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This bankpreneur is empowering rural india with ‘bank-in-a-box’

By supporting the business and financial requirements of this segment, the Bank is contributing to it in a big way. As a bank with a public purpose, IDFC Bank is also reaching out to the underserved segments of Bharat, especially the self-employed and micro enterprises in parts of rural India.

Gupta rulers period as golden age essay sample

The period between the 4th century and 6th century CE is known as the Golden Age of India because of the large achievements Indians made in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, dialectic, literature, logic, mathematics, astronomy, religion and philosophy during the Gupta Empire. The Golden Age in India >>>

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India of my dreams

It is in many ways necessary for a country like India to be insane and dream as it is a bigger crime not to dream than to dare to dream. Consumption of Power is directly proportional to the Quality of Life and I often dream of a time when we >>>

Characteristics of india essay

India is the seventh largest country in the world and the second largest in Asia with a length of 3. The end point of the Indian Peninsula is in southern India, which stretches from the Deccan in the north to Cap Camorin.

Laws and politics of india

YET, all hell broke loose when the State Assembly adopted, on June 26, a resolution recording its acceptance of the report of the State Autonomy Committee and asked "the Union Government and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to take positi ve and effective steps for the implementation of the >>>

Essay about education in india

One of the main directions of the country's social policy today is to increase the general level of education of the population, so schools are being built everywhere in the states, teaching children in schools is being promoted, as opposed to home education and work from an early age. The >>>

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Do aankhen barah haath

The film was inspired by the story of an 'open prison' experiment Swatantrapur in the princely state of Aundh near Satara. The film ends with the death of the warden at the hands of the minions of a corrupt enemy who wants no competition, in the profitable market he controls.

Dbq essay impacts of new imperialism essay sample

The cultivation of rice is in Java what the vintage is in the Rhine provinces and in the south of France. They wished to profit by the fertility of the soil, and ordered the native to devote a part of his time and labor to the cultivation of other things >>>

Royal bengal tigers essay sample

HABITATThe Bengal tiger is most numerous in the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans in eastern India and Bangladesh where the River Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal. In the Sundarbans region of India and Bangladesh, the tiger's prey are chital, wild boar, and monkeys.

Indian history term paper sample

With this in mind, the rewinding of New Delhi life is an important aspect in the quest of understanding the present city. This particular piece of work examines the history of this city with the aim of establishing how the city has changed or remained unchanged over the time.

Drug pricing and competition issues in india through dpco and cdcso activites

India fix the prices of prescription drugs on the basis of cost of the drug. The CDSCO prescribes standards and measures for ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of drugs, cosmetics, diagnostics and devices in the country; regulates the market authorization of new drugs and clinical trials standards; supervises drug >>>

Hindu-muslim conflict in india essay sample

The first reason is one that happened in the past decade and that is the attacks on the Indian Parliament by Islamic military groups. All fingers pointed to the Kashmir, a Islamic militant group, and the Indian government set out to find the organizers of the attack.

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National integration analysis

The national integration is the process of uniting different people from all walks of life into a single whole. What is needed is superior interpretations, synthesis of the power of the mind that can give rise to a vision of the whole and oneness.

Title of assignment: dowry system in india essay sample

In the past, the local custom in India was for the groom and his family to provide only a small dowry to the bride's family. The dowry system, payment from the bride's family to the groom and his family during the time of marriage, has a long and controversial history >>>

Edgar allan poe – annabel lee research paper essay sample

LOCATION* India is the most populous nation and seventh largest in area.* Located in South Asia on the Indian subcontinent.* About 3000 km wide and has, 7000 km along the Bay of Bangal on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west.* India's land frontier of about 5700 km >>>

The revolt of 1857 essay sample

The Battle of Plassey was an important stepping stone for the British rule in India as the British had overcome the French in India, and the state of Bengal had effectively passed into the hands of the British. The territories that had been captured by the sepoys during the period >>>

The religion that focuses on the behavior and deeds essay example

The religion is known as having the highest number of traditional scholars since literacy and enlightenment is core to the principles of the religion. The behavior and deeds of the individual determine the destiny of the individual.

