Essay Samples about Mathematics

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Influence of hindu and arabs in mathematics

The core of the numeral system was Brahmi numerals and positional notation. Another historical example can be the sharing of knowledge from India to the Arab world.

A reaction paper on nature’s numbers: the unreal reality of mathematics

Stripes on zebras and tigers, spots on leopards and hyenas, movement of stars across the sky, number of seeds in the head of a sunflower, the shape of a snowflake and even colored arcs of light adorn the sky in the form of rainbows all happen based on a pattern. >>>

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Us taxes

Ruane William reported that in December 2011, the tax of the wealthy citizens who earn more than $388,350 paid 35% of their total earnings as tax. American companies that outsource their jobs and operations to foreign countries because of cheap labor will be forced to create jobs in the U.

The elegance of continued fractions essay sample

Continued fractions are used when number theorists desire a "mathematically pure" representation of a real number.[2] While continued fractions are not the only possible representation of real numbers in terms of a sequence of integers, they are a very common such representation and arise frequently in number theory. Their expansions >>>

Week 1

Combinations221315410566371Note that digit 1 is not possible to put in the tens place as the resulting number To proceed, we note how many digits can be placed in the units place considering the digit in the tens place. Combinations828721615510463321Note that digit 1 is not possible to put in the tens >>>

Bshs/382 research and statistics dq’s

The human subjects were not fully aware of the study, and the purpose of the research was more so the subjects could die and they could perform an autopsy. The strength of the research; 2) Use of multiple methods in a research helps to research a process or a problem >>>

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Research paper example

Full-time and first-time undergraduate students who had begun their pursuit of a degree at a four-year degree granting institution in the fall of 2005, taking six years to completion, the graduation rate was fifty-seven percentage in public institutions, sixty-five percentage in private nonprofit institutions. The private non-profit four-year colleges recorded >>>

A research on wolfram alphas features research paper example

Ahead of the usual geometry, extensive information and research in Wolfram includes periodic tiling such as the zigzag and basket weave tiling. Users of Wolfram will feel productive using the system if the research there is a requirement for research on culture and socio-economic.


PART A The probability distribution of a random variable X is given.x 2 3 4 P 0.2 0.4 0. The probability distribution of a random variable X is given.x-2-1012P1/164/166/164/161/16Compute the mean, variance, and standard deviation of X.mean0variance1standard deviation13.

Linear programing

The problem is to establish the distribution strategy for the radios that will maximize overall profitability of the new radio production.1.- Write down the objective function and all the restrictions. Why?It would not be recommended that a new distribution channel which has the same personal sales effort and advertising cost >>>

Find solutions to inequalities in one variable and for a specified variable

In finding the perimeter of a rectangle, the popular formula used is P = 2L + 2W where 'P' stands for the perimeter whereas variables 'L' and 'W' refer to the length and the width of the rectangle, respectively. Solution:Let x = width so that 2x + 3 = length >>>

Regression analysis

The term aregression' was first used by Francis Galton in 1877 while studying the relationship between the heights of fathers and sons."Regression is the measure of the average relationship between two or more variables in terms of the original units of data." The line of regression is the line, which >>>

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Essay on math

Invented many years ago, the Pythagorean Theorem describes the relationship of three integers in every right triangle, when the length of hypotenuse squared equals to the sum of the length of the sides: c = a + b A Pythagorean triple is simply a set of three integers that are >>>

Incorporation of basic mathematical skills in lesson planning essay sample

As education is the key for the attainment of knowledge of most people, it is important that every lesson that will be given to the students regardless of their ages and courses must be given or discussed with a good preparation. Population and economic growth are examples of data which >>>

Course work on functions and models

Evaluate the function f = 4x + 6 for x = 4f = + 6f = 22 Evaluate the function f = 9x - 6 for x=0.f = 6f = -6 a) Equation for f, assuming the function is linear. When x = -2, f = -5; and when x >>>

Pythagoras research paper essay sample

The background and education of Pythagoras allowed him to become the wise philosopher he was, and contributed to his lasting impact on the world. Undoubtedly, Pythagoras' ideas about mathematics led to many discoveries of his own and also paved the way for more advances in the future.

