Handy Chemistry Essay Examples

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Review chemistry chapter 4

MnO4- + I - > MnO2 + IO3- A.1 B.2 C.4 D.10 E.none of these Answer: A 4. The sum of the coefficients is: BrO3- + Sb3+ > Br - + Sb5+ A.4 B.12 C.13 D.17 E.none of these Answer: D 4.

Chemical equilibria: general concepts

AP* Chemistry CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIA: GENERAL CONCEPTS THE NATURE OF THE EQUILIBRIUM STATE: Equilibrium is the state where the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction. Examples: Look at the following plot of the reaction between steam and carbon monoxide in a closed vessel >>>

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Element project: vanadium essay sample

Natural Vanadium is a mixture of the two stable isotopes, Vanadium-50 and Vanadium-51. The bond radius is 125 pm, and the electronegativity of Vanadium is 1.

Anoxia tolerance

Animals that travel from low elevations to higher ones usually increase the number of red blood cells and increase DPG concentrations so that hemoglobin binds oxygen less well. In this study the authors wanted to see what the hematological parameters in high and low elevation deer mice, and to see >>>

Gravimetric determination of calcium essay sample

Subtracting the mass of the petridish alone from the mass of the petridish with CaC2O4 2H2O precipitate, one can get the mass of calcium oxalate dihydrate. In order to get the weight CaC2O4 2H2O precipitate, we subtracted the mass of the petridish alone from the mass of the petridish with >>>

Legal spice

Legal spice is known all around the US and in some places it is legal. Legal spice possibly has been the cause of many deaths and is why they are finding new ways each year to make it illegal.

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History on avogadro’s number essay

Avogadro suggested that equal volumes of all gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules. The number of molecules in one mole is now called Avogadro's number.

Chemistry of preservative used in food industry

Chemistry of preservative used in food industry Due to the essence of food in humanity's life, it ought to undergo certain processes meant to prolong its shelf life. In the recent years, preservatives have increased due to development in selling, delivery of food consumed and bulky range of food presented.

Common household items found in cells

The surface was inhabitable for the next 600 years because of the constant bombardment of the debris, which gradually tapered off 3. Information stored in the DNA is transcribed to RNA and then translated to proteins in the ribosomes, which is the seat of protein synthesis.

Physical and chemical changes

Place the ribbon into a test tube and add a few drops of 6 M HCL. Touch the bottom of the test tube and record your observations.

Module 4:

On the other hand, a Bronsted-Lowry base is one that accepts a proton from a proton donor which is the Bronsted-Lowry acid. Buffer solutions consist of a weak acid and its conjugate base or a weak base and its conjugate acid.

Compressed hydrogen production via reaction between liquid ammonia and alkali metal hydride

In this work, we demonstrated the production of compressed H2 by the reaction between liquid NH3 and lithium hydride LiH in a closed pressure vessel, where liquid NH3 would realize better kinetic properties for the reaction with metal hydride than gaseous NH3. Gas chromatogram of a gaseous product by the >>>

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The kenya flourspar

In 1971 the Fluorspar Company of Kenya was established, under the auspices of the Kenya government, to exploit the deposits on a larger scale. LOCATION Kenya Fluorspar is a concern based in the Kerio Valley in the district of Eldoret and Iten.

Cystic fibrosis and genetic mutation

Gene therapy could be a better solution in the future in which a normal copy of the CFTR gene to the cells is delivered. In this way, direct synthesis of the normal CFTR protein will be possible to treat the biochemical abnormality leading to cystic fibrosis.

