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Publishing as Prentice Hall Principles of Economics 9e by Case, Fair and Oster PART I INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICS The Scope and Method of Economics CHAPTER 1 The Scope and Method of Economics 1 CHAPTER OUTLINE Why Study Economics? Publishing as Prentice Hall Principles of Economics 9e by Case, Fair and >>>

China managed float

Question 1 Why do you think the Chinese government originally pegged the value of the Yuan against the U.S.dollar? The Chinese government pegged the Yuan currency against the U.

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Friedman vs keynes

Keynes The discipline of macroeconomics deals with the performance, structure, and behavior of a national economy as a whole. John Maynard Keynes began his studies in mathematics and the classics at King's College of Cambridge.

The role of economic science in global business

The role of economic science in global business The term "science" reminds us of the most mathematics and everything connected with it. The role in the economy is very important and comes down to the duties of macroeconomics, which is responsible for the entire world economy.

Circular flow of income

In economics, the terms circular flow of income or circular flowrefer to a simple economic model which describes the reciprocal circulation of income between producers and consumers.[1][2] In the circular flow model, the inter-dependent entities of producer and consumer are referred to as "firms" and "households" respectively and provide each >>>

Productivity measurement at national, international and firm level

While productivity can be given the sort of short hand definition as the ratio between output and input USE OF PRODUCTIVITY MEASURES Productivity is a required tool in evaluating and monitoring the performance of an organization, especially a business organization. Productivity measures can also be used to evaluate the performance >>>

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Cocktail party economics – review

The variety of different topics helped make the footnotes interesting to read, and encouraged me to take the time to find the corresponding footnote with the sentence as I read the text. Admoait and Maranta mentioned in the text that they originally had the intention of writing Cocktail Party Economics >>>

Poverty eradication plan

The revision of the PEAP in 2000 draws on the progress made since 1997, including the development of sector-wide approaches, the participatory research carried out by the Uganda Participatory Poverty Assessment Project, the constraints identified in the Poverty Status Report, and the development of costings of public actions and monitorable >>>

Macroeconomics problem set

The more rapid the sustained growth rate of themoneysupply, the higher the expected rate of inflation. Thus, modern analysis indicates that the long-run implications of the earlier quantity theory of money are correct: Money growth and inflation are closely linked." The money supply in an economy is the benchmark by >>>

Macroeconomic analysis: russia

Despite of the various claims on what really was the foundation of Russia's economic stability for the past nine years, it would be better to examine first what are the performances of some major economic indicators like GDP Growth, Balance of Trade, Inflation Rate, Unemployment Rate and Interest Rate of >>>

Fundamentals of macroeconomics paper

Gross Domestic Product The gross domestic product, or GDP, is the amount of the nation's net exports during a given term say a month or a year, expressed in a dollar amount. Government is a organization of elected or appointed officials to manage the law and oversee/facilitate a healthy balance >>>

Circular flow

CIRCULAR FLOW OF INCOME The Circular Flow of Income, expenditure and output is a model of the economy which shows the movement of goods and services between households and firms and their corresponding payments in money terms Money circulates from households to firms and back again. Some income is saved >>>

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Causes of poverty in pakistan

2% of the total population lives below the poverty line, which is the lowest figure in the history of Pakistan. This is the Direct and visible way of wastage of the nation's money but there is an invisible way as well to collect the money and left the people in >>>


Expectations in the U.S.economy in the year 2013 are slightly improving over the last several years of a dismal outlook. It is difficult to get out of the economic slump we have been in for the last few years, but it seems like people and businesses are slowly recovering and >>>

The fundamentals of macroeconomics

Gross domestic product is the most used economic measure when it comes to determining the value of goods and services that are produced in a given year. Unemployment rate is the amount of people that are not employed and are looking for work.

Unemployment inthe bahamas

The Department of Statistics released the results of its Labour Force and Household Income Survey yesterday, conducted in May, which revealed a slight decrease in the number of unemployed persons, a decline of less than 1 per cent in the unemployment rate which now stands at 13. The report noted >>>

Analysis of the external environment

Organisations and Environment Analysis of the External Environment The dimension of the external environment which interests me the most is the economic dimension. The reality of scarcity is that the resources that we use and need to produce are limited but in fact the wants and desires of humans for >>>

The economy, monetary policy, and monopolies

The United States is the most technologically advance country in the world, not to mention the largest. Monetary Policy is a series of actions that the Federal Reserve uses to affect the level of inflation and Real GDP.