Real world quadratic functions

The value of y should be maximum if the parabola opens downward whereas the value of is minimum if the parabola opens upward profit. As the maximum profit occurs at highest value of p which can be found by finding the vertex of the parabola, so the coordinate of x >>>

Real world quadratic functions

In this assignment, the daily profit recorded in the chain store would be determined by the number of clerks employed. Borrowing from Harshberger and Reynolds, with a > 0, the parabola would open upwards as opposed to when a To determine the number of clerks that would maximize profits, the >>>

Math self-efficacy

Hammond University of California, Riverside Math Self-efficacy 2 Abstract We examined the effect of the perceived classroom environment on math self-efficacy and the effect of math self-efficacy on standardized math test performance. Specifically, we predict that students' perceptions of the degree to which their classroom environment is mastery-oriented, challenging, and >>>

Financial project

37Interest of 5. 33Interest of 5.

Math: mathematics and pupils essay sample

According to the New Book of Knowledge, 2006, mathematics is the study of numbers, and counting, and measuring, but that is only the beginning. Schematic Model Showing the Interplay of the Independent and Dependent Variables of the StudyStatement of the ProblemThis study aims to find out the problem solving skills >>>


8= -2 Therefore area = -0. 56652, therefore the area is =-0.

The birth of modern science

As a result the scientific method was formulated around the 17th century and allowed scientists to logically display theories about the workings of the universe. The author of a book entitled the Origins of Modern Science summarizes this thought by stating."The legacy of the modern world - to our world >>>

Math – lab report example

The 'HOMEWORK' button enables access to homework and tests and other things related to the course work. It also provides different the helping tools, support and suggestions for getting success.

Measures of dispersion

For this group, the standard deviation was calculated to be 5 kg.a) Calculate the value for 1 SD below the mean weight of 80 kg. 2% of the subjects will be included in 1 SD, state the weight range for 68.

Simplyfying radicals

In simplification of radicals, first we examine the number under the radical sign. In dividing the number by a perfect square, we choose the largest possible perfect square that divides the number under the radical sign evenly.

Ms excel – creating simple formula

To Create a Simple Formula that Adds Two Numbers: - Click the cell where the formula will be defined.- Type the equal sign to let Excel know a formula is being defined.- Type the first number to be added - Type the addition sign to let Excel know that an >>>

Trigonometric functions essay sample

Since the coordinates are x = 2/2 and y = 2/2, we have 2 2 2/2 sin = =1 cos = tan = 4 2 4 2 4 2/2 2/2 csc = 2 sec = 2 cot = =1 4 4 4 2/2 EXAMPLE: Find the six trigonometric functions of >>>

Describe of the gateway arch essay sample

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial consists of the Gateway Arch, the Museum of Westward Expansion, and St. The Arch: The St.

Isaac newton

In mathematics Newton conceived his amethod of fluxions', laid the foundations for his theory of light and color, and achieved significant insight into the problem of planetary motion, insights that eventually led to the publication of his Principia. In 1678, the blow of this controversy caused Newton to suffer a >>>

Math and the internet

The hardware is a main part of the Internet - it is comprised of servers and personal computers. This is why the information on the computer can be represented only in binary and each piece of information is called 'bit'.


In order to get a fair estimate of what my bill is up to, I roughly calculate the value of each shopping item by rounding to the closest whole number. An example of where it is important to understand integers in the financial world is with banking.

Mathematics used in arts and architechture essay sample

The entire facade may be enclosed within a golden rectangle.[11] The ratio of the length of a metope andtriglyph to the height of the frieze, as well as the height of the columns and stylobate to the entire height of the temple is also the golden ratio. It is found >>>

Phase 4 discussion board

The simple interest formula is given by:Interest = Principal Rate Time I = PRTWhere,Interest, I is the total amount of interest paidPrincipal, P is the total amount borrowed or lentRate, R is the annual interest rate expressed in decimalTime, T is the period of loan in years. 00After six months, >>>

Everyday uses of mathematics 0920

of the Mathematics of the Teacher 14 April Everyday Uses of Mathematics Mathematics is a that finds ample usage in varied everyday aspects of life and the activities people engage in. One cannot cook varied recipes given in cook books and magazines if one does not know the basic mathematics >>>

Relevant information for decision making

The firm further noted that although redesigning the packing with this eventual end in mind would be something that the company would be losing money on in the short run; yet something that it was willing to doing order to both see to the needs of the environment as well >>>

No name

The Seven Facts of Economic Life - Fact Our Limited Pie In the article "Fact Our Limited Pie, the refrain is on scar and its implications. The article starts with providing the elements of an economy in the form of production, income, resources, and wealth, with a strong reminder that >>>

Research methodology: methods and techniques

The different sections of this study material are:Introduction to Research Methods, which basically describes the role of Research, the steps in the process considered carrying out a research, the different types of research and brief information about ethics of a good research. Research Problem and Research Design, describing the concept, >>>

Example of report on blaze aid fencing material

Identify the width, length and area that yield maximum area for each of the two paddocks.7. 0 from the graph of area vs.width, the maximum area that can be obtained is.