Final question 1

Cooling of the material is normally done by water, which act blankets and evaporating in contact with fire thus cutting off the supply of oxygen for combustion thus halting it. Smothering agents are commonly utilized in cutting the underlying supply oxygen such as carbon dioxide and it is ought to >>>

Oxidation-reduction reaction of magnesium essay sample

We compared the experimental measured amount of a product and the amount predicted by the theoretical calculation of a balanced equation: Mg + 2HCl MgCl2 + H2 PROCEDURE First we obtained a strip of pre-cut magnesium ribbon, cleaned it with steel wool to remove any signs of oxidation from the >>>

Capture and storage of co2

The chief beginning of CO2 emanations is the burning of coal, oil and gas in power Stationss, for transit and in places, offices and industry. Pre-combustion CO2 gaining control involves responding the fuel with O or air and, in some instances, steam, to bring forth a gas dwelling chiefly of >>>

The effects on enzymes

We continued the placement of one drop of the starch-amylase mixture into each well of the spot plate throughout the remainder of the experiment and each well was timed and recorded the same way. We added 3mL of Amylase to a test tube and placed the tube into 80 degrees >>>

Compare and contrast thermodynamics and kinetics

Thermodynamics determines the equilibrium of the reaction, the constant of the equilibrium, and it is also determined by enthalpy and entropy. On the other hand, kinetics determines the rate and speed of the reaction, the constant of the rate and it is determined by the activation energy.

Asahi glass company: strategy essay sample

Company is moving up the 'Value Chain' in glass business and had developed number of new products in the recent past such as 'heat reflective glass' and wouldouble-glazing' glass units. This prospect is also is in line with Asahi's core business of glass manufacturing and it has the potential to >>>

Chemistry acid-base titration

Therefore, the following relationship holds: nVb x Cb = Va x Ca Where: Vb = the volume of the base Cb = the concentration of the base Va = the volume of the acid Ca = the concentration of the acid n = the mole factor In the case of >>>

Properties of polyethylene and polystyrene essay sample

The main mechanical properties of PE are the ultimate tensile strength and the modulus of elasticity. There are different types of Polyethylene, which differ from each other by the density and branching, but the main types of PE are:* LDPE * HDPE * LLDPE * MDPE Low Density Polyethylene, has >>>

Slime essay sample

The Slime is prepared by mixing a solution of sodium tetraborate decahydrate and H2O with a solution of polyvinyl alcohol and H2O. 1-2 Fall 20133).M.

Suggest one

War on Vitamins The current move of the government to impose rules for a more stringent and time-consuming rules in the approval of food supplements and vitamins has caused tremors and violent reactions both from the public and manufacturers of various food products. With the current situation of the state >>>

William had to deal with the criticism of

One year later, Bragg began to study for a mathematicsdegree at the University of Cambridge and while at school, he listened to his father's advice anddecided to major in physics rather than mathematics. Some advantages ofworking with other scientists was that Bragg was able to learn from his colleague Laue's >>>


Enzyme Catalysis Lab Problem: Before the lab, one should understand: - The general functions and activities of enzymes; - The relationship between the structure and function of enzymes - The concept of initial reaction rates of enzymes; - How the concept of free energy relates to enzyme activity; - That >>>


0220 3 N11/4/CHEMI/SP2/ENG/TZ0/XX Using the simulation programme, the students entered the following data into the computer. The first reaction involves the decomposition of sodium azide to form sodium and nitrogen.

Heavy metal removal – rapid, selective heavy metal removal from water

While plenty of study suggested different adsorbents effective in terms of various single & multiple metal ions, some studies put the focus on improving removal capacity of the adsorbents through mixture of various adsorbents. Considering all the success and possibilities of heavy metal treatment using low cost adsorbents, this study >>>

Calorimetry and hess’s law purpose

The purpose of this lab is to determine the enthalpy of reaction for the burning of one mole of magnesium in oxygen. 9 mLTemperature of hot water 550 C Calculations Mass of cold water49.

Qualitative tests for carbonyls: aldehydes vs. ketones essay sample

The Tollen's test is also known as the silver-mirror test, because when the test is positive for aldehydes, a silver mirror forms on the side of the test tube. The Tollen's and Chromic Acid Test both differentiate between aldehydes and ketones, and if the compound is determined to be a >>>

Photosynthesis and respiration

Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplasts, using the chlorophyll inside of the chloroplasts, while respiration occurs in the mitochondria. 2 of aerobic respiration's products are CO2 and H2O, which are also the reactants in photosynthesis.

