Handy Statistics Essay Examples

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Bottling company

The significance level of the test is 5%. It shows that the population mean of soda in a bottle is less than sixteen ounces.

Business structures

As such, the major advantages of a sole proprietorship are that the owner has full control of the business and does not share the profits with anyone. In this regard, in case a business fails, limited liability partners are only liable to the creditors to the extent of the capital >>>

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The null and alternative hypothesis for the piggy bank options

The Null and Alternative Hypothesis for The Piggy Bank OptionsHypothesis test are very useful tools that can help break down a problem by creating a claim in the form of null hypothesis and testing whether that claim is true or not. This is all the data needed to create >>>

Examine the reasons why some sociologists choose not to use experiments when conducting research

Examine the reasons why some sociologists choose not to use experiments when conducting research One of the main reasons why many sociologists choose not to use laboratory experiments for research is one of impracticality; the absolute control of conditions required for a lab experiment is nigh impossible to achieve in >>>

Fundamentals of a research paper

In this paper, am going to discuss the different types of research, provide examples f what sort of study is appropriate for each type of research and I will also discuss how these types of research can be used in the human services field. Quantitative and Qualitative Research Quantitative research >>>

Research questions, objectives and hypothesis

In this case the research objective would cause researchers to take steps to conduct scientific analysis to determine the variations in pain experienced between a group of individuals without a diagnosis of TBI and a group of individuals with TBI. This delineates the research question into several component parts to >>>

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Examine a population in the news

A Revisit of the Article "Obama Lead Varies in 3 Polls with No One Declaring Which is best: A Review of the Context and Statistics Used Institutional Affiliation:IntroductionThis paper provides a review of a news poll article presented in the Bloomberg L.P.site. However, the reporter was concerned about the obvious >>>

Ratio measurement

The most common use of this is the analysis of the growth of a company as witnessed in various news channels, such as the growth of sales on a year on year basis or other fundamental analysis factors such as return on investments are measured through ratios. Variables such as >>>

Frequency distributions

Using the scores below, how many scores were within one standard deviation of the mean? 68% of the observations fall within 1 standard deviation of the mean.


The subsequent level of commitment to the institution is influenced by the initial level of commitment to the institution, extent of a student's integration into social communities of the college and also the greater the level of subsequent of the initial commitment to the institution, the greater the likelihood of >>>


Statistics on Intelligence Quotient Score Statistics on Intelligence Quotient Score In most cases, the intelligence quotient score of male and female differ due to lack of similarities in the different gender cognitive and behavioral conditions. ReferenceDykiert, D, Gale, C, & Deary, I.

Free report about statistical analysis

The descriptive analysis was conducted to examine he characteristics of the sample obtained from the bank data, a confidence interval of each of the mean in the variables age, balance and the transaction were obtained and conclusion drawn from them. The regression analysis was also conducted to determine the relationship >>>

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Bottling company case study examples

As the number of samples is even the average of p-th and -th is median. It is also possible that volume of bottle changed.

Hypothesis testing & variance

This report looks at the possible causes of differences in the intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction of employees. 05 are:Ho: There is no difference in the intrinsic satisfaction of male and female employees.

Definition and role of statistics

Descriptive statistics utilizes numerical and graphical methods to look for patterns in a data set, to summarize the information revealed in a data set, and to present the information in a convenient form. The portions used in the recipes for the drinks is me being able to use ratios, and >>>

Healthcare statistics error type i & type ii

The affordable care act's provision for review of applications for insurance premium increases is one of the policies that push insurance companies to avoid one type of error. This is because type II error can lead to excessive increment of premium and the consequence is legal actions against an insurance >>>

Informative a much higher risk of bullying

Bullying is a huge problem, but there are many ways to prevent it. The No Bullying or anti-bullying program is a set of carefully planned steps to help prevent bullying and protect individuals from becoming victims.

Discussion question

For a sample size of n = 30, the two-tailed critical values of r for = 0. For a sample size of n = 102, the two-tailed critical values of r for = 0.

Describe how you understand anova

The ANOVA is a statistical method that compares the variance associated with groups of scores and the variance associated with individual differences among scores in order to test the significance of the difference between groups. According the Bass, the ratio of the variance between groups and the variance within groups >>>

Marketing research

To evaluate the significance of the test, I formulated the hypotheses:H0: There is no significant difference between the average scores of the domestic and international students regarding their responses to item 5 of the survey. H1: There is significant difference between the average scores of the domestic and international students >>>


The underlying truth of the argument however is not to show the defectiveness of statistical accounts but rather to demonstrate the common mishaps caused through simple misinterpretations. The Statistical Sleuth: A Course in Methods od Data Analysis.