082248Absolute value for the right point rule = 0. 08902Absolute value for the midpoint rule = 0.

Algebra: expression positive, negative and zero essay sample

Find the coefficient of a5b7 in the expansion of 12.8. The sum of the first four terms of the arithmetic sequence is 12.

Math quiz

An employee is surprised to discover that the shop sold the same number of bars and bottles last week. What is the smallest number of each type of soap that the shop could have sold?


Also, while the tortoise covers the distances 1000 m, 1100 m, and 1110 m each of which corresponds to the instant at which Achilles covers from 0 to distances 1000 m and 1100 m, one observes that the tortoise takes on a sequence of displacement in decreasing order as shown >>>

Population growth

The state and the city have many fertile people hence the growth in population. The state and the city also have low migration of its citizens and a high immigration of other citizens resulting to the growth in population.

Finding the right college

Hence staying at home, I would be able to pay my loan in a 10 year span with this salary. All the jobs may enable me to pay back the loan in a 20 year plan if I consider staying at my relative's residence during college.

Two-variable inequality

The region satisfying the equation falls within the first quadrant and is restricted to the left region of the line and the x and y axes. Point within the region: This point falls within the shaded region and it is a point at which the company can satisfy an order >>>

Applied statistics in business and economics quiz

Which is true of the kurtosis of a distribution? Which is not true of the keenness of a distribution?

Math 104

The next thing is to calculate the probability of each of the best-hands winning. The probability of winning with the flush is:IV).

Golden ratio – lab report example

Ratio of the width of the two front teeth versus height of the teeth is 1.618.e. The width of mouth versus width of nose is typical 1.618.

Math questions

By not divulging the brand name or label, the advertisement runs the risk of making some of the readers think that it is a possible hocus-pocus or that without sufficient details, it emerges a detractor of another leading brand in the market. So the ambiguity of meanings attached to the >>>

The artist m.c. escher

The tools he used in his drawings were simple, and naked eyes, however he managed to create stunning mathematical work. In his drawings, he covered the whole space with figures.

Mathematics, invented, or discovered

As math is a model to describe things, and a model is created, so is math. So, I believe mathematics is invented but the discovery of new things help it to be invented.

Assignment example

If we test the equation and substitute the variable with the quantity 2, both the equations will yield to 3,840. As you can see, when you substitute the variable with the quantity 2, the first equation will yield 24,576 while the second will result to 2,304, which are not the >>>

Mathematics idea

The above mathematical model is an example of such scenarios; the model is simple but incorrect or inaccurate. This is an incorrect and inconsistent assumption leading to the formulation error within the model.

Examination test on math

0 Points Question 2 of 20Which of the following correctly describes the relationship between a sample and a population?A. That is, the first entry in the table below corresponds to a salary of $125,000.

Pivot column

Running Head: THE SIMPLEX METHOD PIVOTS The Simplex Method: What is a pivot column, pivot row and pivot element? The pivot element is the number that sits at the intersection of the column with the most negative indictor and the row with the smallest quotient.

Example of essay on mathematics assignment

For example, in physics, the derivative of a function of the movement is a function of speed. Therefore, the application of this concept is very broad.

What did plato contribute to mathematics? essay sample

Plato's many contributions to modern mathematics include the founding of the Academy of Athens, method of philosophical problem solving, and his Theory of Forms. This was Plato's personal and most direct contribution to the field of mathematics.

Coefficient of variation and standard deviation

One of the measures of dispersion is a standard deviation. The relative measure of dispersion for standard deviation is coefficient of variation.

Lacsap’s fractions

The row numbers that represents the same sets of numbers as the numerators in Lacsap's triangle, are the second row and the seventh row. The equation for the numerator of the second and seventh row can be represented by the equation: n * = Nn When n represents the row >>>


For instance, Newton perceived the applications of Calculus as being geometrical and having a strong link to the physical world. When both of their work was combined, it led to the formation of Calculus.

Ib math exploration

Instead of letting the probe sit freely in the aluminum can producing an accurate measurement; we let the probe sink to the bottom of the can where it would record a higher temperature due to the hot spot in the water. In order to fix these minor errors we can >>>

Real world radical formulas

One of the most impotent characteristics of boat safeness is the stability. We put that the origin of coordinate system is in the center of the boat and axis is along the water line.