Oes the molecular weight of polymers affect the performance of polymer (organic) solar cells

Therefore, molecular weight makes the electrical and optical properties of the polymers to vary, which improves the performance of polymer solar cells. Liu, Chang et al."Molecular Weight Effect on the Efficiency of Polymer Solar Cells".

Continuous stirred tank reactors essay sample

This stream dumps into a large container; there is a shaft with a blade attached in the reactor that rotates around to mix the reactants. The rates of the inlet and outlet streams must be carefully calculated in order to keep the volume inside the tank to stay the same.

Threatening emissions of carbon dioxide

In fact, the largest producer of carbon dioxide, in the United States, within the fossil fuel combustion group is the generation of electricity. Although the burning of fossil fuels happens to be the largest source of CO2 there are also natural causes of the gas within the atmosphere.

Water chemistry

Enthalpy- this is the product of pressure of a system and volume of a system added to the internal energy of a system. Water hardness- This is the measurement of the quantity or level of calcium and magnesiumsalt presence in water.

Metallurgy: oxygen and ore essay sample

The extraction and isolation of metals from ores involve the following major steps: Concentration of the ore, Isolation of the metal from its concentrated ore, and Purification of the metal. It involves several steps and selection of these steps depends upon the differences in physical properties of the compound of >>>

Do ions combine in definite ratios essay sample

The Copper reacted with the carbonate and form the precipitate, while the Sodium and Sulfate was the?clear? part in the test tube. This one has the most because of the ratio of Cu to CO3 ions; therefore the Copper can react equally with the carbonate and the Sodium with the >>>

The acid rain

The causes of acid rain are mainly the excessive smoke generated by the burning of fossil fuels in the factories and the smoke emitted by the increased number of vehicles sunning on the roads. The detrimental effects of acid rain are observed on all the aspects of human life and >>>

Defining and analysing green chemistry environmental sciences essay

Green chemical science: - Green chemical science may be defined as the innovation, design, and application of chemical merchandise and procedure to cut down the eliminate the usage and coevals of risky substances. In this manner, analytical chemical science becomes an object of application of the rules of green Chemistry, >>>

Fracking essay essay sample

Furthermore, there has been a recent issue where people argue that the methane and natural gas released from fracking has been seeping into their drinking water since the fissures created from the fracking can travel long distances, also another drawback of fracking is the fact that there are huge amounts >>>

About research essay

Weathering Describe the role of external processes in the rock cycle. Granite and basalt are exposed at the surface in a hot, wet region.a.hich type of weathering will predominate? chemical weathering will predominate b.which of these rocks will weather most rapid? why?

What’s a terpene

Terpenes that are considered to be the true ones are those that are grouped according to the number of isoprene units in the molecules which usually includes two units of monoterpenes, six units of triterpenes, three units of sesquiterpene, eight units of tetraterpenes and four units of diterpenes. Since terpene >>>

Synergistic effect of stainless steel fiber and carbon nanotube

This study revealed an optimuma critical concentration of hybrid fillers in the PP composites that provides with superior mechanical and EMI shielding properties over single filler composites. The mechanisms through which an optimum level of hybrid fillers contributed to the enhancement of mechanical and EMI shielding properties were also identified.

Classification of laboratory instruments

Experimental ApparatusThe heart of any scientific lab is in its experimental apparatus - the equipment that scientists use to run the necessary tests to gather data and answer questions. This apparatus can take many forms, which vary based on the type of lab and the experiments that it conducts.

Peer response

Whereas some see fracking as a very important aspect considering its benefits to both economy and countries, others on the contrary, believe that indeed fracking is unethical, and therefore, should be stopped as it is the greatest contributor towards the frequent occurrences of earthquakes in regions that constantly experience fracking. >>>

Volumetric vinegar analysis

Experiment 9 and 10: Volumetric/Vinegar Analysis Abstract: The goal of the experiment that was conducted was to figure out both the molar concentration of NaOH and the standard mole ratio of the NaOH solution. In experiment 10, the average molarity of NaOH that was found in experiment nine was used >>>

The thickness of aluminum foil lab essay sample

By measuring the mass of a piece of foil and by calculating its area, the thickness of the foil can be obtained from these quantities and the known density of aluminum, 2. Record the length and width of each piece of aluminum foil in the data table below.3.