Ethics in quantitative methodology

A: Reliability and validity in the article are noted in terms of the baseline results that reflect the sample used in the method. A: In terms of the level of measurement associated with the variables, percentages are used to demonstrate the link between the independent with the other dependent variables.

Bibliography and description of theoretical framework and methods

The results derived from the empirical surveys were then synthesized in order to identify the attracting and retaining qualities of the BMR. In this study, the researcher analyses the urban planning and territorial systems, which have realized changes as a result of the urbanization process.

Nursing (population and sample distribution)-2

This is because the alpha value for the study was set at 0.05. There is a risk of Type 1 error in this study because multiple t-tests were performed on the study data.

Chi-square test

The formula for calculating chi-square is: [pic]2= [pic]2/e That is, chi-square is the sum of the squared difference between observed and the expected data, divided by the expected data in all possible categories. The p value is the probability that the deviation of the observed from that expected is due >>>

Statistics in business

Statistics in Business QNT/351 William Modey Quantitative Analysis for Business Salonyia Fisher Summary Statistics is accurately defined as the study of the analysis, data collection, and organization of the data which is interpreted by a particular business field. The third method of statistics is levels of measurement.

Data mining

Yes, this is a data mining task because it requires data analysis to determine who the costumers are that brings more business to the company. Typically a hold-out dataset or test set is used to evaluate how well the model does with data outside the training set.

See instructions

According to the article, I had a lot of interest in analyzing and strategizing on how to minimize the future occurrence of the occupational assaults and the impacts it has on the nursing staff. The article is outstanding as it explores the issues that are related to the occupational health >>>

Correlation and regression

Under statistical terms, the correlation between cigarette smoking and making grades is found to be negative as the both the variables are found to be acting in the opposite directions. Question 2The fact that longer the time patient is taking drug X, the shorter is size of the tumor depicts >>>

Statistics project essay example

The first step is to calculate mean, median and standard deviation of all variables in the given data sample. All calculations are reduced to descriptive statistics grouping data from their values, their frequency distribution of construction, identification of central tendency and distribution, finally, to the assessment of the spread of >>>

Inferential statistics

The research hypothesis for the studyThe hypothesis of the study was that the review of workers file and compensation had a significant impact on the decision outcomes of their cases. The study tested whether decision outcome in the compensation cases was dependent on the physician's review report.

Business statistics: decision of uncertainty paper

The computation of data shows a negative 3% return on the money invested in stock market. This data discouraged me from investing in the stock market and I realized that my parents are right.

Hypothesis testing & variance

A two tailed test of hypothesis at 5 percent significant level is equal to inquiring whether the 95% interval of confidence for the means takes into consideration the hypothesized mean. Whenever the confidence interval includes the mean that is hypothesized an alternate or null hypothesis could be formulated.

Ethical guidelines

ETHICAL GUIDELINES FOR STATISTICAL PRACTICE The American Statistical Association's Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice are very important in helping statistical practitioners make and communicate ethical decisions. The American Statistical Association on their part should ensure that everybody using statistical practices is well informed on the Ethical guidelines for statistical practices.

No thing

The research question is satisfied by the strength of research which is to educate the fire fighters. And all of the reading more or less suggests that the educating fire fighters is the best way to reduce fatalities.

Inventory system analysis

Population/SamplingDescribe the population of interest and the sampling of subjects used in the study. They should be based on the findings and conclusion of the study.

Good example of critical thinking on statistics

The procedure I used to get the frequencies is shown below:- On the main menu bar click 'Analyze'.- Click 'Frequencies' and a window with a list of all variables pops up.- Click the 'Format' button, and set the output format.- Click the 'OK' button. The mean for the grade was >>>

Qualitative analysis

Boat cruisingConsidering the at the beginning of the first transcript on the basis of single handed lady FLICKA, staged in home port Columbia, the transcript is a conversation between Carolin who is an interviewee and Trish who is an interviewer. According to this first script, an issue of age is >>>


The relationship of these samples is that the pretest has corresponding posttest of the students. Such is a clear indication of the success of the program.