The origin of mutual fund industry in india

The origin of mutual fund industry in India is with the introduction of the concept of mutual fund by UTI in the year 1963. Putting the AUM of the Indian Mutual Funds Industry into comparison, the total of it is less than the deposits of SBI alone, constitute less than >>>

Free research paper on hippocampus learning center

Hippocampus Learning Center has already working libraries in Tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra that are spread across the country making it easier for many to access. Hippocampus Learning Center has set a monthly charge for children of a minimum of Rs.

The top monuments of india

Taj Mahal, Agra Built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1631, in memory of his wife Mumtaz, the Taj Mahal is one of the top 7 wonders of the world. It is the official residence of the descendants of the King of Mysore.

Air india capital budgeting essay sample

Setting up of an Integrated Operational Control Centre in Delhi for close monitoring of the turnaround time of various aircraft in the fleet to optimize aircraft utilization.4. The project is in the final stage of completion and will be ready for commissioning by the end of 2011.11.

Comperative analysis of indian camp and just like that

In "Indian camp" the boy is forced to be in the room with the birthing woman, even though his father easily could see, that he do not want to. The different is Just that in "Indian camp" the father realizes what he has done, and in "Just like that" the >>>

“what india needs today”

From the phase of being a Golden bird to that of being under colonial rule which exploited her to the worst and yet again building herself back to the days of glory, India has witnessed inumerous Histories. The Governments which came in power after Independence continued to focus on development >>>

Child education in india education essay

Education, including proficient instruction, medical instruction and universities, capable to the commissariats of entries 63, 64, 65 and 66 of List I; vocational and proficient preparation of labor "The Constitution of India has laid a directive before the province to do a proviso of free and mandatory instruction for kids >>>

Discussion questions about india and afghanistan

The Ganges river is one of the longest in the world and has been used to cultivate crops. HInduism is considered the oldest religion, and encompasses all strata of society.

A shout out to tech innovators! take up the intel & dst innovate for digital india challenge 2.0

Up to 20 teams will be shortlisted based on predefined criteria and invited to pitch their solutions to a panel of experts at Hyderabad and up to top ten teams will be identified at the end of this phase. The winning team will be announced at the end of the >>>

Example of slumdog millionaire review movie review

The film is noticeable for the creative plot, original scenery, eye-catching pictures illustrating the life of the poor citizens in India, good music. The plot of this film is definitely turns the attention of the audience by its uniqueness and simplicity.

Gendering in bollywood

While, the other forms of cinema are also important when it comes to the representation of women, restricting to popular cinema is the core concern of the paper. The female character served as a spectacle to provide pleasure to the male spectator, for which Mulvey used the term "gaze.iv The >>>

Analytical reflection on taraka’s ghost stanley literature review samples

Taraka's decision to commit suicide to escape the wrath of her father shows the expectations of a woman in their culture. Since the ghost was her best friend, there are possibilities that the ghost was advising her to take her responsibilities as a married woman, which was the expectation of >>>

Indian writing in english essay sample

It shocked us into a new awareness, a sense of urgency, and the long dormant intellectual and critical impulse was quickened into sudden life and the reawakening Indian spirit went forth to meet the violent challenge of the values of modern science and the civilization of the west. Ram Mohan >>>

National unity

But the achievement of this unity in the midst of vast diversity is a great problem in the country. They should aim at the peace and prosperity of the nation.

A southeast asian unicorn aims to create an industrial bridge between india and indonesia

Speaking on the recruitment process in India, Piotr Jakubowski, Chief of Marketing at Go-Jek, said that the biggest challenge while hiring remains the fact that it's a product that does not exist in the country. Go-Jek's announcement gives reasons for the Bangalore to cheer as the Silicon-Valley of India is >>>

Pratibha patil essay sample

In addition, she had been for some years the president of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee and also held office as Director of the National Federation of Urban Co-operative Banks and Credit Societies and as a Member of the Governing Council of the National Co-operative Union of India.[2] On 8 >>>

Science & technology in india

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA Science in Ancient India The Contribution of India to the world of Science & Technology dates back to ancient times. Science and Modern India Indian scientists have played a stellar role in the development of India.