Drug zafirlukast/bioavailability

An Analysis of how Drug Degradation, Diffusion, Partitioning and Permeability Influence Bioavailability of Drugs in Vivo This paper discusses how drug degradation, diffusion, partitioning and permeability influence the bioavailability of drugs in vivo and it will focus particularly on two derivatives in comparison to the parent drug Zafirlukast. Lastly, using >>>

Should we mine this ore

The amount of light that passed through the solutions to the photocells is used to determine the absorbance of each solution. Plotting a graph of absorbance against concentration for the standard solutions produces a curve that has a direct relationship with the equation of the standard curve.

Relative rates of nucleophilic substitution reactions – lab report example

It also sought to find the effects of the nature of the leaving group, the size of the nucleophile as well as the polarity of the solvent on the rate of SN1 and SN2 reactions. Since the nucleophile attacks the substrate from the side that is opposite the bond to >>>


Checked the alignment of the shell with the Piano wire arrangement. Preheat the joint area of the shell to 150 deg Welding electrodes are to be preheated Complete the root run on the outer surface of the joint side with 2.

Bactericidal effect of silver nanoparticles – lab report example

At zero time for small tubes for each compound of silver ions and control, make dilution at 1:1, 1:102, 1:103 Spread plate. At 4 times for small tubes of each compound of silver ions and control, prepare before taking the sample from them and make dilution at 1:1, 1:102, 1:103.

Chemistry honors study guide

What is the correct Lewis structure for hydrogen chloride, HCl? [pic][pic] a.A c.C b.B d. What is the oxidation number of oxygen in CO2? a.4 c.0 b.2 d.+4 ____ 28.

Buffer systems

Respiratory Compensation * is a mechanism by which plasma pH can be altered by varying the respiratory rate.* breathing is altered to modify the amount of CO2 in circulation. Renal compensation for imbalances is relatively slow.* The kidneys have two important roles in the maintaining of the acid-base balance: 1.to >>>

Covalent bonds

A positive ion is formed by removing electrons from an atom or group of atoms until there are fewer electrons than protons. A negative ion is formed when an atom or group of atoms gain electrons until there are more electrons than protons.

Synthesis and characterization of the polyhalogen complex csicl2 – lab report example

The main purpose of this experiment involved evaluation of a polyhalogen synthesis method coupled with structural characterization of the resultant complex using infrared spectroscopy technique. With the use of infrared radiations, a spectrum indicating the frequencies of absorptions can be produced.

Biology study guides – sparknotes

The purpose of fermentation is to prevent the accumulation of pyruvate, and to prevent the depletion of the NADox pool.d. The electrons are used to perform a series of reduction/oxidation chemical reactions which produce a lot of energy, which is used to make 34 ATP's and quite a bit of >>>

Enzyme activity conclusion essay sample

Explanation #3 states that the substance in the potato that interacts with hydrogen peroxide is altered when the two substances are mixed; the oxygen gas, as a result, comes from both the hydrogen peroxide and the substance in the potato. When we dropped the potato into the hydrogen peroxide, we >>>

Chromatography of commercial analgesics

At the edge of the plate, 2-3 drops of solution was spotted at the origin, and the plate is placed in a container, called a developing chamber, with enough of the eluting solvent to come to a level just below the "spot". The Solute Front and the Solvent Front is >>>

Components to make an idea into reality

So, on the basis of this concept we can see that we have spotted an opportunity in the market space involving green chemistry, which is a branch of chemistry and chemical engineering which primarily focused on the developing such products and processes that will minimize the use and creation of >>>

1. define the following terms:

0 mL of a 3. 0 mL of this solution is diluted to a volume of 10.

Graded assignment essay sample

For these reactions, list the possible chemical name of the precipitate. For these reactions, list the possible chemical name of the precipitate.

