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National hero

Jose Rizal deserves to be the National Hero of the Philippines. The choice of a hero involves not only You must Login to view the entire essay.

Bank of montreal’s balanced scorecard essay sample

In terms of size, the Philippines is behind only to the United States and India in Accenture's global network."One of the challenges for us is collaboration," said Michael Duff, project manager for Accenture Philippines, who leads a six-man team that developed Accenture People". Since a local team was responsible for >>>

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The history of the philippines

The History of the Philippines The archipelago of the Philippine is made up of over 7,100 islands and lies off the south coast of Taiwan and its Southeastern neighbors, Malaysia and Indonesia. The increasing involvement of the Philippines in the international trading roused with China, Southeast Asia, and India extends >>>

State of the philippine agrarian reform program

The welfare of the landless farmers and farm workers will receive the highest consideration to promotesocial justiceand to move the nation towards sound rural development and industrialization, and the establishment of owner cultivatorship of economic-sized farms as the basis of Philippine agriculture. To this end, a more equitable distribution and >>>

Partners of ayala corp essay sample

In 2011, Ayala began building its renewable energy portfolio, beginning with a joint venture with Mitsubishi for solar power, the purchase of the iconic Northwind farm for wind power, and its joint venture with Sta. Ayala has spent about P4 billion for investments in new businesses, like power generation and >>>

Analyze the philippine literature essay

In fiction, the period of apprenticeship in literary writing in English is marked by imitation of the style of storytelling and strict adherence to the craft of the short story as practiced by popular American fictionists. Writers Club founded in 1926, had stated that one of its aims was to >>>

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Reaction on was rizal an american sponsored hero?

The article, "Was Jose Rizal an American Sponsored Hero? discussed some facts which proves that Rizal truly deserves what and where he is today the National Hero of the Philippines. His discussions were articulate and were convincing and due to this, I would have to concur to what the author >>>

Film analysis for dekada ’70

Plot The film tells the story of the life of a middle-class Filipino family who, over the space of a decade, become aware of the political policies that have ultimately led to repression and a state of Martial law in the Philippines. Her husband, played by Filipino actor, Christopher de >>>

The american era

Colonialism * the printing press was used to block the Americanculturefrom entering the Philippine lifestyle * Newspapers in our different dialects flourished all over the archipelago.* *Writers were given the chance to show and prove the true talent of the Filipinos * *Writers during these period drew ideas from the >>>

Composition of president

The defeat, capture and execution of Sumuroy in June 1650 led to the end of the revolt. Was the revolt of 1815-1872 characterized by the emergence of a counter-consciousness in the securalization movement?

I. etymology

However, the educational tradition of the Ateneo embraces the much older history of the Jesuits as a teaching order in the Philippines.* On October 1, 1859, under the Jesuits, the Escuela eventually became the Ateneo Municipal de Manila in 1865 when it was elevated to an institution of secondary education. >>>

Jose rizal and his nationalism

He showed to his people their sufferings friars and civil authorities, how the friars whom were guilty of bribery and corruption had made of the Catholic religion an instrument of domination and had prostituted it with exterior practices which foster the appearance of worship. And the civil guards do not >>>

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i am filipino ” can they smell that aroma in me?” essay sample

The Filipino people or Filipinos are an ethnic group native to the islands of the Philippines. The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English and most Filipinos are bilingual or trilingual.

Top 3 regions in food production:

The region is the major producer/supplier of semi-temperate vegetables in the country which serves as main source of livelihood for 97,350 farmers. ECONOMY: The major earners in the region are fishing, agriculture and forest- related products.are Some of the important products of the region.