Emerging india

10% of 150,000 patients in the hospital are from 60 nations around the world and the cost of treatment is much cheaper compared to other countries. This price difference is said to be due to low personnel costs in India as well as increased operation costs in the United States >>>

Essay on fit india movement

After going through Fit India Scheme essay you will have all the useful information on the movement i.e.its launch date and objective; when and where was the movement inaugurated; who inaugurated the scheme; which dignitaries were present at the launch; what message was send in the public; what effects of >>>

Adventure of prince of persia essay sample

In Azad, the Vizier of the Maharajah tricks the Prince into releasing the Sands of Time, using the Dagger of Time. Driven by grief, the Prince stabs the top of the hourglass with the Dagger of Time, locking the Sands of Time back into the hourglass, reversing the events of >>>

Globalisation of entertainment industry in india

INDIAN TELEVISION INDUSTRY Television is one of the major segments of the Indian entertainment industry and has thousands of programs in all the states of India. With the advent of improved technologies in all aspects from film production to marketing,the increased corporatisation of industry and Resurgence of regional cinema, the >>>

Modhera temple essay sample

The temple was so designed that the first rays of the sun fell on the image of Surya, the Sun God, at the time equinoxes. It was built by the Solankis in honour of their ancestral God.

India shines bharat languishes essay sample

The mind boggles therefore at the Congress's decision to go down the same disastrous path as the BJP with a pre-election multi-media ad blitz to showcase its "achievements" of the past nine years in government. In a studied bid to avoid the chutzpah of India Shining, the Congress has chosen >>>

Good essay about women in india

While it is acceptable for a man to travel out of the city and even the country for work, the women cannot do so since she "has the responsibility of the house". While this is upsetting to hear, the women of India are not done fighting back.

Tv channels project india in a bad light

TV Channels project India in a bad light Recently the rise of consumerism and a spurt in the number of satellites in the vicinity of our planet have led to rise in the number of TV Channels as well as their viewers across the country. And, when a guy from >>>

Article on swachh bharat abhiyan

The ambitious programme aims to make the streets, roads and infrastructure across the country clean by October 02nd, 2019, the 150thbirth anniversary of the Father of the Nation. The relevance of the Swachh Bharat MissionSanitation has emerged as a key issue since the 2011 Census highlighted the glaring data on >>>

Importance of creating an international film registry term paper examples

The memory that will be residing in the international registry will serve to document heritage of the global society reflecting the diversity of people in terms of their culture and language. In addition to this, the film addresses an international concept because it documents about various diverse groupings of the >>>

Sarojini naidu essay sample

Her collection of poems "Golden Threshold" "The Bird of Time", "The Broken Wings" "Feast of Youth etc.she was given the nickname the "Nightingale of India" were admired by Rabindranath Tagore and Jawaharlal Nehru.she met Shree Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Gandhi and was influenced by them. Her works on poetry are >>>

Why india is among the top-ranking countries in the field of basic research

Science and technology has totally revived our life SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA Science in Ancient India The Contribution of India to the world of Science & Technology dates back to ancient times. That is one of the great change that science and technology has provided to us.

Child labor india research paper example

In fact, it is argued that India is the leading country with the highest number of child workers. As a result of the increasing number of child laborers and poverty in the Country, various organizations have taken the initiative of offering incentives to reduce the problem.

The search- a view of the same issue from another perspective essay example

At the end of the story, it becomes clear that Ethan develops into a western style hero who is can recognize his family, to forget the racial differences that he and Marty have and accepting Debbie in reuniting the family. The second error in the film is that, in the >>>

Free sample essay on the problem of brain drain in india.

This exodus of our young, promising and bright professionals and scientists, to developed countries of the West, in search of greener pastures and better career opportunities, is a matter of great concern. It is in our best interest that this brain drain is checked and the outflow of talent is >>>

Level of poverty in rural india

India is a developing country which is known as a second largest populated in the World, where one-third of the population lives in rural India, so obviously if our countries one-third population living in rural India we must study about their social and economic conditions to make the better community. >>>

Culture of india

The well-known classical dances of India are the Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi and Manipuri. Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Onam in Kerala are the harvest festivals of south India.

Analytics companies in india top analytics companies in india essay sample

Top Analytics Companies in India:In Analytics what we try is make clusters for the people to deccide on their own, These clusters,on analytic companies will help you a lot Branded Analytics Cluster 1 1. ReplyRadhika March 10, 2011 2:15 AM You can add Time Analytics Services, Bangalore to this list.