Task 5 probability, statistics, & quantitative problem

The cost y subsequent to discount is given by 0.8x+4. Company B: The cost prior to discount is more than 20 dollars.

Identify misrepresentation in mathematic problems

As a matter of fact, the statement "These results are not typical" can even lead the advertisers in a lawsuit if not disclaimed for legal protection. The sentence is not constructed in the most recommended form in the rules of grammar."More serious" is used as a noun and a subject >>>

Evidence of classical humanism values in essay example

The Parthenon also utilized two of the classical orders the Doric and the Ionic. The majority of the columns in the Parthenon are of the Doric style.

Amazing paintings

Golden ratio is denoted by which was first used by Mark Barri in the beginning of the 20th century in the remembrance of the Greek Sculptor Phidias, who was claimed by a number of historians who made extensive use of the golden ratio in his work. Philosopher Heinrich Agrippa a >>>

This experience made me feel much valued by the entire class essay example

Thereason behind our commitment to find the solution was anchored to a promise the lecture had assured anyone who was to find the correct solution. I took a deep sigh and everybody stared at me, I raised my eyes to the roof and everybody followed suit as if the solution >>>

Pow 12 imp 1

When you put them together you can decide that Senna is a medicine and medicines are not nice. The first statement tells you that some pigs are wild and the second tells you that all pigs are fat.

Teaching of an aspect of mathematics and english education essay

Harmonizing to Braodfoot and Black appraisal sits at the nucleus of acquisition and serves as a communicative device between the universe of instruction and that of wider society. Subsequent to the debut of the NC, the Task Group for Assessment and Testing was developed in order to construct on the >>>


Solution: Let x = the number of seats in the smoking section and2x + 73 = the number of seats in the non-smoking sectionSince there are a total of 205 seats on both sections, then:x + 2x + 73 = 205 and combining like terms gives 3x = 132then dividing >>>

Real world quadratic functions essay sample

What number of clerks will maximize the profit, and what is the maximum possible profit?" So in this problem the store manager is to find the maximum profit P using the number of clerks x. Since it is a quadratic function then it has the shape of a parabola, and >>>

Importance of statistics in business

It is theresponsibilityof the company's management to establish and maintain a system of internal control and prepare and present the above said statements in conformity with the approved auditing standards and the requirements of the fourth schedule to the Companies Ordinance,1984. We believe that our audit provides a reasonable basis >>>

Nutrition information essay examples

The amount of calcium and iron found in one 10 oz package of broccoli- The amount of calcium and iron found in a cup of frozen corn- The recommended daily values of calcium and ironWe have found that in 10 oz broccoli there are 116. According to the dietary supplement >>>

Approaches to calculation

The arrows emerging from the pot are symbols that represent the act of taking away a bean the pot and the number of beans in the pots to the right of the arrow represents the number of beans that are left once the bean is takeaway from the pot. He >>>

Least squares

The backbone of analytical methods consists of various mathematical and procedural concepts to represent relations between points in the object, their corresponding images and operational procedures to solve specific problems. In view of the above, we would study the historical developments firstly with regard to the concepts and next with >>>

Journal review

Summary of the article, application for educators, reasonable connection to the text reading, what would you like to know more about and the relevance of your questionSection I:Summary:Elaine Young, the author of the article, using two different case studies showed that it was possible to relate the mathematical theory of >>>

Reviewer in math about sets essay sample

So for example, A is a set, and a is an element in A. Is the empty set a subset of A?

Week 10 assignment

Under ideal conditions, the population of rats over time has shown an exponential growth rate which is useful in the estimating the population of rats at any specific time and their impact on the environment in addition to its usefulness in studying specific properties of the given family of rats. >>>

Explain in your own words

It holds that if F and f are functions such that, F is an integral of f, then F' = fI.e.ifTaking a point f anywhere between a and b, and using the first theory thenBy differentiating the right hand side, we obtain, F')g' F' which is equal toAssuming that a,is >>>

Boolean algebra and logic gates case study examples

Using Boolean algebra, note that NOT gate is a negation of the input signal, which is 1, hence the output becomes 0. Using Boolean algebra laws, a negation is denoted by a NOT gate in the circuit.


For instance, the mean that is considered in the statistical values is an average of samples and assumes that all the samples have the same values as indicated. Comparing the two calculated statistics with the population statistics clearly shows inaccuracy, the mean deviation of the samples from that of the >>>