The culture of the philippines essay sample

Before the arrival of the Spaniards and the introduction of Roman Catholicism and Western culture in the 16th century, the indigenous Austronesian people of what is now called the Philippines were adherents of a mixture of shamanistic Animism, Islam, Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhismm. The literature of the Philippines illustrates the >>>

Ferdinand marcos

Dubbed as the country's "strongman," he holds the distinction of being the first and only Philippine President to be re-elected in office and the last Philippine Senate President to be elected to the highest office of the land the Philippine Presidency. The President described the brief communization of the University >>>

The indolence of the filipinos

Illustrated and highlighted in my topic are the causes of indolence, the effects of the influence of climate to the indolence of the Filipinos, the manifestations from the part of the government and church to their contribution to the causes and effects of indolence in the communities during Spanish period, >>>

Thomasites: the thomasites arrived in the philippines essay sample

Thomasites: The Thomasites arrived in the Philippines on August 12, 1901 to establish a public school system, to teach basic education and to train Filipino teachers, with English as the medium of instruction. Although two groups of new American graduates arrived in the Philippines before the USS Thomas, the name >>>

history of environmentalism in the philippines

1781Economic Society of the Friends of the Country Composed of leading men in business, industry and profession, the society was tasked to explore and exploit the islands' natural resources. The act entitled "An Act to Reorganize the Executive Department of the Government of the Philippine Islands" abolished the Department of >>>

Imports and exports in the philippines essay sample

The Philippine export and import includes more of agricultural products. Permejo, Paul John B.

A reconstructed pprtrait of juan de la essay sample

We are very resourceful in creating shaggy dog stories despite the burden we carry on our shoulders and the preoccupations that we have. Well that's the type of students that we have today, whether we admit it or not.

Tropical hut essay sample

Improvement of service and its productsThe Tropical Hut is now a self-service store which is far to the service of the leading fast-food chains nowadays that have crews to get the orders of the customers. StandardizationEvery Tropical Hut branches should have one image and atmosphere to maintain the cleanliness of >>>

Phil lit

Senakulo dramatization of the pasyon, it shows the passion and death of Christ2. Period of Maturity and Originality 1.

Ferdinand magellan essay sample

He was not worth defending because of disloyalty to his task, lack of concern for crew and harsh/cruel punishment. In my point of view this is something that can make the crew mad against Magellan, he needs to complete his task, this people might be desperate to get their money >>>

Batas militar essay sample

The Philippines came to understand and realize that Marcos was not what he seemed to be. And this video documentary is only one reminder, it is a chilling grim reminder to the unfolding history of our nation.

Cotabato city essay sample

Cotabato City is one of the cities of the Philippines located in Mindanao. Cotabato City is the regional center of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao but the city is actually part of the SOCCSKSARGENregion.

El presidente,

It's somehow a great movie but it was lacking a lot of things. The attempts of the movie was epic, it's like you did not knew that was coming and anything.

The legacy of the first philippine republic essay sample

UnityThe First Philippine Republic showed the unity of the different provinces in our country. National SymbolsThe First Philippine Republic gave birth to two of our National Symbols, the Philippine National Flag and The Philippine National Anthem.E.

Living conditions of our tenants and farmers

We have helped the tenants secure a greater share of the fruits of their labors. With this orientation we started quite aggressively towards the realization of the Filipino-first-policy.

15 philippine presidents

He led the foundation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization also known as the Manila Pact of 1954, that aimed to defeat communist-Marxist movements in South East Asia, South Asia and the Southwestern Pacific. One of the contributions was his, being instrumental in the signing of the final peace agreement >>>

Ph wants access to sabah standoff victims

PH WANTS ACCESS TO SABAH STANDOFF VICTIMS MANILA, Philippines - Philippine diplomats have been sent to Sabah to assist Filipinos affected by thedeadly standoff between Malaysian police and supporters of the Sulu Sultanate, the Department of Foreign Affairs said on Sunday, March 3."We would like to see how we could >>>

Cross-cultural music comparison essay

Indian music is one of the world's oldest musical traditions originated in the Vedas or the sacred Hindu scriptures which are the core of the Indian culture. In history, the Islamic statutes in the regions of northern India marked the function of the musicians in the Hindustani music with a >>>

Human resources division essay sample

During my last year as a college student, I have worked as an intern at UE- Manila, served as an Office Staff for both the Student Councils in UE- Manila, as a contributor writer for the UE campus paper "The Dawn" and as a 3rd year representative in my course's >>>