It is the opposite of alternative hypothesis, which refers to what the researcher thinks to be the cause of the problem being studied. This hypothesis will be essential in helping to compare the quality of products produced in the overseas and local plants.

Program evaluations and evidence-based process

Thirdly, the time the information is needed and lastly the resources available for the collection of the information. A summary of the most valid articles is made, integrated with the DynaMed content and the outline structure and overview statements are updated based on the overall evidence synthesis.

Introduction ago hacking and online bullying where not

RELEVANCEOF RESEARCH QUESTIONThe relevance of the research question is to try andpredict the future of policing and getting to know more about the currentpolicing environment we are living under. The research also was able to find the different ways of policing.

Statistics project using the closing values

If a person bought 1 share of Google stock within the last year, what is the probability that the stock on that day closed at less than the mean for that year? If a person bought 1 share of Google stock within the last year, what is the probability that >>>

Statistics in business

A statistic on the others hand refers to a quantity that is derived from the analysis of a set of data. While inferential statistics involves the description of the population based on the results drawn from a sample, descriptive statistics involves the organization, description, and display of data such as >>>

Discussion 1 week 8 comparing decision various and the objective function

The relationship between the decision variables and the objective function, therefore is found in terms of the manner by which each decision variable, identified to be an integral part of the objective function, would contribute towards attainment of the defined goal. After learning the definition of the objective function, as >>>

Use data

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PHYSICAL SCIENCE AND STATISTICAL SCIENCE Physical sciences encompasses the study of non-living matter and are based on the premise that nature is orderly enough to be understood, and as such requires an orderly method of study known as the scientific method. The data below could be subjected to >>>

Introduction to statistics

What is the appropriate test to implement and why?2. 1What is the appropriate test to implement and why?

Choosing and using statistics

Multiple R, defined as the coefficient of correlation is an indicator of the strength of the relationship between marks of the two subjects while R squared measures the proportion of the data that is explained by the model. This is because of the results obtained from descriptive statistics.

Confidence intervals

99% Confidence Interval Estimate of the Mean Body Mass Index for MenThe average mean body index for men is about 27.62. 28Therefore, the 99% confidence interval for the mean body mass index for men is between 22.


For each of the following research questions, identify the independent variable and the dependent variable within each case:a. Draw a graphic of the frequency distribution of the data in Exercise 5 using StatCrunch.

What is a social inquiry?

For example, in chapter one, it is rudimentary for McNeill's to ask in the first sentence, "What is Sociology?" This illustrates that McNeill has written the book, trying to accommodate for individuals without the presumption that the reader has prior knowledge of the subject of sociology. The book is laid >>>

Inventory systems summary

The University of Phoenix has found Itself in a lot of trouble with the law, with law suits being filed against them left right and center; an overwhelming amount of crystals has been aimed at the Institution from the employees to students, who Indicate there Is trouble brewing In the >>>

Multiple regression and correlation techniques

An example of the source of the controversy is existence of direct and indirect factors to explanatory variables that may blur significance of theory to a study subject. Effort for limiting the number of variables in a study, subject to influence of identified theory is another approach to resolving the >>>

Multiple regression

One set of the variables is the dependent variable and the other set is the independent variable. Multiple regression analysis is used in the case where the dependent variable is affected directly by the more than one independent variables.


Because of the different characteristics of children showing attention deficit disorder, it is important that such children are taught in a way that is separate from the normal students. The disorder also leads to reduction in the self-image of the children suffering from it.

What are the statistics on cooperative learning

All of the students received direct instruction, modeling, and practice of helping behaviors in cooperative group learning. Johnson, Johnson, Buckman, and Richards were only interested in the social aspects of cooperative learning."The purpose of the present study was to determine whether cooperative learning experiences are related to social support in >>>

Multivariate and methodology critique

The research process involved the use of a questionnaire and the survey items were measured on a Likert scale that ranged from 1 to 5. There was the use of a questionnaire in this study, the questionnaire had in it the five point Likert scales that ranged from 1 to >>>

R software to complete this task

The shape of the histogram above will help us explain the distribution of the life expectancy data point across the 182 countries. The histogram for life expectancy in Europe also shows that the distribution is negatively skewed, but much lesser compared to the entire world life expectancy.