1.0 demand side policies

Compared to the fiscal policy in 2010, which was mainly to support the growth momentum of the Malaysian economy and to boost potential output domestically. The fiscal deficit in 2011/2012 is lower compared to a high fiscal deficit in 2009 to focus on stabilizing the economy from the effects of >>>

Universal Auto is a large multinational corporation

Other than that, the company wants to use industrial life cycle and business cycle to show that how their businesses living in the big market and use their pricing strategies to set their product's price to make sure it is suitable for the big market in the United States. Marketing >>>

Fiscal policy

This is viewed as the major economic negative of the period 2008-12 * How does this public sector debt relate to the goal of a surplus over the economic cycle? * To get Australia out of debt.* Explain the concept of fiscal sustainability. Expansionary: the government aims through the budget >>>

Fdi in india: an analysis on the impact of fdi in india’s retail sector

This paper aims to discuss the critical aspects of FDI in India, present a case study on the success of reforms in the telecommunications sector, analyze both sides of the arguments currently going on regarding FDI in retail and conclude with suggestive measures on the part of the government which >>>

Ecw 2730 assignment

Health is the condition of the body and mind that is very important to every worker in the economy to produce goods and services. Environmental quality is vital for the social well being of the people and if the quality is poor obviously people will not enjoy in their economy.

Carleton university

Evaluation: The final grade in the course will be determined by assessing your performance in the microeconomics and macroeconomics parts of the course. The Data of Macroeconomics 2.

Yu-chen lin

When the price of house is booming meaning that the price of the house will be going up, the easy way to know the price of house is high or not by looking at the economic of the country. So when we going to buy the house, make sure that >>>

Macroeconomic cash reserve ratio

What is the need of all these CRR,SLR,Repo rates? Repo rate is the interest rate paid by RBI to banks on short term deposits.

Macroeconomics policy and sustainable development in nigeria

The concernsof the financial operators, the real sectors managers, the economists, and the policy analysts are the effectiveness of macroeconomic policy instruments of the CBN and the Ministry of Finance. To evaluate the challenges of the macroeconomic policy and sustainable development in Nigeria.

Disadvantages of single currency

Hence, what is going to take place in the case of Europe is the European Central Bank will be the one that will making the decisions, where its members had agreed not be influenced by the countries they are representing. Therefore, when that occurs the outcome would be unfavourable in >>>

Discount rate argumentative essay

391 million, and value of the project in stage 1 if the project is located in Argentina is 290. 5178 million if the project is located in Argentina and value of stage 2 is 363.

Why has india been able to build a thriving software industry? what are the country’s advantages in this market? what are the country’s disadvantages?

India has been able to build a thriving software industry due to its good educational system which has enabled India to produce a large number of well and highly qualified soft ware engineers. India's low labour cost has also contributed to the growth of the soft ware industry by increasing >>>

Inflation vs. unemployment

From February 2012 to February 2013 the unemployment rate in the United States dropped from 8. According to Friedman, in the long-run the inflation rate is determined by the money supply, and regardless of inflation rate, the unemployment will also gravitate toward its natural rate.

Principles of economic

Theory: Microeconomics - price theory which is the combination of theory of demand and theory of production. Analyze: Microeconomics - analyses the partial behaviour of economy Macroeconomics - analyses the entire behaviour of economy Importance: Microeconomics- helps in the formulation of economic policies calculated to promote efficiency in production and >>>

Understanding macroeconomics condition of a country

The first site was the site of the The Economist, wherein there were articles pertaining to the economic condition of different countries in the world. I have selected the population growth and the unemployment in the country of the Philippines as the variables of economic growth in the same country.

Economics analysis for business

What is Economics? What is the political stability?