“filipino uprisings”

REASONS FOR FILIPINO EARLY UPRISING There were FOUR REASONS for the Filipino to rise in arms against the Spaniards: Filipinos love freedom and did not want a foreign power to rule over them; the brutality and injustices of many Spanish officials in the country and the agrarian troubles between the >>>

Pablo antonio

It is located in the Intramuros district of the city, at the bank of the Pasig River. LOCSIN The Cultural Center of the Philippines or simply the CCP is located in Pasay City and the City of Manila, Metro Manila, the Philippines, and was opened in 1969 to promote and >>>

Chapter i

The store is often attached to or part of the owner's house but it may also be a freestanding store just in front of the owner's house. Items are being displayed by hanging some of it from the ceiling, or it can be on the walls and in front of >>>


This novel and its sequel, El filibusterismo, were banned in some parts of the Philippines because of their portrayal of corruption and abuse by the country's Spanish government and clergy. The novels are incorporated to their study and survey of Philippine literature.[5]

Cooperative foccus management and history

The said Award was given by the representative of the The Secretary of Department of Trade and Industry, Hon. PMPC is a financial service, member-owned Cooperative dedicated to provide the financial needs of its members since 1965.

The philippine republic essay sample

The Malolos Constitution of 1899 provided for the President of the Philippines to preside over the opening of Congress, as well as convey his messages to the legislature through a secretary. When the Commonwealth of the Philippines was created and a new Constitution was enacted, it provided for an annual >>>

Kartilya ng katipunan ni emilio jacinto essay sample

By August 22 the number of Katipuneros grew to over a thousand and Bonifacio summoned them to a general meeting in the barrio of Balintawak, from there they went deep in to the woods of Pugad Lawin. Few days the rebels were back in Balintawak and the Katipuneros raised the >>>

Common errors in english language learning and use – the philippine context

In the course of interfacing with these different types of students, several interesting features arise in the study of the learners' language, most especially errors in writing. The Context The influence of mass media, which use English as a medium forcommunicationhas greatly contributed in the development of the English language >>>

The philippine symbols essay sample

It spreads out grandly from the center of the shaft and opens to a full crest divided shallowly at the ends and is known to be one of the most beautiful plant in the Philippines. It is considered one of the largest and most powerful eagles in the world and >>>

Chapter i

So successful were the efforts of colonists to blot out the memory of the country's largely oral past that present-day Filipino writers, artists and journalists are trying to correct this inequity by recognizing the country's wealth of ethnic traditions and disseminating them in schools through mass media. A few examples >>>

Dressing preferences essay sample

The purpose of this research is to find out the dressing preferences of the Female Freshman BSA students as to school wear, church wear, casual wear and formal wear and the benefits they get from choosing them. What are the dressing preferences of the Female BSA Freshmen at the Polytechnic >>>

Land reform and taxation essay sample

Land Reform, refers to the full range of measures that may or should be taken to improve or remedy the defects in the relations among men with respect to their rights in land."Land Reform" is often used interchangeably with "Agrarian Reform" but in actuality, the latter is much broader than >>>

The general douglas macarthur landing memoria essay sample

In May 1982, a combined team of the Philippine Mountaineering Society of Bacolod City and UP Mountaineers did the first exploration of the mountain, reaching the then-unnamed Mayo's Peak but failing to reach the summit. The contour of the mountain is said to be that of her in a reclining >>>

Archival research paper – philippine typhoons

Degree of Loss and Destruction: A Look into the Impact of Typhoons that Hit the Philippines from 2008 - 2011 December 2012 Table of Contents Title CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION This chapter contains all the information regarding the Background of the Study, Statement of the Problem, Significance of the Study, and >>>

Bing d. salvador

Mesa Manila Contact No: 09334065447 Email Address: [email protected] PERSONAL INFORMATION PERSONAL INFORMATION Age: 21 Date of Birth: November 13, 1991 Place of Birth: Rizal, Laguna Gender: Female Civil Status: Single Nationality: Filipino Religion: Roman Catholic OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES * To share with your company my knowledge that I learn and to >>>