Discuss treatment or preventative measures related to this condition

The stones obstruct the normal bile flow when lodged in the ducts ferrying bile to the small intestines from the liver. The salts are derivatives of the cholesterol that is synthesized in a hepatocyte.

Density experiment – lab report example

This experiment seeks to ascertain the relationship between mass and volume of the pennies and compare the established value with the literature density of the post-1985 pennies that is reported at 7. Using a top loading balance, the initial mass of the cylinder and the water was determined and recorded >>>

Relative rates: free-radical bromination

In this case, Markovnikov's rule is revealed to be the case in this situation that states that adding a protic acid represented as HX to an alkene, the hydrogen from that HX would be attracted to a carbon with the least alkyl groups and the halide would become more attracted >>>

Critical thinking assignment

These properties are determined by the arrangement of the atoms, the electro negativity attraction and the number of molecules in an atom. Do the physical properties of water change when a compound is dissolved in water?

Determination of the purity of sodium carbonate essay sample

Concentration of hydrochloric acid = 0. From the average titration volume I will be able to calculate the percentage purity of the sodium carbonate solution.

Depression method

Moving on to the naturalistic observation to study a group of people with the same disorder. This will allow them to see the effect of exercise on depression.

Exponential decay of a transition metal complex ion – lab report example

How is the rate of decay of a transition metal complex ion affected by the temperature? 2) How is the half life affected by the temperature and how does this contrast with the effect of temperature on nuclear decay reactions?

Immobilization of beta galactosidase on graphene nanocomposite

In this instance, FeCl3'6H2O was used as the iron source, and sodium acetate was used as the reductant. The acquired Fe3O4 was washed with deionized water and ethanol various times and then dried at 60 C for 6 h.

Energy wedges – lab report example

Our energy wedge is based on conservation of green resources and use of renewable sources of energy as a means of conservation. Efficient use of carbon energy is also expected to reduce consumption of energy in the world by 2055.

Project on chemistry: study of digestion of starch by salivary amylase

Objectives of the Project ReportThe main objective of this chemistry project report is "To Study the digestion of starch by salivary amylase and effect of temperature and pH on it" and To study digestion of starch by saliva. Take 5ml of the starch solution, 2ml of the saliva solution and >>>

Chemistry lab critique essay

The percentage error obtained was within a reasonable range, allowing the same procedures to be used to determine the pKa value of the unknown indicator, Indicator of Freedom. To determine the pKa of the indicators, the pH of the solutions was taken with a pH meter when there was a >>>

Henry edward armstrong

Although Armstrong was active in many areas of scientific research, such as the chemistry of naphthalene derivatives, he is remembered today largely for his ideas and work on the teaching of science. In the spring of 1865, Armstrong returned to England and entered the Royal College of Chemistry in London, >>>

Lab report info

Introduction: Benedict's tests allows for the detection of the presence of reducing sugars. The copper sulphate present in Benedict's solution reacts with electrons from aldehyde or ketose group of reducing sugars to form cuprous oxide, a red brown precipitate.

Chemistry (redox)

This experiment is to determine the concentration of oxidizing solution using the iodine/ thiosulphate titration where the reducing solution is potassium iodate solution and the oxidizing solution is sodium thiosulphate solution. From the stoichiometry of the reaction, the amount of iodine can be determined and from this the concentration of >>>

Definition of hemoglobin

Definition of Hemoglobin - Description of Hemoglobin - Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Hemoglobin Definition of Hemoglobin Hemoglobin is the iron-carrying protein found in red blood cells that binds to oxygen. Iron deficiency anemia is caused by a shortage of the mineral iron, which is necessary to produce hemoglobin.

Fire project

The time is calculated using the formula;t=V/A/Reg Rate, t is the time taken in seconds, V is volume of kerosene, A is surface are of spread and Reg rate is regression rate of kerosene. The volume of the pool of kerosene is 2468m3.