Gandhi essay

He worked hard to improve the life of women and the downtrodden. He was a friend of all and enemy of none.

India: a land of festivals and fairs essay sample

Every day of the year there is a festival celebrated in some part of the country. Because India is still a predominantly rural nation, many of its festivals also welcome the coming of natural phenomena like the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon.

The gateway to south india essay sample

Chennai, is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamilnadu and is one of the four metropolitan cities in India. The guests are made to sit on a choir mat rolled out on the floor and the meal is served on a banana leaf which is placed in front >>>

The bhopal gas tragedy case

They should have been aware of methods to control the spread of the toxic gas once it had leaked from the main container. Proper check of all the safety devices and monitoring all equipment on a regular basis is essential if such accidents have to be prevented in future.

doordarshan – indian public service broadcaster essay sample

It is one of the largest broadcasting organisations in India in terms of the studio and transmitter infrastructure. For the London Olympics, live telecasts of the opening and closing ceremonies of the games were broadcast on its national channel.

Free article review on trail of tears

An excerpt on the captivation of the Jews by the Babylonians from the Christian Bible relates the fears of the Jews to that of the Red Indians after the extraction of the two races from their homes. John Ross, a chief of the Cherokee tribe, encourages the confidence of the >>>

Swachh bharat mission: swachh vidyalaya abhiyan

The main aim of Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya is to teach the young learners about the use of clean drinking water, promoting a sense of hand washing habits, basic sanitation, and to perform Swachh Bharat activities in their schools by various means. Sanitation:There should be separate toilets for boys and >>>

Babur, emperor of hindustan and the letters of st. francis xavier essay sample

The two letters that were sent to South India to the Society of Jesus at Rome in 1543 and to St. Francis Xavier and Emperor Babur's autobiography both indicated their negative view of the India as a whole.

Legal operations in international business essay

However, Judiciary in India and in many countries of the world have not been upto the mark with the required timeline, hence Alternative Dispute Resolution methods have been designed and implements all over the world. Government laws take a lot of time to deliver the solutions and also the path >>>

Respect girl child

The 23rd of October 2012, is the last day of the Hindu festival of Navratra the nine days' regimen of fasting and feasting, which is celebrated in its various nuances Durga Pooja; the rhythmic Garba dancing; the night long singing of bhajans; the Ramlila, with the celebrations culminating on the >>>

The history of the konark temple in odisha

Located in the eastern province of Odisha, the Konark Temple was the place of worship for the Hindu sun god, Surya. The themes that you will see in Konark Temple revolve around the worship of the sun god and Orissan architecture.

Urban transport in indian cities

The minimum cost of public transport use accounts for 20 to 30 per cent of the family income for nearly 50 per cent of the city population living in unauthorized settlements. While the road-widening and Junction- improvement schemes were implemented in only a few cities, public transport remained in the >>>

Dynamics of the refugee movement during and after the partition

Several themes have been identified in the film "Khamosh Pani", all speaking about the society and politics of Pakistan and the influence of the partition on the two. India was divided on the 14th and 15th of August, 1947 into the sovereign states of the union of India and the >>>

Indian imperialism & independence study guide

Commonwealth, but had right to declare independence - After WWI ended in 1918, Rowlett bills: people can be arrested/jailed without charge/trial o Led to protests: formed in 1885, India's national political party made up mostly of Hindus - At first looking for reform, but soon were calling for self-government - >>>

History vs archeology critical thinking examples

When the Civil War erupted, the settlers tried moving to another town and later abandoned the place.- Pocahontas is the daughter of the local tribal chief in Virginia who was considered by the English as the "first civilized savage" although she grew up in the their tribal culture. Although, I >>>

Lijjat papad

The objective of the institution is to provide employment to the ladies to enable them to earn decent and dignified livelihood. Any women who can render physical work in the institution without distinction of caste, creed and color and agrees to abide by the objective of the institution can become >>>

Msd: wherever i go, people ask about daughter ziva

In this way, it regards have her and it does not generally make a difference whether I like or I do not care for the consideration she is getting on the grounds that she is not really three and a half and she as of now has her own particular >>>

Tata nano case study essay sample

Tata employed the idea of the Nano being a "kit" car and having Indian entrepreneurs assemble and sell the cars to the public. Service is also a very important component in the car industry in general and is a vital part of the industry's value chain.