The financial system and the economy

Running head: The financial system and the economy The financial system and the economyNameInstitutionsFailures in Global Financial system and RecommendationsThe global financial system has proved to be challenging as the economy tries to counter the global financial crisis of the year 2008 which have contributed towards to instability of world >>>


In this respect, this paper proposes a research to investigate the causal effect of the NBA team's salary dispersion, the degree of team's tacit understanding, team efficiency, and super star player on team performance. Next, the researcher will form a list of sources including internet sources in which the data >>>

Old people should not drive essay

While it's true that elderly people have a lot more experience than the younger drivers on the road today, they also have a lot more health issues that could cause an accident. I agree with the laws today that state people over a certain age are required to re-take the >>>

Assignment submission form

The same can be verified from the measure of Kurtosis which is well in permissible range for usage of normal distribution model. The value of kurtosis for the new variable is -0.


My Experience in Statistics During the cafe discussion week one, the was introduced to the statistical skills that were supposed to be learnt. Statistics has trained me organizational skills and instilled in me the ability to work methodically and accurately.

Statistics project example

The objective of the researcher is to use the data set to test the impact of music on the growth of plants.b. For plants with music exposure, the 2 scores of 62 and the score of 76 would be outliers.d.

Discussion 2 week 10 the model

The only difference between the assignment model from the transportation model is that "in the assignment model, the supply at each source and the demand at each destination are each limited to one unit". Since in the balanced assignment model, the supply and the demand at each source and destination >>>

Example of report on lab 8, 9 . step 9)

00 Extremes (=22.00 3. 00 Extremes (=1.00 1.38.00 1.

How does gender affect overall job satisfaction

The Case of the American Intellectual UnionThis paper attempts to discover the connection between overall job satisfaction and gender by utilizing the survey data conducted on the population of the American Intellectual Union. Job satisfaction is an important subject of study because of it can affect both the employee and >>>

Research is a fact finding activity

Easterby-Smith et al identify three reasons why the exploration of philosophy may be significant with particular reference to research methodology: Firstly, it can help the researcher to refine and specify the research methods to be used in a study, that is, to clarify the overall research strategy to be used. >>>

Regression analysis

Statistics Project: Statistics Regression Analysis Project PROBLEM 2 Model Specification The model to be used in this test is Logistic regression with the following model:P = kvWhere p is the probability that someone will be tested with prostate cancer, k is the coefficient of regression, and v is the most >>>

Effect of statistics on my everyday life

I observed a week of how much time I spend preparing myself in the morning for the day. In case of an early call, then I use the same statistics to adjust my wake-up time backwards.

Descriptive statistics

Descriptive Statistics Analysis of Article The descriptive statistics in this study was cross-sectional given that it entailed the listing of responsive items for the study and interviewing of the respondents. The p-values identified in the study are correspondent to the objectives of the study.At p

Using the scientific method to figure out how to solve cars problems

I have experimented with, the battery first and that was not the issue. The first thing that I had to figure out which issue that I thought the car was a having.

T-test and degree of freedom

A t-test is used to compare population mean with a standard or for comparing the means of two populations when the population standard deviation is unknown. The degrees of freedom is the number of independent observations in a sample of data that are available to estimate a parameter of the >>>

Sampling and measurement

The only weakness to this study was the sample size, which was not a credible representation of the population and could bias the report. The article "A National Study of Efficiency for Dialysis Centers" used the right sample sources by getting dialysis reports by freestanding facilities submitted to the HCFA >>>

Statistics in contemporary business

To maximize his profit, he intends to order an amount of shirts that will all be sold at the concert. Between the three order sizes that are multiples of 2500, George has to make the order size to meet the anticipated attendance and sales at the concert.

How to report nonsignificant results

While an academic setting may need to know the research design and methods of data analysis used to ensure the validity and reliability of research findings, a professional setting requires the researcher to provide the background of the mock study and a summary of main findings to ensure that the >>>

What is a sample?

Whereas a population is the entire group of objects that a certain researcher is interested in; a sample is defined as the fixed number of objects you get from a certain population. From the parent population, in particular, we would like to estimate the parameters of the population or specify >>>

Simple data analysis and comparison

The analysis and comparison of the three data sets, each with 150 counts, provides an insight into various aspects of the data structure which enhances a better understanding of the information presented by the data sets. Descriptive statistics for the three data setsData Set 1 Data Set 2 Data Set >>>

Writing the result section of a research paper

With regard to the distance walked without an assistive device, the mean distance covered in meters was 283. 3 while the mean of the distance covered with an assistive device being 296.63.