Phil president two

President Year of Administration Political Philosophy Achievements Strengths/ Leadership Styles Weaknesses Evaluation Emilio Aguinaldo Jan 23,1899 to April 1, 1901 He is a dictator type of a president and he established The Malolos constitution by virtue of which the Philippines was a republic and which he had been approved by >>>

“the image of filipino women”

Andres Bonifacio had Gregoria De Jesus who is the founder & VP of the women's chapter of the Katipunan of the Philippines. The little girl in the story was representative of the girls in the country who are ignorant, and still have a lot to learn about life.

The philippine insurrection

On the other hand, the American intervention in Mexico during its revolution in 1911 was not as violent as what it did to the Philippines because Mexico was at the point of securing a government that was previously and legally established unlike the Philippines where it cost the United States >>>

Jose p. riza;

Thus, Rizal's martyrdom by the Spanish colonial authorities while he was still quite young was a huge loss to the Philippines, and to the world at large. Both in his novels and in newspaper editorials, Jose Rizal called for a number of reforms of the Spanish colonial system in the >>>

Two party system in the philippines essay sample

The two-party system should be adopted in the Philippines substituting the multi-party system that our government is currently adhering to because of the following justifications: a. The two-party system is a more efficient mechanism in creating a more effective government as compared to the multi-party system that the Philippines are >>>

Jose rizal, liberator of the philippines

Enthusiastically reading Voltaire and the Enlightenment thinkers, Rizal took to the "Rights of Man" proclaimed by the French Revolution and to the new liberalism sweeping Spain, which had long been sheltered from the intellectual currents of the rest of Europe. The frequent objects of Rizal's caustic attacks were the "friars", >>>

Rizal: polymath- man of excellence

He was indeed a person who had a genuine love for his country and his people. For he was once a man who did not just exists, but he was someone who's life was shared to his people and to his country.

childhood years in calamba essay sample

Makiling and beyond this mountain is the province of Batangas East of the town is the Laguna de BayIn the middle of the lake towers the storied island of talim and beyond it towards the north is the distant Antipolo, famous mountain shrine of the miraculous and Good Voyage. Another >>>

Filipino people and hardworking filipinos essay sample

Because of agriculture, Filipinos learned to till the land and that is one of the major sources of Philippine Products today. It is good in the side of the Spanish because it is their efficient way of collecting tax and managing the Filipinos.

Reflection paper

His works emphasized how the Church treated the people, the experiences of the Filipino people and the law implemented by the Spaniards and those in power really do not like how Rizal described them. But it was really amazing that he did not give up on what he believes in >>>

Benefits of being the asean member essay sample

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has plans to fast track the integration of its member countries over the next few years. ASEAN unity will remain an impossible vision as long as its members continue to demand it for the wrong reasons.

Npm in the philippines

The idea of managing the government like a business and treating citizens not as constituents but customers/clients, public administration is therefore mutating from a benefactor which people tend to thank for the service to as a service provider that the clients can claim their rightful service. The appointment of Secretary >>>

Prelim exam in rizal

The Rizal family had this many siblings A.9 B.10 C.11 5. A Filipinas B.

Tolentino, fenina gabrielle m.

It emphasizes the age during which the author lived and wrote to construct meaning within a literary work.* Feminist This type of criticism is concerned with the literary representation of the females.* Deconstructionism This type of criticism is the fundamental biases in language. It was a bilingual weekly in English >>>

Ojt files

BRIEF HISTORY The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is a government agency attached to the Department of Labor & Employment tasked primarily to take care of the well being of the Overseas Filipino Workers and their families. The creation of OWWA emanates from the Philippine Constitutional mandate for the State to >>>


Introduction Coffee, first brought to the Philippines by a Franciscan friar in 1749, is now the most consumed beverage next to water, and the second most bought item next to sauces and seasonings, a study showed. The purpose of this study is for the readers to find out how Caf >>>

Misfortunes in madrid ( 1890-1891 )