The purpose of this essay is to investigate the macro-economic forces that acted as a catalyst for the exponential growth in Ireland in a globalization context and its effect on FDI. In light of the GFC and the catastrophic impact on Ireland's political economy, it can be observed that for >>>

Causes and effects of unemployment essay sample

Types and Causes of UnemploymentCyclical Unemployment Cyclical unemployment, which differs from frictional and structural unemployment, is when the economy is in a downturn. Structural unemployment, essentially, is the mismatch of skills of the person to the jobs available.

Fundamentals of macroeconomics

The government will also be affected by the lack of sales taxes from purchasing goods and services and the reduction in taxes being paid by the businesses; the less sales the business reports the lower the taxes they owe to the government. A decrease in taxes will reduce the amount >>>

Business cycles

The natural rate of unemployment is achieved when labor markets are in balance; the number of job seekers equals the number of job vacancies. The natural rate of unemployment is between 4 to 6.

Cause effect of unemployment essay sample

It is in the author's intent to identify a number of causes and effects of how unemployment impact families and spark discussion of ways of starting a trend that will inevitably alleviate some of the stresses that are caused by job loss and unemployment. Meaning there is a number of >>>

Business btec task 2 unit 7

Labour also has a major effect because the more people that are working the better the economy. If more people are unemployed they are unable to spend alot of money causing the economy to go into recession and undoing the economic growth.

Berend (2000)

Also contributing to the economic crisis: serious macro-economic policy errors e.g excessive devaluation of the currency; too abrupt opening to trade with the West; and the failure in government management of the state sector * Foreign trade deficits increased dramatically and nearly all countries in the region dropped into an >>>

China’s economy will overtake america’s within a decade. discuss your view, giving a clear yes or no to the statement in your response

In conclusion, I believe that China's economy will not exceed America's due to the nature of the economic cycle, the effect of paradox of thrift and the dependency on investments and exports. Not only, it is impossible to exceed that of America's within a decade but also the unhealthy effect >>>

Unemployment in south africa

Firstly, structural unemployment is associated with the incompatibility of jobs and workers due to the lack of skills or no desire for the area of work. Structural unemployment depends on the social needs of the economy and dynamic changes in the economy.


In the following paragraphs, the role of FDI in the rise of Asia and the impact of global recession on future FDI in these Asian countries would be described in detail. 1 FDI in the rise of Vietnam: Vietnam is one of the countries the economies of which are influenced >>>

Investment in maldives tourism

The purpose of the report is to inform you about the scenario analysis of investment climate in the tourism industry of Maldives, one of the fastest growing developing countries in the South Asian region. Executive Summary The report titled "Investment in Maldives Tourism discusses the overall scenario analysis of the >>>

Case analysis: indonesia-the troubled giant

Viewpoint The economy of Indonesia deteriorated drastically as a result of political instability, a young and inexperienced government, and economic nationalism, which resulted in severe poverty and hunger. Growth came at a high cost in terms of weak and corrupt institutions, severe public indebtedness through mismanagement of the financial sector, >>>

Macroeconomic measures

This data should have relation with macroeconomic measures for success and effectiveness of the organization. Business cycle affects performance of big drive auto by radically re-designing the organization's procedures and structure.

B. trade, money and capital

TRADE, MONEY AND CAPITAL Features of a modern economy 1.- Specialization and division of labor 2.- Measure economic values 3.- Stock of capital * Trade, specialization and division of labor.* Specialization: occurs when people and countries concentrate their efforts on a particular set of tasks, it permits each person and >>>


The high debt to GDP ratio of the economy according to the Euro zone designation was lower, and in addition, the net savings of the economy were negative implying that the existing debt could only be offset through external borrowing. The increase in government spending that is as a member >>>

Four phases of business cycle

Diagram of Four Phases of Business Cycle The four phases of business cycles are shown in the following diagram:- The business cycle starts from a trough and passes through a recovery phase followed by a period of expansion and prosperity. Prosperity Phase When there is an expansion of output, income, >>>

Insight report

The importance of a sound and fair institutional environment became even more apparent during the recent economic and financial crisis and is especially crucial for further solidifying the fragile recovery given the increasing role played by the state at the international level and for the economies of many countries. Third >>>