the country.

Impact of eve teasing in the society of bangladesh

Impact of Eve teasing in the society of Bangladesh: By: S.khan joy Email:[email protected]com Now Eve teasing is one of the main threats for Bangladesh because it is destroying the social balance. As nearly half of the population of the country are women, for the economicdevelopment of the countrytheir participation >>>

Bangladesh media landscape by robert

The capital, Dhaka, has population of about 16 million and is one of the largest cities in the world. Several local languages are spoken in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in South-eastern Bangladesh and in the extreme north of the country, where the influence of India's neighbouring Assam region is pronounced.

Beauty of bangladesh

It was the capital of Kingdom of the Mourjo, the Gupta and the Sen Dynasty. It is the season of perspiration and thirst.

Key economic indicators and changes over time in bangladesh

The economic exploitation of the East Bengal by the West Pakistan, contemporary Pakistan, has turned out to be the complete deficit for the first player and the surplus for the other one. In order to manage the economy, the government of Bangladesh had to develop new industrial capacities and rehabilitate >>>

Nitun kundu: from art to enterprise essay sample

The responsible Kundu realized that he had a family of his own to take care of. Before his death he won a number of awards and titles, including 'Ekushey Padak' in 1997 and Bangladesh Business Award with OTOBI as the Enterprise of the year in 2001.2."Entrepreneurs use left-brain skills to >>>

The role of banking sector in the prevention of money laundering in bangladesh

In 1986, the U.S.became the first country in the world to criminalize the "laundering" of the proceeds of criminal activity when it passed the U.S.money laundering law. Thus in 1986, the U.S.became the first country in the world to criminalize the "laundering" of the proceeds of criminal activity.