MISFORTUNES IN MADRID Upon the arrival in Madrid, Rizal sought the help of the: Filipino Colony - the Asosacion Hispano - Filipina and the Liberal Spanish Newspapers M.H.del Pilar - acted as the lawyer of Dr. Dominador Gomez - secretary of the Asosacion Hispano - Filipina Se or Fabie - >>>

Filipino drug mules essay sample

This is in light of the Philippine Consulate General in Macau SAR's report to the DFA on the arrest of two Filipinos, a man and a woman, on February 1 by the Judiciary Police in Macau SAR for alleged drug trafficking. It is undertaking comprehensive and proactive measures to address >>>

Political governance of philippines constitution essay sample

Among the guidelines which are set by the constitution are the matters of: form and duties of the government; the distribution of powers of the branches of the government; and the basic rights of the citizens of the state. The Armed Forces of the Philippines is the protector of the >>>

The vision of francisco dagohoy

The most prominent of which was Francisco Dagohoy- the ringleader of the uprising that lasted for 85 years, the longest in history of the Philippines. Francisco infuriated at the unsympathetic and treatment by the parish priest, he cursed the Jesuit and sought for revenge by persuading the natives of the >>>

Tourist spots importance in economy

Famous volcanoes in the Philippines: Mayon Volcano - This is the most picturesque of all the volcanoes in the Philippines - Mayon Volcano, an active stratovolcano in the province of Albay. A campsite at the foot of Mount Makiling is being managed by the Boy Scout of the Philippines and >>>


The day of his birth & the day of his execution are fittingly commemorated by all classes of our people throughout the length & breadth of this country & even by Filipinos & their friends abroad. Because as biographer Rafael Palma said, "The doctrines of Rizal are not for one >>>

Reaction paper in the sona

But still there is no such man that is a perfect president but I still salute his words on his third SONA because we cannot blame and criticize him because the problem of crisis and etc.of our country will never get solve if we people only know how to judge >>>

José protacio rizal mercado y alonso realonda

PACIANO RIZAL Only brother of Jose Rizal and the second child. JOSE RIZAL The second son and the seventh child.

Mang inasal

At the beginning, Sia had to work long hours and helped in the cleaning of the store. Aside from Mang Inasal, Sia also revived the Deco in 2007 after he partnered with the owner's children.

Memorandum order no. 247

RAMOS, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, hereby direct the Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports and the Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education to take steps to immediately and fully implement the letter, intent and spirit of >>>

Taglish and english essay sample

English is taught in schools as one of the two official languages of the country, the other being Filipino, a standardized version of Tagalog. The possibility of a decline of both English and Tagalog in the Philippines is surfacing if Taglish makes itself a Language.

Rizal in america

Rizal continued his trip, passing the territory of the State of Colorado. RIZAL LIFE WORKS IN LONDON He thought of publishing the second edition of the Noli Me Tangere with the illustrations of Juan Lunaand with slight changes.

K+12 program in the philippines : necessary or not?

Some are not in favor of this because they say that it is not the longer education is the solution and it is the improving of quality of education. Many people refuse this program, most of them tell that it is the quality of education not the longer years in >>>

Nayong filipino

For example, the Cebu Region has the famous Bohol's Chocolate Hills while one of the examples for the Visayas Region is a replica of the historic Magellan's Cross. This is reminiscent of the architecture of the Northern Luzon area of Vigan that has the honor of owning the oldest surviving >>>

Ferdinand marcos and business mirror essay sample

Albert Einstein who is the greatest scientist of the twentieth century and the greatest physicist of all time had a learning disability in the early parts of his life. The free entertainment is held to remind the rest of the population of how great it supposedly is for Philippine society >>>


Philippines is affected by many problem of Spain like political instability and by the union of the Church and the State and also include the Philippine representation in Spanish Cortes which is justified and last is the denial of human rights which spurs the Filipino to fight for. As a >>>

Effects of jejemon

Effects of Jejemon Jejemons, are you one of them? If you are a Jejemon, you definitely know how to speak and how to communicate with them.