Kinetic – lab report example

Factors affecting the rate of a chemical reaction The kinetics of a Thiosulfate Solution Introduction: Various approaches are used to study the kinetics of reactions. Recall that a rate for a chemical reaction is expressed as an amount of product formed divided by the time interval of the change: concentration >>>

Choose an element and research its properties and uses. you must use at least 2 reliable sources for your information. i do not want a list of properties; it must still be in paragraph format

Magnesium harbors a variety of helpful functions in the industrial and chemical world. Magnesium is also used in the process of thermal reduction to produce other metals such as zinc, nickel and zirconium.

Organic chemistry laboratory report.

If a saturated hot solution is allowed to cool, the solute is no longer soluble in the solvent and forms crystals of pure compound. 2 Crystallization Appearance of acetanilide sample: white dust.

Lab report example

One of the major ingredients is calcium phosphate, which has components for strengthening and protection of gums in the mouth and other infections and disease. The paste should be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent it from drying.

Effects of salt on the melting rate of ice – lab report example

Effects of Salt on the Melting Rate of Ice s Effects of Salt on the Melting Rate of Ice Objective: to investigatethe effect of dissolved salt on the melting rate of ice. The ice with salt melted in an average of 160 minutes while the pure ice melted at around >>>


In Stagira, a town on the northwest coast of the Aegean Sea, in the year of 384 BC Aristotle was introduced to the world. One the most important aspetc s of Aristotle's philosophy was the development of potentiality to actuality.

Ap chemistry redox titration lab

Once the concentration of the standard solution of KMnO4 was determined, it was used to determine the concentration of Fe2+ in iron pills. It was then used to determine the concentration of Fe2+ in iron pills.

Ar rahman awards

He has been conferred Kalaimamani from the Government of Tamil Nadu for excellence in the field of music, special music achievement awards from the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Government of Madhya Pradesh and the Padma Shri from the Government of India. In 2009, for his score of Slumdog Millionaire, >>>

Caproic acid synthesis

The mechanism for the above process is shown below: N-butyl malonic acid, the third intermediate, was immediately synthesized from the potassium n-butylmalonate by the protonation of potassium n-butylmalonate via the addition of excess HCl as shown below: The final step of this lab involved the decarboxylation of n-butyl malonic acid >>>

Identification of an organic unknown essay sample

Tollen's reagent testThe Safety:Silver nitrate is poisonous and harmful, particularly to the eyes and nose. The Instructions:Add excess bromine water to 1cm3 of the unknown chemical in a test tube, and shake.

Acidimetry and alkalimetry of titration

The solution of the analyte is placed in a titration flask, where the analyte refers to the known substance of unknown concentration.2. An indicator, which is usually a substance that would not affect the concentration of either the titrant or analyte, is added into the analyte in the titration flask.

The rough and tough of organics

The Rough and Tough of Organics s Table of Contents Background 3 Company 4 Problem 4 References 7 The Rough and Tough of Organics Background The food that is independently certified to have been grown without chemicals is called organic food. As there are perceptions about organic food as being >>>

100 greatest discovery video notes summary essay sample

The next discovery was the atomic theory by John Dalton, who at first called the atomic weights "the relative weights of ultimate particles". In 1811, Amedeo Avogadro realized that the assumptions that gases remain of single atoms to be wrong and that gases actually remain of multiple atoms, molecules.

Analysis of the system of hydrogen production using a microwave unit

The technology of the plasma is used to achieve high hydrocarbon conversion and good hydrogen selectivity, while performing a chemical reaction in separating the hydrogen element from water. The transformer in the microwave is used to power the magnetron, it's the component in a microwave oven that generated the electromagnetic >>>

Scientific american article about cholesterol

The goal of the research was to find out if lowering low density lipoprotein or increasing the levels of high density lipoproteins had any effect on the occurrence of heart attacks or strokes1. More research still has to be done on the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Enzyme kinetics lab report essay sample

The rate of the enzymatic reaction is when the rate at which the enzyme-substrate complex forms and it decomposes to form the product. This experiment would examine the hypothesis and would confirm the optimal of both the temperature and pH of the enzyme '-amylase.