Muscloskeletal joint disease showing and increase in occurrences as our population gets older

Running head: AGE ASSOCIATED INCREASE IN MUSCULOSKELETAL JOINT DISEASE Increase in Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Joint Disease with Age Review of a Statistical GraphInsert Name HereInsert Affiliation HereIncrease in prevalence of musculoskeletal joint disease with age Review of a statistical graphThis paper reviews a statistical graph showing the prevalence of arthritis >>>

Variable selection

Variable selection Variable selection Bruce Ratner prefers forward and backward selection because they are better selection methods as opposed to stepwise. They prefer when the stepwise selection method is used in the algorithm of data analysis programs such as SAS and SPSS.

Discussion – of hypothesis testing results (dissertation)

For the current model, logistic regression was applied to test the fit of the model while at the same time predicting the probability of whether customers make the decision to make a purchase or not. The alternative hypothesis using the chi square analysis is used to refute the null and >>>

M & m project

Alternative Hypothesis H1: There is a significant difference between the proportion of red candies and proportion of brown candies. We accept the alternative hypothesis and conclude that there is significant difference between the proportion of red candies and brown candies.


The level of between 100 and 200 has the highest frequency followed by the level of between 200 and 300 and then the level of between 0 and 100. BMI of men is more concentrated along the mean of the data set, because of the closeness between mean, mode and >>>

How are youthsโ€™ perceptions contributing to its popularity?

Objective of Research This research paper intends to determine the factors that affect the Generation Y consumer's perceptions towards the concept of CEO-fashion, and how these factors result in the mounting popularity of CEO-fashion. Examine the relationship between Generation Y consumers' perceptions on CEO-fashion concept and the popularity of the >>>

Leah lopez american inter

Overview of the Data Set The current data set is comprised of 64 individuals who were surveyed, and this is a part of the sample of the population at American Intellectual Union, and these individuals were identified by 5 characteristics: gender, age, position, tenure, and how they felt about job >>>

Property prices in the uk

4Sample w size 8Sample l size 7The variance of difference for the two means was calculated as follows:sd2 = + = + = 13546. ConclusionIn summary, the paper has given a report on the hypothesis test that assessed whether there was a significant difference in mean prices between two property >>>

Introduction which affects the final seal of the

There for this study aims to compare the efficacy of continuous softchelating irrigation protocol with Chloroquick solutions to conventionalirrigation protocol on smear layer removal in coronal, middle, and apicalthirds of the instrumented root canals. The examination of the surface of root canal walls at coronalthird groups showed less or no >>>

Formulation of the research problem

Ho: There is no correlation in Ford's sales increase based on its digital advertising. H1: There is a correlation in Ford's sales increase based on its digital advertising.

Global linkedin demographics and statistics

It is expected that by the year of 2015, that the majority of the individuals within the workforce of the United States will represent those who are younger than 35 years old and in other nations such as Asian nations, the workforce population will represent even a younger generation. LinkedIn >>>


The calculation of the bias in the study implies that the spread of the results, expressed as the standard deviation with respect to the mean, was also used. ConclusionThe authors statistical tools such as percentage, mean, standard deviation, bias and confidence interval because these parameters provide the best quantification of >>>

Random sampling techniques

Stratified Random Sampling: Suppose we need to select a sample from the population of a city, and we want households with different income levels to be proportionately represented in the sample. In such a case, we divide the population into different geographical groups or clusters and as a first step >>>

Research approach

Research Approach Quantitative - Inferential form a database from which to infer characteristics or relationships of population - Experimental greater control over the research environment, some variables are manipulated to observe their effect on other variables - Simulation construction of artificial environment Qualitative - It is concerned with subjective assessment >>>

Boosting employee morale

Knowledge and skills are critically employed in the process, and the outcome can be assessed or evaluated in terms of skills or methods used against employee performance. To test whether the skills or methods used in the process increases employee morale, the first step is to identify the variables involved.

See below week 6

One of the advantage of the t statistic, is that the t statistic does not necessitate any knowledge of the population standard deviation Thus, the t statistic can be used to test hypotheses about an entirely unknown population; that is, both and are unknown. The main goal of this hypothesis >>>