Ralp c. ramos

She is the current Secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment of the Philippines under the administration of President Benigno Aquino III.* Department of National Defense - Sec. Domingo is the current Philippine Secretary of Trade and Industry.

Philippine long distance telephone company

Since 1928, PLDT has faithfully served generations of Filipinos when it pioneered in linking the country's major islands through a reliable "long distance" telephone system and eventually grew to be the Philippines leading telecommunications provider. Mission Statement PLDT will be the preferred full service provider of voice, video, and data >>>

Tubbataha reefs essay sample

Larvael DispersalIn 2007, the University of the Philippines in the Visayas conducted a study on the distribution and dispersal of fish larvae in the Sulu Sea. A group of students from the University of the Philippines called on the government to make the US Navy accountable for the damage to >>>

Philippine business environment

However, the pork barrel scam happening in the Philippines because of unscrupulous politicians, a.k.a.public servants, who instead of servicing the needs and aspirations of the people are working for their own selfish ambitions, sadly, this puts doubt now the much touted slogan of PNoy calling for a "tuwid na daan" >>>

University of perpetual help system dalta

Desiring your well-being, which is our own, and searching for the best cure, I will do with you as the ancients of old did with their afflicted: expose them on the steps of the temple so that each one who would come to invoke the Divine, would propose a cure >>>

Jose rizal in madrid vandalized

Jakosalem, who was attending the 54th General Chapter of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in Spain, said he saw the words "Mason de mierda!" in red paint on the monument."Yes, Jose Rizal was a former Mason. The statue was made by the late Filipino sculptor Florante "Boy" Caedo."The Rizal Monument >>>

Aquarius food industry case study essay sample

Secret recipeNeptune brand has a "unique" and "hard to imitate" process the shrimp fry in which the company becomes the low priced leader in the industry.2. By promoting and informing the market of Neptune's distinct way of producing its bagoong alamang at the same time advertising to be the industry's >>>

Compare and contrast the philippines and indonesia

As a student, I will obey and respect the laws of the government. The advantages of the political system are that it makes the country in order.

Region i

Historian Alberto Lacsamana writes that the "uniqueness of the chapel lies in its being the only one in the region having an espada a hung with bells. It is a celebration of the Filipino's history, culture, and achievements in the past 100 years, as well as aspirations for the next >>>

The legend of banana essay sample

When her parents heard the news that their daughter was slaughtered, they gave Corazon a funeral. The parents of Corazon concluded that it is their daughter and called the plant, Banana.

Pilosopiyang pinoy: uso pa ba essay sample

What he says in the Preface is not inaccurate: "This pioneering work is the first systematic attempt to present the philosophy of the Filipino masses".[1] This does not mean that Mercado is the first Filipino philosopher, only that he is the first Filipino philosopher to have tried to present a >>>

Pistahan sa mdeo

And for the Upper Division, the winners were; 1st place- Paola Angelika Agpawa from the Silver Team, Nie Coleen Ebajay from the Gold Team and Hasmin Pascasio from the Green Team. For the Silver Team, the representatives were Paola Angelika Agpawa from the 4th Year, Kayra Andrea Salcedo from the >>>


However, the Manila City Council saved it by declaring the statue municipal property.[2] He established the Guardia Civil in the Philippines and gave amnesty to rebels,[3] of which the most prominent was Casimiro Camerino, the leader of bandits in Cavite.[4]He organized the bandits given amnesty into an auxiliary force of >>>

Pi revolt

The main objectives that the Spanish had in taking over the Philippines were to convert the Filipinos to Christianity and to colonize the country for their own benefits. The two main reasons for the Indio uprisings between this period was because of the different types of oppression and exploitation people >>>

Philippines: martial law regime or democratic country

Philippines: Martial Law Regime or Democratic Country Before the Filipinos attained the democracy of their country, they first experienced the different kind of discipline the most of their leaders gave, the Martial Law regime. Most of the leaders establish the dictatorship instead of democracy, because they thought that it would >>>