Tradition vs modernity

Movements for abolition of slavery, voting rights to the women and universal suffrage were the natural outcome of the abandonment of traditional belief and practices in favor of a more democratic and equalitarian political and social system. Similarly at the time of death of father, the son only would light >>>

Good report on ethan edwards: hero or antihero in the searchers

John Ford's 1956 film The Searchers is commonly understood to be one of the finest Westerns of all time; much of that is due to John Ford's gorgeous cinematography, but the lion's share of the film's appeal rests on the captivating nature of John Wayne's character Ethan Edwards. While Ethan's >>>

How much land does a man require essay sample

These forests are chiefly distributed along the Western Ghats, in upper parts of Assam and Orissa and in Andman Islands. Average height of trees in these forests is 25-35 m and shrubs are common.

The foundation of ca for indians

Introduction of this business division association is filling in as a CA firm under basics and course and code of ethics proposed for ca firms by icai the foundation of CA for indians. CA is an all inclusive accounting task permitted to accounting specialists in various countries around the world, >>>

Essay on rakhi

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their brothers and express their love to them. Festivals are the celebration of togetherness as being as a united family and the festival "Raksha Bandhan" is not an exception of this.

Culture of india

Along with the neighbouring urban areas, including the cities of Navi Mumbai and Thane, it is one of the most populous urban regions in the world. India is the cradle of human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother >>>

I was scared stiff essay sample

The Mughal Gardens at the Rashtrapati Bhawan were laid out by the British and are a replica of the Nishat or Shalimar gardens in Srinagar. The gardens are opened to the public in the month of February only.

Coca-cola india case study analysis

Furthermore, soon after the addition of carbonated water, Coca-Cola brand was given the honor of 1887 and in just year of two years, the brand began to spread its sales all over the world. Furthermore, as it began its sales in India, the Coca-Cola began to see its rise again >>>

To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities essay sample

People from all over the states migrates from their homes to a common place, carrying their tradition, culture and life-style along with them to their new dwelling. What place is better than cities like Delhi to study the amalgamation of their different cultures and formation of mixed culture that still >>>

Sri lankan essay sample

The rulers gave their patronage to the construction of great Buddhist "dagabas" or relic chambers for the spiritual up liftment of the peopleIn all, Sri Lankan culture today is a pleasant kaleidoscope that combines the influences of the many cultures and peoples that have left their indelible impression on the >>>

Legal notices, terms of use, privacy policy and copyrights essay sample

If goodness is alsoSummary of Our Casuarina Tree greatness, I can, without pretension, justly write the story of my own life which will interest myShort Autobiography of a Pen readers. On the last day of Bengal year, a village fair is held in the placeMinerals in India Maratha Empire around >>>

All their lives in a box essay sample

At the funeral joseph has a ache of regret and loss burning inside of his the words "it's my fault" ached in his heart.to try and inure the heart breaking place joseph tries to picture himself in a another place but the sounds of the cleaning of a throat bring >>>

Nationalism in india essay sample

There were religious Sikhs in the Punjab to the West, Muslims in Bengal to the East, Hindu Maratha tribes in the Deccan Plateau, Tamil speakers in the South, and Hindu princes in Hyderabad. The hub of the Mughal Empire was in the densely populated northern region along The Ganges River >>>

Cultural differences between india and canada essay sample

The food in both of the countries is very different. In India, the colour white is considered to be pure and divine.

Advantages of fdi in retail in india

Benefits to consumers: Consumers will get variety of good quality products at low prices compared to market rates and will be able to choose from various international brands at one place.) Lack of Infrastructure: This has been one of the common issues in the retailing chain in India for years, >>>

Characteristics of indian languages essay sample

In this paper, we describe the nature of the Indian languages and describe and discuss our proposal where we feel the requirements of some more SSML elements to improve the rendering of Indian languages. FEATURES OF INDIAN LANGUAGES AND SCRIPTS Some of the features of Indian languages and the scripts >>>

agra fort

The mahal or palace stands at the end of a lawn and was intended to serve as the residence of Akbar's son, Jehangir. It holds the distinction of being the largest private residence in the fort and has been built as per a blend of Hindu and Central Asian architecture.